My J-dramas recommendations


Tatta hitotsu no koi (2006)

Although its an old drama I would love to recomend it for you guys if you are interested 😉

Tatta hitotsu no koi or ( My only love ) is a bittersweet story that really and honestly melted my heard ..taught me a lot and made me rethink many things in this life .



Everything was brilliantly made and carefully looked at , how it was represented in only 10 short episodes ..and how everything was meaningful ..the lines , scenes , ideas , music, everything literally was a story on its on .

Two young people loved each others purely , Nao moved Hiroto’s heart which had stopped long ago , and Hiroto who turned Nao into a strong woman when she was so weak ..those two crossed the forbidden walls and challenged the difficult world we live in and stood against the prejudice of those who surrounded them .


What I liked so much was how the director had portraited everything , for example the house which Nao lived in was actually far away from Hiroto and so high , meaning that its different from his world while he lived deep inside a darker place and a bit lonely but still Nao found him and insisted on seeing him even though she knew he lied . On the other hand Hiroto had to run many times to her house all that way and forcing himself to be there when he couldn’t at first and was hesitating to even meet her to give her back the laundry money . I really sensed that and loved it so much 🙂


also the light she used to sign for him which was their secret language just like whales firt he was reluctant to the idea but again her insisting on moving his feelings and reminding him with her bright playful self that he needs to live like normal people at least once and get out of his dark side a bit .


The robes that were tied in between them when they again met after 4 years ..those were the amount of space between them now ..just a little little that needed courage to be thrown away ..that again was achieved by Nao when she told Hiroto that he builds walls around himself ..he actually got affected and finally did what he must do.


His brother was another portrait and I loved him so much because he gave Hiroto a lot of courage ..he was his smile ..his only hope in life ..remember how Hiroto told him that he will even give him his heart if he can , and how Hiroto was furious even at his beloved Nao because he was worried about him ..yet Ren also persuaded his older brother to keep on signing for her from afar and understood his brother’s feelings and supported him despite of his mother’s cold attitude for them .


What I want to praise also is their friends , can we really meet such friends in real life ? was my only wonder about them . Ayuta was the most sweet and gentle and supportive and Yuko was like a sister to Nao , even when her love life was having ups and downs she kept rooting for her friend . I was a bit sad when she told Nao to stop all of this at the end but still it was kind of sensible in the middle of all the craziness that was going on right ? 🙂


The parents were so real you know , there are good , bad , crazy and cold parents all over and everywhere , so I tried to understand them although it was so sad to watch sad to watch Hiroto’s mother doing all sort of ugly things ..still her husband left her alone and she was threatened yet she shouldn’t break her own son’s heart .


For me Hiroto was so strong and kind hearted , he never complained about losing his father so early , instead he was doing his best in keeping the factory and supporting his family , and even in the end he proved that he was so strong and mature when he did not agree with Nao in leaving her family for him , as much as this caused me so much tears and pain it also gained my respect for him . still I felt a bit frustrated at that ;P

Nao was so delicate and sweet , so kind and innocent , still she was serious in her feelings, from the start she was not just spending time and decided her destiny without consulting anyone ..and helped Hiroto although unknowingly to face his fears .


Finally ..the MUSIC suited the drama so so much ..the composer Yoshihiro Ike is more than a genius ..I have bought the OST, and yes it is 2018 and I did actually buy it ^^ I love every single track in it . It was the music that made me want to cry more , and they chose the right tracks for the right scenes , my heart kept on aching whenever I listened to the tracks .

So I recommend this drama for you if you want to enjoy some reality ..unlike other love dramas that rotate around love only , or fantasy , with all my respect but this drama even changed the way I think about dramas even when we are in 2018 now , I wonder why it is so underrated and why not so famous .

And to add something .. the actors/actresses were super immersed in their characters , at such young age , Kamenashi kazuya and Haruka ayase proved that they will be a great actor/actress and this turned out to be a reality ..kame is such a great actor and has proved that in SO many dramas and movies and Haruka is such a lovely actress and so famous:)


Thank you for reading and enjoy watching 🙂