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Hwayi a monster boy


I always wanted to write a review about this movie , although it is a 2013 movie but still an awesome movie that keeps you out of this earth for few days after watching it ..its kind of a strange movie , and I have to say that the writer is a real genius.

Ok its a movie about a 16 years old kid who we first see when he helped a bunch of gangsters , 5 members , helped them know which way they should go when they were escaping after a mission . the boy then gets back home and its actually the home of those 5 gangsters and he even calls each one of them “FATHER” O.o it was so weird …how they all managed to raise a kid and actually calls them all father is the real story .


first of all the kid is actually not the son of anyone of them ..they are a bunch of thugs and killers that were actually orphans and the real reason on why those 5 guys turned like this ,they never told us ..there was so many things that keeps you wonder why and why and leave you with no answers , that’s what annoyed me a bit .we get to know everything about Hwayi and also the head of the gang was the one who came up with the idea but still even if they were all sick and criminals why they ALL agreed on this , also we saw in one of the flashbacks that one of them was actually trying to kill the baby to get rid of him , so yea one of them had a different idea and that’s what I mean but how come ALL the others were agreeing ,is it fear ?? I don’t think so because they are all the same and all are cold blooded killers !!

anyway , Hwayi was actually a 2 years old baby who got kidnapped by those gangsters and they were blackmailing the parents for an amount of money but after they got the money they decided to keep the boy ..it was so weird , a bunch of losers and criminals suddenly had a kind heart and gave all the love they have to this boy ..even if they trained him to be a killer like them or maybe treated him badly but still they all cared about him so yea !! pretty weird the love that they have compared to their personalities and this also never been revealed to us .I just convinced myself that they kept him because they all obeyed their leader , who in return wanted to take revenge against the baby’s real father so he kept him their ..not so much making sense but better than assuming anything else .

also this monster thing we keep on seeing that Hwayi was seeing all his life and i think it was a portrait of how he is scared all the time that he might be the monster himself .. and that the head of the gang “Seok-tae” played by Kim yoon seok who played the role of the most scary father , also was seeing this monster when he was young and never disappeared till he actually started killing ..we see that the man who advised him back then in the orphanage to pray hard so the monster disappear was actually Hwayi’s real father but because Seok-tae was in love with the same girl that man liked so he CHOPPED the mans leg and molested the girl 😦 so he got rid of the monster and seok tae was trying to force Hwayi to kill so he save him from the monster .


But Hwayi out of fear and pressure from seok tae ..KILLED someone and that man is actually his father 😥 I stopped the movie for few mins there cuz I wanted the shout ..the movie makes you feel that it is going into somewhere you don’t want it to be ..and you will keep weeping that the movie is not going where you want it to be ..


the cool thing is when Hwayi started killing them all , you will be stunned because this was really smart of a little boy ,guys you will or maybe you already did feel his anger in all means !! I did ..I felt his anger and was angry like hell the whole movie , the directer was SOMETHING ..I think he pressed all the actors to give their best ,besides ..the actors were perfect to do it . Yeo Jin Goo was epic despite his age , the emotions that he showed were spectacular .

also the girl who was molested by seok tae back then was actually kidnapped and kept there with them , omg even chained. I think she was feeling helpless so she never escaped , also because she was an Orphan like them so had no where to go . She was so sweet with Hwayi and treated him like a mother . Here I also kept wondering why they ALL were ok with it and whats the point in keeping her . She nevertheless played a great role when she told him that the boy in the photo was actually him .


now lets get to the detective that spent the whole movie investigating and they kept us thrilled by what he will discover and then what ? HE GOT KILLED and never helped in anything ..Ok I can ignore everything but I just can’t close my eyes that his last gun shot was super stupid !! he shot Hwayi regardless he knows that Hwayi was the boy who they kidnapped and that he is now pointing his gun into the head of the gang and its so OK I think after all he did , also the detective was doing what a police man should do in this situation which is ; shooting the man who has a gun “Hwayi” and not the not armed man “seok tae” . . If a detective makes a wrong decision its totally fine cuz he did it to save a life ..not saving the life of a KILLER  by shooting the poor kid , so he spoiled the whole thing and got himself killed !! they connected us to the detective so we have hope in him , since he also was after them years ago ..but he was a total joke really .


STILL , I will never complain cuz the movie was COOL enough to force me to ignore all of that 🙂 guys am telling you we have watched a masterpiece ..and if you have read all of this and you still never watched the movie , so opps , YOU JUST SPOILED IT :))

thank you for reading and tell me what do you think ? and if you agree with my ideas .

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