Manhole: Wonderland’s Pil my impressions

waaaa Kim jaejoong is finally back in a drama 😀 you can't tell how much I was excited to see him in a drama after his military release . So I was actually hoping to watch a comedy drama with jaejoong because really he has the potentials to be so funny giving that hes soooo… Continue reading Manhole: Wonderland’s Pil my impressions

Triangle Drama Review

My complains about Triangle drama End !

well I know am complaining about a drama that have been finished about a year ago and its old now !! but What ??? Yang ha what ?? so now I'm allowed to really lose my temper and start freaking out ha ?? I have been bitting the stick for 26 episodes only to get… Continue reading My complains about Triangle drama End !

Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep25 review

hi ..I can say that this episode was really not necessary ..since the events didn't change that much .. So It started when Dong soo and young dal wanted to warn Yang ha that phil sang is planning on killing him to take his place in the company and to be more careful but their… Continue reading Triangle Ep25 review

Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep 24 Review

ok lets face it ...this was WAYY too sad of all Triangle episodes and I seriously cried 😦 So it started when young dal was in total danger and he was waiting infront of the entrance of the hotel waiting for Jung hee after receiving a message from her to meet ..but fortunately Yang ha… Continue reading Triangle Ep 24 Review

Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep22 review

HI ...well only the beginning of this episode was really good and you know ..since Yang ha now finally aware of who he was ..its just the whole episode just concentrated on one thing !! So now Yang ha was seriously shocked ..and wanted to at least make sure of what he just heard ..so… Continue reading Triangle Ep22 review

Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep20 review

Hello ..well triangle will never disappoint me and as always this episode was another epic one .. So it started when both young dal and yang ha were on the verge of physically fighting and witnessed by Dong soo when he arrived ..anyways young dal pulled off because he humiliated yang ha by telling him… Continue reading Triangle Ep20 review