Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap Ep2 Recaps

I know its just 2 episodes till now but I realized something that always there is more than you see ..and the story is not always what you think ,maybe there is other side of the story so don't jump to conclusions ,not only you will hurt others but more important ,is that you… Continue reading Cheese in the trap Ep2 Recaps

Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap Ep1 “Recaps”

  WAW I feel so happy after watching the first episode ^^ I don't know how to start but I never felt time while watching this drama was great as a first episode !! well I never saw the webtoon but it looks great 🙂 So the first scene was when that student "Hong"… Continue reading Cheese in the trap Ep1 “Recaps”

Remember "War of the son", Uncategorized

Remember “War of the son” Ep1 Review

So the awaited drama that I know for sure all of us were waiting for is ON now ^^ well yesterday I watched the first episode and according to my "half half" Korean skills I managed to understand the general story and today finally there is subtitle and yep ..lets review So before I start… Continue reading Remember “War of the son” Ep1 Review

Triangle Drama Review

My complains about Triangle drama End !

well I know am complaining about a drama that have been finished about a year ago and its old now !! but What ??? Yang ha what ?? so now I'm allowed to really lose my temper and start freaking out ha ?? I have been bitting the stick for 26 episodes only to get… Continue reading My complains about Triangle drama End !

Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep25 review

hi ..I can say that this episode was really not necessary ..since the events didn't change that much .. So It started when Dong soo and young dal wanted to warn Yang ha that phil sang is planning on killing him to take his place in the company and to be more careful but their… Continue reading Triangle Ep25 review

Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep 24 Review

ok lets face it ...this was WAYY too sad of all Triangle episodes and I seriously cried 😦 So it started when young dal was in total danger and he was waiting infront of the entrance of the hotel waiting for Jung hee after receiving a message from her to meet ..but fortunately Yang ha… Continue reading Triangle Ep 24 Review

She was beautiful review

She was beautiful Ep2 review

Am really loving this drama the more I watch it and it actually makes you addicted to laugh all the time ,seriously you will never stop laughing .. So this episode started when Hye jin was in a really dangerous situation when shes so scared her new chief might discover her "Sung joon" and she… Continue reading She was beautiful Ep2 review