Manhole: Wonderland’s Pil my impressions


waaaa Kim jaejoong is finally back in a drama πŸ˜€ you can’t tell how much I was excited to see him in a drama after his military release .

So I was actually hoping to watch a comedy drama with jaejoong because really he has the potentials to be so funny giving that hes soooo funny in real life and loves to be funky.

Ok I’m gonna make a very quick review of the first episode for you guys πŸ™‚

The first episode starts when they introduce all the characters and to sum them up , they were a bunch of close friends aged 28 years , Bong pil have waited all this time to actually confess his love to Soo jin , but unfortunately she was getting married and in a week she will be a wife and everything is over for him . Pil was drunk at the night of celebrating the couple and he couldn’t hold it back that they are having fun when he is dying so he tried to make a scene, luckily his parents managed to stop him .

His parents live mentally separate from him when hes still living in their home , they ignore him and try to live a happy healthy life because they have officially gave up on him long time ago .



Pil goes around his neighborhood asking all of his friends for a way to stop this marriage and all of their suggestions were crazy , when he finally decided to confess his love and stop the marriage he realized that Soo jin was no where to be found and never answered her phone . After asking he knew that she was with her boyfriend , Pil grew so suspicious and ran everywhere to find them , asking every motel in the area . After finding them coming outta multi-entertainment room he was furious and picked a fight with the groom and of course received a hit that knocked him out and also caused soo jin a fight with her husband -to -be.


Pil walks Soo jin home and finally decided to be brave and tell her about his love , but again he became a coward and flees away . While standing near a Manhole he gets dragged in by a power and wakes up in the past when he returned to be a student ..so he traveled 10 years backward XD .


My thoughts: 

Well that was a very quick review , as watching the drama is much funnier than reading it so go right away and you will really love it .

I think this drama will be the best this year , at least for me because I missed this kind of comedic dramas plus I have missed jaejoong oppa πŸ™‚ he can be so funny and I remember laughing at him in live interviews , so he wont fail me .

The fact that Pil have waited for 28 years and also that he is studying for his exam for 3 years now shows how he has low motivation or maybe as he always says ..a slow start πŸ˜€

Besides , Soo jin knows maybe deep inside that he kind of loves her but because she was tired waiting for his confession . Also they both consider themselves as an enemy and a friend in the same time which reflects that they are actually scared to be lovers so they wont lose their friendship .

So finally , I’m happy for jaejoong’s comeback and I will really love this drama πŸ˜‰ I hope you will love it also πŸ™‚


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