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The K2 _ first impression and recaps



Hi .. Ji chang wook IS BACK and also in a kick ass drama like Healer ..I didn’t want to think of Healer while watching the first episode because Healer had its own unique vibe .

So after watching the first episode I felt really exhausted …not because I was doing anything really but those fighting scenes made me feel really engaged and I’m telling you I felt tired , so now I understand why Chang wook oppa said that this drama would be his last action drama ..I mean WAW …just in the first ep there was 3 major fights . Still I had one complain ..that this was too much for the first ep ,I know it had to be strong and all but I felt like I needed a bit more details , anyway I understand that its just the first episode .

So the first episode started when this little girl was in her room at night and was praying before going to bed when she thought that her father is back ..she goes downstairs only to find her mother lying on the ground dead with a bunch of pills beside her . Later the girl is taken into a monastery and left with the nuns there who looked awkwardly scary .


Then obviously after years the same monastery which was in Spain , and the same girl was trying to escape from there and she was scared because some guys will be following her , my whole idea of what happened was really changed in that scene , so instead of helping the little girl back then ,she was actually held captive and that’s why she was escaping with all her power .

Away from her and in the same country a wounded guy ” Ji chang wook :)) ” was in an apartment and he was in so much pain although he did treat his wound ,he also was watching the street and afraid that some one is following him but we don’t know what really happened to the guy .


Then he leaves his place in caution covering his face from every cctv , in the subway the girl was in a hurry to have a ticket using some coins she found on the ground , one of the guys who were following her was really so close ,when she took the ticket in a hurry she hit a guy walking and it was our guy now ,she mistakenly apologizes in Korean so he knew shes korean and offered her his hand to help her answering her also in Korean , the moment she found out that he is korean she begged him to help her , he was in a mess and didn’t want to reveal his face to the cameras so he left her and she escaped again .


The guy who was following her was so close to her , she managed to hide but only for few seconds when he heard her breath and came back ..BUT the Korean guy is back again and the scene was really tense and GREAT . he kicked his ass and knocked him down but when he looked to his ID he found that he was a police man so he escaped away . the cameras recorded him and immediately sent men to stop him and he again skillfully won the fight..the guy is a fighting machine XD


Now he helped her here but when he walked out of the station she was unfortunately inside a car and kept on calling for his help because she will be captivated again , he just walked away thinking she did something wrong so the police are after her and also because he wanted to keep a low profile.


After Six months , he lives in Korea now and found a job to work with an Ads company , he was happy even when he got nothing and still poor , at night he got a call from his boss telling him to go to fix the banner of the assemblyman. When he arrived he couldn’t provide them with an ID so he was about to leave when the cleaning lady helped him by telling them that the madam herself asked for that .


So he goes out of the window and suspended himself with a rope ,doing all of that on a tower that was so high without fear , in one of the rooms the assemblyman with some woman ,she was putting a sleeping powder into his wine just before he entered his room. It was obvious that assemblyman was cheating on his the same time his wife was in a live interview being praised by people so he turns on the TV to watch her and check what she says on air .


Well all of that was happening when on the other hand there was a group of masked people in black cars preparing to enter that same tower , at the right moment they all entered at the same time and knocked all the guards down ,they were trying to make a mess and a scandal for the assemblyman .


The woman in the room of the assemblyman was there to make sure he passes out and then to put him in a way so it seems like a scandal , while he was making out with her he saw the Ads guy fixing the banner and watching them ..Chang wook’s ironic look was really funny , still the woman was not that concerned since the assemblyman passed out at that moment and fell into a deep sleep .


Moving to another room’s window to fix the other side of the banner , he waved to that same cleaning lady inside , But in the same time he saw those masked men enter and hit the old lady on her head and left her bleeding on the ground ,this was all witnessed by our guy so he was kicking all hard to break the glass to enter then he threw his screw there and pushed the glass to crash all in front of him and hurry to the old woman . well the scene is really hard to describe since it was AWESOME so go now and check the drama XD .


Here again he fought those guys without having any clue who they are and why they are here, he was really cool and great and a total killing machine ..he finally stopped them and helped the old lady when the guard arrived after someone started the alarm.


The first lady was having a hard time in the interview when the MC was hitting a sensitive subject , she asked her about her ties with her family , her family is JB group and that the assemblyman might have used his in_laws to win . She felt so sad telling them that her father was against her marrying a law man so she never inherited anything and have no shares but still the MC asked her where did she get her money that she gave to charity and it might be from somewhere else . In the break she warned the MC that she will also reveal something about the MC’s son if she keeps on digging in her past.


After the interview is finished with the madam she was removing her makeup and showed a real kind and sweet side of herself by giving the makeup girl a home backed present ,but she was totally a different person when she heard that her husband was again under an attack and they think that the other party assemblyman park’s men were behind it .She asked her assistant to change the scene of the crime so it wont look like the other part attacked him ,also the assemblyman called her and asked her to take care of the banner guy  girl >< So it looks like he depends on her in everything and although she is so kind on the outside ,she is a scary women in reality .

She was also a bit sad and melancholic since she already knows that her husband is cheating on her and yet she is the one who is covering for him .


So under the orders of the madam the president of the JSS forces sent his offensive team to the place where that banner guy lived and in the same time chief Jo saw the footage of the fight that happened in the tower and recognized the guy ,he immediately asked the president to pull out his forces since he himself trained the guy when he was in special forces and that he might kill them all . Well this happened and our killing machine did escape unharmed after knocking them all down.


The assemblyman ,when he got back home his wife was waiting for him in the living room , when he asked her if there is another thing that she is concerned about ,she coldly told him that his daughter Anna was again escaped and that she should mature now and stop escaping . So she have him on the tip of her finger and threatens him with his daughter. He then warned her that if anything bad happened for his daughter ,their contract will be nullified .


Finally Anna is again escaping and running crazily in the streets ,when she was crossing the street, the lights of the cars made her frustrated so she froze in the middle of the street and she had a flash back from the same night of her mother’s death and that she handed her mother the sleeping pills . A really famous designer was inside the car in front of her and was a bit interested in what he is seeing .


My thoughts :

So this was the hardest episode to recap ,seriously because it had so much fighting scenes ,

Anyway , the first episode was epic and I loved everything about it except what I said earlier that they took so much time in the fighting scenes and it seemed to me that they are concentrating on finding reasons to make him fight more XD but still it was cool.

One of the things that I wanted to complain about is why on hell he didn’t use his power to escape rather than facing the JSS  when he knew that they will keep on following him till they catch him even if its the next day ! also after watching the sec ep , and I’m not going to spoil it for you , but you will see that he have a reason to avoid them rather than facing them all and also he didn’t kill anyone of them , so why did he even face them ??

Also why the president will send his OFFENSIVE forces to stop one guy that he himself was taking easily when chief Jo was warning him ..that looked a bit funny to me .

Ok one final thing , Am I the only one who is hearing the background music that sound like one of healer’s sound tracks but with a lot of changes ..I’m using all of my musical knowledge  to figure it out maybe because they still want to make something as great as healer specially when chang wook is the hero ! Ah I look really mean but I loved the drama so don’t get the wrong idea ..

So the drama is GREAT and you should definitely watch it or maybe you are watching it now so tell me what you think ^^





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