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“Moon lovers : Scarlet heart Ryo ” first impression


Hello ..I couldn’t wait longer for this DRAMA that I have been excited for like SO MUCH .

I’m a bit late in writing but I hope you guys can share also with me what you think of this drama.

So the first episode starts when IU was drinking alone sitting alone and she gave me the feeling that she was in a trouble or something but I think we will know later what happened to her . she was drinking and noticed a poor homeless guy near her looking at her bottle so she gave him the bottle and in the same time found him listening to her complaining about her turned up side down life .


In the park where she was sitting a little kid was playing near the lake ,when she turned away then looked back the little kid fell into the lake and no one noticed him not even the homeless man . she found herself the only one who should run to save the kid so she jumped there and saved him but when it was her turn to go up into the boat an eclipse happened and once she saw that, a strong power pulled her down and she thought she is dying .


On a different time and a place also there was an eclipse , it was in the time of Goryeo Songak (the past)  ,at that time the 4th prince who was being called the “wolf dog” was galloping toward the city, and when entered the city everyone was running in fear of encountering him . In the village that he passed through and when all people around him were hiding , he found a head clasp he liked and he took it “AND I thought he would give it to his love ! ”


Inside the palace the princes were in the royal wash place or whatever they call it , and to be honest and according to my own opinion I didn’t much like that scene because they were all like together playing like kids topless or not and that scene was supposed to be COOL ? I don’t know but it didn’t feel cool for me . anyways the 3rd prince was the only one sitting away watching them and when the 8th prince “wang wook” asked when will their 4th brother Wang So arrive to attend the spiritual ritual he told him to not bother thinking about him since he does all things in his own way ! so yea obviously the 3rd prince have something against him .

Then the so called naughty 10th prince brought the subject of the 4th prince and how he massacred his adoptive family in shinju (he was adopted by that family so he has two families and the reason is of course political) laughingly the 10th prince jokes on the youngest one that since he shares the same mother then one day he will turn into a wolf but this jest was stopped by their oldest brother since he also shares the same mother .


Then on the washing poll where the 10th prince went to wash ..IU (for now lets just say IU ) appeared from that poll but in a total different outfit ,a hanbok , so my guess was she was reborn or entered someone’s body . the princes freaked out , and she  luckily was saved by a girl that kept on calling her lady Soo ..she finally realized that she is in the largest washing area in Songak so she thought shes already dead and passed away again since all of this seemed unreal for her.


Away from that ,Wang So the 4th prince finally arrives into the palace of the king in Goryeo to participate in the ritual ,the chief that arrived with him reminded him to go straight back to shinju after the ritual since he is also an adopted member of the kang family , told him mockingly that he thought hes a hostage in that family .

when he entered the palace he immediately killed his horse with his sword , I didn’t fully understand why but I guess he wanted to tell them that hes not going back to shinju.


Now Hae soo finally wakes up and she was inside the 8th prince’s house ,at first she still thought shes dead but when she realized that shes not she started to ask them at once where and who she is , the prince’s wife tells her that she is her sixth cousin and they are in Goryeo and their king is wang Taejo . Hae soo freaked out and was in total shock on how she arrived to the past and weather she is herself or she is inside someone’s else body.


The king was having a meeting with his sons and the minsters because someone from inside the palace tried to kill the crown prince but he was saved because he didn’t eat his poisoned food . one of the minsters complained that the 1st prince is not qualified to be the crown prince and he might have an incurable disease but all of the crown princes protested that they believe the 1st prince has to be the future king .

The queen on the other hand was behind this attempt of murder to the crown prince and while she was listening to what happened in the meeting from one of her people her court lady came by to inform her of the arrival of her son and the 4th prince wang soo and his wish to meet her after 2 years now but she refused to meet him .


Hae soo now locked herself in her room and was in the shade alone being totally lost, confused whether she died and this is hae soo or she is not dead. At that point her cousin was trying to get her out when wang wook arrived and he broke the door to get inside and he found her crying alone . So he extended his hand to her and asked her to trust him since he has brought her here and he will protect her forever ,Hae soo thought she wanted to live no matter what and that she should grab his hand and live .


Wang soo having a flash back ,when his father the king was about to marry and his mother the royal concubine was against it and was begging him to refrain ,when he was about to leave, she grabbed her little son and threatened the king that she will kill the kid if he leaves,the king still insisted to choose Goryeo instead of her  and tried to free his son from her but she violently slashed her son’s face many times and left him on the ground bleeding and crying . (WHAT A MONSTER IS SHE ! ).

So that’s why Wang soo wears a mask on one side of his face .


I love how all of them are scared of wang soo 😀 when all the princes were together and talking about him in his back that he never came to greet them upon his arrival ,only wang wook defended him . Wang soo entered and they were frozen in fear ,again only wang wook greeted him while the 3rd prince only smirked on him.


On the other side ,Hae soo is memorizing what is necessary to be Hae soo and learning about herself and the whole place, passing in the house’s garden she stopped and from afar looking at the prince who helped her last night and admired how he loves his sick wife ,at that moment the princess Yeon hwa came by and of course hae soo didn’t know who she was at first . obviously the princess hated hae soo that’s why she was insulting her but hae soo still talked back not withstanding her position so they entered into a quarrel and were stopped by prince wook .


Prince wook after stopping Hae soo’s quarrel he took her aside and was telling her that he felt responsible for her actions because his wife brought her here ,so he suggested that she go back to her town if shes finding difficulty here since she lost her memories now . she convinced him that she can be good and will do her best but from the way she talked and the way she acted he told her that she looks different and that they never were that close .


Wang soo now knew the real reason behind his summoning to songak beside the spiritual ritual , astronomer Ji mong  told him that the servant who served the crown prince his breakfast which was poisoned was found dead and covered as suicide ,so they need him to find who did it because he might be one of the princes . The crown prince was there and he asked him personally to take his place during the ritual because they believe that the crown prince might be targeted during the ritual . Wang soo asked for something in return which is staying in Songak .


Finally, Hae soo is not good in anything to prepare for the ritual and was sent by the princess to do an even harder job which is mixing the dye out side , Hae soo was happy anyway to do anything , and as usual prince wook was laughing at how clumsy she is .

while doing this she saw a man walking away from the palace and he looked exactly like the homeless she met moments before her travel to this place so she followed him but still lost him because of the crowd . suddenly people started to run because the dog wolf was passing and because people were running everywhere ,Hae soo was pushed away by someone and was about to fall from the clef , Wang Soo saved her and pulled her while he was running on his horse .


My thoughts :

well I can tell you I’m IN LOVE with this drama and wang soo although its too early for that but I also watched the second and third episodes :)) I have so many questions and so many thoughts on his past and her past . Now I cant see lee junki and I feel he was captured in his roll and all I can see is Wang soo XD

form all of that I really want to know what happened and why wang soo was sent there ? and why he always say that hes a hostage and not an adopted son ? it reminds me of Sanada Nobuyuki ..ok you might feel I’m weird but that was a japanese samurai that has been also sent into another house hold as a hostage to prove the loyalty of his clan ,so yes I think that’s the case with wang soo in the drama and I hope that helped XD .

well I liked how Hae soo was reacting to this new life and I wonder only why she didn’t just try a bit to look benign just to figure who she is while she was talking to the princess ? and also I can see that wang wook have always kind of loved her deep inside but hae soo was not interested and now this is all changed when she is now clueless on what to feel or do.

The last scene was HILARIOUS I loved how easily he carried her and it also showed that he was called a dog walf and stuff but he was not a killer and he wanted to save her even when he didn’t know her , that was a sweet side of him in my opinion ..and you will see what he will do in the next episode XD.

So I kind of didn’t want to know anything about the drama before the primer ,so I will enjoy it more ..also I was a bit afraid since the lead female is IU “don’t get the wrong idea ..I don’t hate her” but because I LOVE lee junki I had a little faith that everyone around him will make a great job since he is their senior , and my guess was right the first and second episodes changed my whole idea for IU and now I’m really comfortable watching her 🙂

finally this drama is a must and you will LOVE it so go for it 😉


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