W -Two worlds recaps and first impression


Hello ….long time no see 🙂 well I was not writing anything simply because I was not into new dramas in the last month or maybe cuz I didn’t like any ..BUT THE GOOD THING is I was waiting for W and FINALLY ..OMMMG LEE JONG SUK my fav actor is here and I can’t stop my excitement .

So lets go straight to the point , when there is a world like a manga or anime ,who will you think fit the drama ??? OF COURSE LEE JONG SUK ..ok so now you see how excited I’m .

To begin, lee jong suk “Kang chul” is a very talented shooter who was competing in this Athens competitions with other shooters from different countries ..he was the youngest ,only 17 when he won the gold medal for his country and all his family specially his father who was his couch ,were so happy for him .


One day after that his whole family got all shot by someone ,the problem is he was not home and lately he had some problems with his dad which made him the main suspect and no one believed him . He couldn’t attend his family’s funeral and a friend told him that they were buried in a well sunny area . Kang chul burst into tears for the unfairness of the whole situation. the prosecutor of this case demanded a death penalty and everyone was agreeing on that throwing so much hate on the kid .


In a different place ,or let me say ,different world ! Yeon joo whos a doctor called early in the morning by her senior ,and while she thought it was an emergency or something important ,it appeared that he was a big fan of her father’s webtoon which is called “W” and he wanted few spoilers from her XD ..she calls her father but his assistant told her he was missing .


The epic thing is the lead character in her father’s webtoon is Kang chul ..anyways she rushes to his office to find the other employees astonished at how did her father leave when he never left his room ..she grew more suspicious and finally decided to call the police . But after going through her father’s drawings she found out that he was planning on killing the main lead in his webtoon . when she was left alone in the room she suddenly felt a hand holding her from behind and IT WAS THE hand of kang chul from inside the computer where her father was drawing XD omg so she was pulled inside and there she found kang cul lying .


She didn’t think where she was or what happened ,she just followed her doctor instinct and rushed to call for help and stopped his bleeding then managed to release his chest since he had pneumothorax ,she did it with a pen although she was not sure and was hesitated because she was not that talented . the cool thing is that kang chul made eye contact with her twice as if he knew her before or he was aware of her existence .


Yeon joo met the manager of the hotel, where she found kang chul ,but she couldn’t answer him anything about herself since she kind of was in a shock on how she got here and just gave him her business card . kang chul kept on staring at her and it appeared that he was the boss of that same hotel where he was found shot .


After that Yeon joo saw a word written in the air “it was so funny for me XD ” which said “to be continued ” ..then she got back to her father’s office just magically . she was so scared and kept on touching the screen again ! suddenly Soo bong came to the room telling her that her father might not be missing because the webtoon was published somewhere and kang chul was saved by a new character with the same name as yeon joo  .


Later she tells us more about kang chul ,the lead character ,he was the co-representative of an e-commerce company called JN global ,his story begins when he won the gold medal and then afterwards his family got assassinated . Then he was sentenced to death penalty in the first trial and then into life imprisonment but finally the judge released him because of the lack of evidences . He was so desperate that after one year he decided to end his life when he finally came back to his senses and decided to find who did this to his family and to him .

Untitled.pngddd.kkkk.pngcccc.pngjjjj.pngmknk.pngmkjnj.pngFinally, Kang chul is trying to find this doctor who helped him ,he called her “the key to his existence” ..he only got her business card but her hospital is no where to be found in his world , on the other side yeon joo was stupefied because the webtoon was continued and Kang joo was trying to find her ,she don’t know where her father and how on hell she was in that webtoon .


My thoughts :

So what do you think ?? omg the plot is interesting and I like fantasy stories ..I liked the way she got into the webtoon ,it was scary and brilliant XD

I have one thing that’s going on in my mind ..I need more background story about kang chul ,its like we know nothing about him ..he even didn’t say much till he was shot and was in the hospital ,but still we are at ep1 and there is no need to rush 🙂 I think we will see more in the coming events .

I always wondered what if dramas and amines were somehow real and although we write about them they might be writing stories about US ..freaky ha ? still the idea was in my mind ..and now I’M SO HAPPY there is some how someone who thinks the same way ! still maybe the story is different from what I’m thinking . Also I love both lee jong suk and Han hyo joo and I’m dying to see them as a couple in the drama ..so lets wait and see 🙂

thank you for reading and plz share what you thought of my recap 🙂





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