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Entertainer (Ddanddara) first impression and recaps



The awaited drama is now finally aired 🙂 at least for me , I really eagerly waitied for this drama , and as long as I’m a big kdrama fan so basically any drama is an awaited drama for me keke ..well Ji sung oppa should be the reason of course ..just one thing ..is that I wanna clap for this genious in every scene he make , his acting is just so perfect don’t u think ?

Anyways , to the first episode ..this drama kind of reminded me of “King of dramas” the plot is different but basically kind of the same so I was a bit aware of what will happen to Suk Ho in the end ..but Ji sung’s character of course way different .

what I liked about him is the unique character he presented ,kind of crazily ,obsessively in love with what he does to the point that he can step on any one to do it , still he has some people who are dear to his heart , or he thought so , that later appears just to be in his imagination .

the episode starts when director Suk Ho was talking on the phone with his boss CEO of KTOP entertainment about some rumors and photos of one of the famous bands in the company called Jinu and a member of a girls’ group in the same company and hes trying his best to convince him otherwise , his craziness and devotion appears so obvious from the music hes listening “ABBA dancing queen” till his voice and way of talking ,totally made me think hes from a different world than us XD


Reaching the company he found the photographer who took the photos waiting for him in his office ,the funny thing is the photographer is the same actor who acted also as a photographer in “you’re beautiful” omg I didn’t see this coming but hes so funny XD So Suk Ho tried to persuade him that they were not really dating but everything tells them the opposite so he paid him money to shut him up , the photographer congratulates him on winning the breach of contract of the band Jackson and on his splitting from the company and making his own one .


In a music show where those girl group were supposed to show up live , the rumour girl Song Yi was pretending to be sick and they were trying to run a recording instead of the live , it appeared later that they did this as a plan along with the director Suk ho so they run away to shoot a commercial instead, Suk Ho runs like hell all the time and made her pretend to be sick and they made it , still he talked in private with her to stop her relation with Jinu and I think he is protecting Jinu rather than her , his way in talking and that air of evilness is really unique XD although hes kind of bitchy but still special ..or I think so XD


Suk Ho later had a meeting with KTOP CEO , the latter was congratulating him on his winning the case and taking the boys with him for his new company ,although he appeared happy but deep inside he of course felt resentful and mad with him ,from what I see Suk Ho is kind of so much ambitious and that’s what is pushing him to do anything and beside that this is making him a bit blind to his surroundings and the people hes dealing with , because his assistant after hearing hes also coming along to the new company was a bit down and hesitated which was never noticed or fully interpreted on Suk ho’s side who just thought simply hes scared . The CEO wanted the new sinle of Jackson to be release under KTOP as a goodbye present and Suk ho agreed .


Still the CEO was not satisfied that hes standing there watching Suk ho taking Jackson away and do nothing , so he lured that half hearted assistant in making him a director in KTOP instead of going as a mere assistant with Suk ho in returns he can help him against Suk ho .


In Busan , a girl with a broken heart on her brother in court waiting for the verdict to be announced , her brother was committed of sexual assault on a girl in the same school , the boy Ha Neul was telling the court that he was helping her but why this turned into an assault ? so his sister through a fit that this can’t be and they already know the girl so how come she does this ..the judge made his announcement to put the kid into detention centre . His sister gives him a little snack or a candy telling him his mood will become better with it and he in his return makes her promise that she will quit working because it was a dangerous place , both concerning to each others in that difficult time .


Suk Ho encourage his boys to work harder for the nearby promotion , and talks softly with Jinu about the scandal and that he should stop dating her , the boy  agrees .

Later Suk ho meeting with a friend and try to figure out how to top the charts in just 2 weeks , the guy was like a freak he told him about a new system that hacks phones and make them stream the video all the time without them knowing it and Suk ho welcomes the idea .


In Busan Gyu rin makes everything possible in convincing the other side to drop the case on her brother , but in vain , she brings clothes to her brother in the detention centre and didn’t meet with him ,instead she hands him a letter which I thought he went away to read it alone but in fact he threw it away .


Suk Ho had another problem in his office but this time he was on the wrong side really XD a song writer was begging him to put his name on the new single of Jackson because he himself wrote it instead of putting Jackson’s Jinu’s name ,no matter how much he begs Suk ho never softens and he steals the song rights convincing the guy that money are more important , the song writer leaves threatening he will sue him although Suk ho did not waver at all.


Later that night when Suk ho was having a gathering to congratulate him he received a call from his assistant that the song writer committed suicide and left a death note , he freaks out and worries about his boys Jackson , on his way he checks his phone to find Jinu wrote “I want to die” made Suk ho go even more worried and unfortunately makes a car accident out of no where .


In another marketing entertainment , Yeo min joo try to convince her boss to promote some other group while he insists on Jackson cuz Suk ho will pay anything for them . She got a call that Suk ho involved in a car accident and the other side are not settling on any sum he is offering , it appears later that the KTOP CEO bribing them so they wont settle , omg a conspiracy >.< in prison when Suk ho was held till the settlement , Yeo Min joo visits him telling him all details and to allow his parents to visit since he never saw them in a month but all he thinks of is Jinu ,thinking the guy will never betray him .on the contrary Jackson all signed again with KTOP leaving him alone .


Suk ho was released to find his assistant in a new appearance still never knew that he already betrayed him , when he wanted to go straight to the company to settle things his assistant tells him that he was kicked out . he gots back alone into his place thinking of all the good times he spent with the boys that he just now lost and felt unfair and left out in the darkness 😦


Now Min joo’s company are asking for a sum of money in return to pulling away from them since Suk ho lost Jackson and there is no reason to market anything for him , he has no money now so hes trying to borrow from some old friend who now lives out of soul in busan , Suk ho felt overwhelmed and moves immediately to soul , in the bus he enters the chat room on his phone with Jackson and all of them left at once ,he was still worried about Jinu but they all left him alone ,he puts his sunglasses on and cries alone in pain.


he reached Busan next morning on 7 o’clock in the morning but instead of welcoming him ,his friend just asked him to meet up with him at 1 pm , still when they met he kept on trying to talk about the money subject but his friend sensed it kind of ,and changed the subject , Suk ho again never felt that . his so called friend postponed him again to leave to the sauna and again meet with him at night , when Suk ho tried to mention the money again ,his friend now faced him that he wont help him and he was in fact making his revenge on him since suk ho ignored him in the past . Suk ho leaves in agony runs here and there in the streets since he have nothing to do about his problem now .


Ha neul in Busan remembers his father going against his wish in becoming an entertained because his brother before him wanted that and somehow that cause his death , still we never knew why but Ha neul’s parents both died in the same time all because of Ha neul, OMG horrible 😦 he tells the academy he used to attend that hes leaving it since he wont go to university after what happened to him .


Finally suk ho wondering alone at night in busan when he sits on a stair in despair and thinking about giving up he suddenly hears a logo song which is the logo Ha Neul sung for his academy that they are still use for 2 years now , the song affected suk Ho when the song lyrics encouraged him , and kind of gave him hope . Ha neul passed by and witness how that guy is startled by the song . Am excited to how things will be between those 2 🙂


My thoughts :

Well the genius Ji sung is capable of anything so of course this character was so real and lively for me , although the guy was bossy and selfish but there is something about him that you can’t just hate him all together . from what I think , suk ho is just simple minded and thinks that the whole world can obey him whenever he wants , he made no friends but still he thought all what he surrounded himself with were friends , they just were there because they had something they want and once they have a chance they will leave you , that’s the truth that he was blind of and from what we saw , he did everything even low things for the sake of his Jinu still the guy left him with no word . On the other hand he was rough and unfair with others thinking he wont need anyone in the world because he is doing ok on his own and that also goes under the simple minded people category .

In that case I don’t know whether I should like him or not , its the same feeling I had to the main in “King of dramas ” its that kind of feeling of wanting to help him even though he was on fault just because he was not totally aware of his wrong doings which is still not a justification . anyways lets not turn this into a life lesson XD its just the beginning and GREAT things will happen .

As for Ha neul Min hyuk was cool really I felt his pain and even his sister Hyri did great in conveying her feelings , I wanna see more of this overprotecting sister 🙂 I really want this drama to be loved even more , I really like all the cast and think that it will be a great drama this year

what do you think of the pilot ? did you like it ^^ ?




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