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Daebak (Jackpot) Ep 1,2 My thoughts


I haven’t been so active lately I was busy ..but I’m back now 🙂 and my timing was good , I was really waiting for this drama so eagerly and finally it was started ..after watching 4 episodes till now , I’m really really impressed with everything . (there will be some spoilers but if you are ok ,this will make u wanna watch the drama )

First of all Jang keun suk is my favorite actor and I love all of his works ,since he said that this character will be a huge turn in his carrier ,I can see why , seriously hes so different from all his works now , I know he is super capable and can do anything , but he succeeded in making me pity Dae gil so far , at first I was trying to figure his character out but then toward the end of episode 4 I was so impressed with oppa’s expressions and everything .


To start , the first episode was so strong and every actor in it have showed a great deal of grasping to their characters , not to mention only the gaze of choi min soo was deep enough to put you in the spot and to allow you to imagine his whole personality with just that look ..the story started with that women who was a hard working servant in the palace ,she was married to a poor but an addict on gambling that will sell anything just to win , one day that mysterious man played by Jun Kwang ryul  ,Lee In Jwa , who offered to help her escape from her misery by telling her the way to seduce the king and win his heart .


The exciting thing was the way he taught her , I mean it was way so mysterious to me to get it and am not sure if its a cultural thing but he asked her to put the queen’s shoes out with a lotus on it as to protect it from the rain ,the king will pass there and he will fall for the girl !! I mean it was so weird ,why ? I never figured that but believe me I never bothered in the explanation as the scene itself captured me ,I can say for sure that the production is so perfect along with the proper music it


The kind immediately fell for the woman, Lee In Jwa told her to say exactly what he taught her and to tell the king that she have a habit of putting the deposed queen’s shoes like this, she also looked into the king’s face for 3 breathes as that man told her and she won his heart.. despite the fact that she was a servant the king immediately wanted to have her as one of his women ,to which the woman was reluctant as she was already married . although the poor woman was fed up with all her husbands bad gambling and promises ,as he lately even bet on their family book and even his wife’s wedding rings and he lost the book and was caught by his wife stealing her rings ,she left home and asked him not to follow her . still she wished to cut all tied with him and be free so that’s why she told the king that she’s still married and he have to do something to help her out .


The king now blinded by his love ,and as he was always able to get what he wants , and I think they were trying to make this obvious to us that he’s a bit or maybe so much greedy and never think twice , now disguised as a rich merchant and went face to face with her husband and competed with him in many gambling games ,were silly but yet entertaining ..I would love to explain each game of them but still I will leave it to you to enjoy . the man became more and more greedy as he thought hes winning and since he have a debt to pay, but in fact the king was fooling him , lastly with a simple tossing of a coin he managed to get back all of the money that man thought he’s winning since the coin was specially made for that and the man finally found nothing to bet but his wife !!!! I mean seriously !! he bet on her to give her to that man if he failed to count how many cups dose the jar of wine they were drinking of will fill .


In ep2 generally is about the aftermath of her life with the king,at first her husband Baek Man Geum after losing to the merchant and discovering that he was actually their nation’s king,he begged the king to return his wife and even made a request to put a final bet between the two of them and if he wins he will get his wife back ,he wanted to predict the weather and he was so sure it will rain ,anyways the king agreed and it actually rained but still his wife didn’t wanna go back to him and sent him away once and for all .


After 6 months of all of that ,that woman ,Sook bin gave birth to a child and it was so unusual to have a child in 6 months ,so much rumors were there surrounding the king and maybe that the kid is not his child ,even the queen threatened her that this child will die anyway since she can’t stand another prince beside her son ,the desperate Sook bin attempted to take the kid out of the palace and fake that hes actually dead . the kid now in man Geum’s hands ..the king in fact knew everything as I think but still covered it since he loves her so much,he knows that the kid is his child not man bok’s .


unfortunately the king was not so restful with all of that and sent his men to kill the child “how cruel” in the same time In jwa sensed that sook bin sent her child away to man Geum so ordered Yi soo to kill Man Geum and bring the child . Man Geum tried his best to protect the child and although the infant was hit with a small arrow but still he survived while both the king’s men thought the kid is dead and left ,Yi soo saved the poor guy and left to inform his master that they are both dead ,In jwa didn’t buy it and sent that weird lady Hong mae to bring the child.


The king’s twin who thought they killed the child followed Yi soo and knew he was behind it so informed the king and the mighty king captured him and asked him to bring the head of his master whos behind all of that so he save his daughter . Yi soo finds himself in front of his dear master who taught him everything and even gave him a name ..they both made a match of throwing arrows but Yi soo intentionally lost to his master and asked him to protect his daughter . In jwa swore that he will definitely make his plan come true and see a new era after killing the king.


In jwa blamed Sook bin for all of this since she gave away her child and never asked him for that although he was the one who helped her ..then he threatened he will kill her child if she wont show up at night at the west gate . on the other hand a poor man but he is like a fortune teller told Man Geum that the child might be of a royal blood , Man Geum thought about it and he was convinced that the child is the king’s so he threw him away in the river ,the old fortune teller saved him and again the kid survived but was immediately snatched from him by hong mae and now hes in In jwa’s hands .


In jwa was teaching Sook bin a lesson but I think he really crossed the like ,I mean once he wants the child to be the king and I think to use him for his plan but on the other side hes doing this ,anyways his mother arrived in time and he prepared 5 cards for her ,if she picks Number 10 she would save her child ,Sook bin cries in pain and begs to save her child but still he insisted . Toward the last card , Man Geum enters and decided to pick the last card and if he makes it right ,In jwa should leave him and the child alone .


So for the first 2 episodes they were WAY so exciting and awesome in everything ..I already watched ep3,4 but didnt wanna put them here in this review ..I was waiting so MUCH  for this drama and basically cuz of Geun suk oppa and he was amazing in ep4 🙂 I hope u guys give so much love to the drama and happy watching 🙂

what do u think of the drama so far ? 🙂


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