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Entertainer (Ddanddara) first impression and recaps

  The awaited drama is now finally aired 🙂 at least for me , I really eagerly waitied for this drama , and as long as I'm a big kdrama fan so basically any drama is an awaited drama for me keke ..well Ji sung oppa should be the reason of course ..just one thing… Continue reading Entertainer (Ddanddara) first impression and recaps

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Daebak (Jackpot) Ep 1,2 My thoughts

I haven't been so active lately I was busy ..but I'm back now 🙂 and my timing was good , I was really waiting for this drama so eagerly and finally it was started ..after watching 4 episodes till now , I'm really really impressed with everything . (there will be some spoilers but if… Continue reading Daebak (Jackpot) Ep 1,2 My thoughts