Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap Ep2 Recaps


I know its just 2 episodes till now but I realized something that always there is more than you see ..and the story is not always what you think ,maybe there is other side of the story so don’t jump to conclusions ,not only you will hurt others but more important ,is that you will cause yourself more harm ^^ I hope I learn that well .

So now Yoo Jung changed his schedule and followed Hong into professor Kang’s class and starting from there he kept on following her and always inviting her to eat with him and each time she boldly says”no” still at last she felt really uncomfortable and decided to apologize again so he stop annoying her ,or that what she thought,but he took the chance and told her he will accept it only if they eat together she finally agreed .


On the contrary of what yoo jung thought ,the meal was so simple and he even didn’t know how to unfold the kimbap since it was ready made and he looks like a rich boy .Hong was resisting all of his charm but finally when he apologized for nagging her she pulled off and apologized for everything so again he took the chance and told her to buy dinner the next time then XD .


That weird guy ,Baek In ho arrived at the collage and he was looking for Yoo jung and we still don’t know their relation .At the morning after he failed to find him ,he saw Hong and decided to ask her, since shes a student ,about the business management but she got afraid since he looked like a beggar and left him so he kind of pulled her but she fell on the ground and he run away with that old man he met last night ,and they escaped the guards !


This incident caused Hong her Lab top cuz it was broke and she had no time to type her report and finish it in time ,at the class no one lend her their PC till Yoo jung did and he even helped cover for her at the lecture so she wont get scolded by driving the professor attention away ,then he volunteered to collect the reports to give her time and helped her till even printing it ,he was obviously flirting when she asked him to stop staring by saying”you also made me uncomfortable a lot ,so its a good thing” .


In all of that Nam Joo Yeon was so mad seeing them together so she made a move by warning Hong but she didn’t just stop at that ..she even went to the room where the reports where kept and snatched Hong’s report from all the others away and left !!


Hong accidentally was heading back when she saw Joo Yeon face to face with her report , when she asked her why ,Joo yeon told her to back off from Yoo jung ,this conversation was heard now by Yoo jung himself so he stopped them and told Joo yeon that he never treated her a special treatment as she thought .He followed Hong to professor kang’s room and convinced her to accept Hong’s report taking the blame that he didn’t take her report in the first place ,the professor still insisted on giving her B so now she had to study more to which Yoo jung offered his help 🙂


But till now Joo yeon’s schemes never stopped ,at night Seol was trying to have a calm place to study so she stayed at the club room of her friends in collage ,Joo yeon told a beggar who was drunk to go over there to ask for money so he headed right to where Seol is and in the meantime Joo yeon hurried to Yoo Jung to tell him that Hong was in danger but he shocked her by revealing her poor plan ,that she came running from the opposite direction from the club so she was not even in a hurry ..but the annoying thing was why he never went to at least check ..did he never believe her or never expected that she would do such a thing ??


The drunk man went to where Seol is and he accidentally hurt her arm with a broken bottle but she was saved by the guards .Next morning Yoo jung helped her change the bandage for her arm and asked her to talk to him if she is wondering about something so she told him that Joo yeon might feel bad that he is treating Hong that way since she loves him .


On the day when all the seniors where preparing to be graduated ,Sang chul asked Hong to do him a favor and find something in his friends “Jae woo” PC so she went through it but she found out that Jae woo was the one who actually reported Sang chul and not Yoo Jung .


So she went right away to Yoo jung and even when she couldn’t say it she only invited to buy him a meal and apologized for being too much sensitive and accusative last year and this year also .He accepted her apology and cutely wanted to have a photo with her .

In reality ,Yoo jung was actually behind what happened last year but in a different way than we think ..he just came into Jae woo at a time when he was mad at sang chul and convinced him not to stay silent and talk if he want .


Next day ,Hong’s friend forced her to be prepared for a blind date with a guy she knows she even put on make ups for her and she was a bit embarrassed to show up in front of Yoo jung .on the other hand her friend wanted her help a bit so she can be introduced to Yoo jung so she did and when they were eating together Hong went far a bit in trying to match yoo jung and her friend so  he kind of felt it and was uncomfortable.


Later that day she went to her blind date and the guy was so annoying and he showed off so much and made her look like a fool ,luckily that guy “Baek In ho” was there trying to find a job and witnessed the scene so he couldn’t hold it and came along and even pulled a fight with the man just to prove to her that he was not just a bum !! Hong felt embarrassed and told him to back off and at least pay for her broken PC , and when the guy she was meeting talked down to her she turned back and gave him a good scold and left . but she forgot her cell phone so Baek In ho took it with him .


When Hong went back home ,her night was being even more worse when she saw Yoo Jung waiting for her and he was so upset with her and told her that he thought they are getting along well but now he thinks she had her motives and that she is just like others to approach him .


Baek In ho was looking inside her phone and he found the photo she took with Yoo Jung so he called him on her phone ,Yoo jung thought its her so he answered so he was surprised by Baek In ho ,he hurried there and finally met Baek In ho seems like they had a really tough history all together ,Baek In ho wanted Yoo jung to at least feel sorry for destroying his life but the latter was indifferent and told him that when he will graduate he will go back to his father’s company and cut everything on Baek In ho and his sister !! when he left Baek In ho was in such a pain and he even remembered they were all happy once together . wa In Ho feels so pitiful and I really wanna know more of his story .


Just one thing !! I want to watch more of this drama and I can’t wait ^^ comment and tell me what do u think 🙂


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