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Remember “War of the son” Ep1 Review


So the awaited drama that I know for sure all of us were waiting for is ON now ^^ well yesterday I watched the first episode and according to my “half half” Korean skills I managed to understand the general story and today finally there is subtitle and yep ..lets review

So before I start let me tell you for a sure that the filming of this drama is so cool and you will sense it ..also I have seen Yoo seung ho only in “warrior baek  dong soo” so I don’t know him that much but his acting is somehow BETTER than his character in BDS ,anyways also park min young “although I feel like shes still in her aura of her Healer character “but shes a great actress and I think we will see a great drama 🙂

So the drama started when that convicted guy being dragged to be executed and his son was on the other side shouting that he was innocent and they should stop ..anyways so not to describe the whole scary scene ,in short it was a dream , Jin woo was dreaming and here we can know how much stressed he is . according to the previews of the drama Jin woo is a lawyer and he’s trying his best to free his father but still we don’t know what happened .


That man now in prison ,meeting up with Jin woo “I think we should know that hes his son ” when he came along he asked a very weird question ,that he might met with him but he can’t remember so obviously that man had Alzheimer,the lawyer Jin woo reminded him that hes his lawyer . The man was submitting to his fate and looked like hes giving up on the case which is appealing now after 4 years ,the people with him in prison told him he killed a student in her 20s so he believes them and will give up and won’t appeal , that thing made the lawyer “his son” so sad and asked him if he said it because Jin woo looks young and might not win the case tomorrow ! Jin woo jokingly reminded him about the exact number of times he said he wont appeal or gave up and even how many times he forgot who Jin woo was .

Jin woo was more than enthusiastic to prove his innocent and told him that he was framed and shouldn’t give upat that moment the man vaguely remembered the face of his son but still wouldn’t remember well and asked Jin wee if he has a son ..Jin woo said yes but he never told him that hes his son . maybe I can assume why , because simply he wont remember him the next time .


Now we are back in 4 years ,Jin woo happily woke up to find that his father prepared a delicious breakfast and encouraging him on his broadcast that he himself was feeling confident about thanks to his great memory ,the two made a promise to each other that they will come early today so Jin woo will make the dinner and eat together 🙂


Away from that a man with a big dragon tattoo on his back starts his day telling the girl who was in his room in the morning that hes actually a lawyer and hes leaving to see one client and needs to remove his handcuffs. So he meets with him and the lawyer anyways looks like hes not the honest type since his client was like a gangster or a corrupted man who was on probation and assaulted a man in a night club and that victim now asking for 300 million won ,the lawyer told him that the problem is that man is from Il Hyuk  group and in some time he will be the CEO of that company and he is determined to put that man in prison and above all that the man’s lawyer was “Tak young jin” who was against any bribe or any thing like that ,the lawyer was already preparing for how to save his client and it was obvious that it was some kind of a scheme .


As Jin woo was in the bus and when he was about to arrive into his stop he accidentally pushed the hand bag of a girl “park min young” and then gave it back to her but she found out that the bag was sliced from the bottom and her wallet was stolen so she immediately stops everyone from going out even Jin woo and asked the driver to drive to the police station as she told them according to the “Criminal procedure code “book they should keep the crime scene as it is to know the evidence and the original intent . everyone was annoyed but they were finally in the police station and the girl accused Jin woo as she claimed she remembers well that he was the one who did it .


So here Jin woo showed them how fabulous his memory is , he started to remember every single thing he saw with his eyes ,the bus number , the exact detailed description of the girl was sitting next to that bag girl and even the time,the office they were passing beside at the time of the accident. Then told them that the theft was not in the bus but according to his precise memory he saw a man passing beside that girl in the bus stop and he sliced her bag with a small blade ,Jin woo gave them a whole description of the man EVEN the plate number of the car that was ready for him and to where he was deciding to leave as Jin woo heard his words, when the police searched the plate it was a stolen car everyone was astonished but still he bombard them with the fact that he recognized his face and he pointed to a wanted man’s photo on the wall of the station .


Park dong Ho the attorney of that man in prison “Seok joo Il ” followed the prosecutor who’s standing against him in this case “Tak young Jin” and was there to convince him to let that case pass ,at first Young Jin refused and was sure he will win and wont solve anything with money but Dong Ho insisted and offered him a case of a narcotics deal in Busan and if he takes the case he will grant himself a great deal of promotion points ! and it looked like Young jin was in need of that and was considering the offer . In that case Dong Ho  guaranteed that the prosecutor might change his mind .


Outside the police station when all the people are back into the bus ,that girl was apologizing to Jin woo but he was so upset and irritated and he told her that if it was not for his memory ,he might be in the station being investigated . Also to at least punish her he made fun of her by pointing out the right section and page of what she said earlier about her book . So he already red the book out of interest and of course he memorized every single thing .


Attorney Tak young Jin finally gave his word to Dong ho and accepted his offer since he have some shortage in organized criminals and needed Dong ho to help him but still his acceptance doesn’t mean he was corrupted because his client Nam Gyoo Man was really filthy and even when hes from a wealthy family and about to be the CEO he was lacking tons with his manners and we saw that when he was passing into the company ,he makes all the employs bow down to him and even when an old worker there was not bowing in 90 degree he came back to him and purposely bowed his head more .So Tak young jin was not so encouraged to win his case ,and TBH I think Attorney Dong ho have some skill or else he wont convince Young Jin nor win every case he had in the past 😉


Nam Gyoo Man gave me goose bumps  since hes so cold and wicked ,he was insisting on causing pain to that man who hurt him in the club and he didn’t want to just send him to prison but instead to even kill his daughter. he also was planning on making some kind of a party and call a singer there into a night club along with all the dirty sons and heirs of many big companies ! So the singer who was brought there was just a little girl trying to collect some money for her collage and she happened to be Jin woo’s neighbor daughter  .


Yuna “finally knew her name” saw Jin woo on Tv since he had that broadcast in a competition show and he was memorizing every single number he sees ,Yuna recognized him finally .


At the night club Nam Gyoo Man dismissed all the workers including Jin woo’s father who used to work there and he was ready to start his party, seeing that young girl he couldn’t resist his lust and of course his filthiness was showing .The girl was asked to even change her clothes into something a little more of a night club and to sing what he likes and when she finished Gyoo Mn entered her room and wanted to drink with her but of course he was so drunk .


Jin woo’s father on his way home to his waiting son who made him dinner as promised, passed into a mobile shop and asked to buy a phone to suit a student for his son and to his surprise the seller told him that this was the third time for him to buy it but he never remembers .The problem is Jin woo’s father never came back home at that night but he called in the morning telling Jin woo that he can’t remember why hes in that place and where he was all this time ,Jin woo assured him that hes going immediately out to find him . staying there Jin woo’s father found a dead body and it was that little girl killed and lying in that place but he couldn’t recognize her and he freaked out ,in that moment Jin woo arrived to find his noona dead and his father collapsed along side .


In the hospital when he gained his conscious ,police men arrived and since he was the first witness they were trying to ask him few questions but they got off the line trying to interrogate him and Jin woo noticed that and since he was interested in law and actually knows every single thing he asked them to stop . still his father blew it and told them he never saw that girl before and even when Jin woo told him that she was actually Jung Ah he never remembered !


After seeing his father forgetting things Jin woo went back home and realized that his father bought things they needed many times over and over again thinking he didn’t buy them including the mobile phone which Jin woo had no idea about before . Jin woo was over concerned and took his father into a doctor and when the doctor tested him if hes forgetting ,his father was totally fine .


The prosecutor  who was in charge of that case was Hong suk hoon and he was kind of persistent since he is also pressured by his president to solve the case that caught the attention of the public , he asked the man who works with him to hurry up and get a confession and even shortened the suspects names to get it over with ,well he precisely pointed out Jin woo’s father Seo Jae hyuk .


As Seo jae hyuk and his son Jin woo were paying their respect to their neighbor’s daughter the police came in and arrested him as the main suspect ,of course Jin woo freaked out and was terrified but his father thought it was by mistake and assured him nothing will happen .But instead of going to the police station the police men took him to some remote place .On the other hand Jin woo arrived home to find it all messed up by someone .


Next morning it was all on Tv that they got a confession from Seo jae hyuk and that was really devastating to Jin woo who visited his father and was not believing it ,when he asked his father why he did it , “who are you” was his father’s answer and this whole thing was so hard on Jin woo ,he tried to remind his father and in difficulty Jae hyuk remembers that this was his son ,still Jin woo thought it was all due to the shock maybe .


Finally Yuna recognized the victim to be one of her class mates back in school ,she hurries to the court and finds Jin woo standing there like a soul still she didn’t know he was Seo jae hyuk son and approached him to talk , he never listened as he was watching his father being taken inside and all the protests where there to mock him and when all recognized Jin woo as his son they all hurried to him to throw eggs on him and swear at him and while attacking him they pulled his necklace out “I don’t know how much of importance is this but its kind of something going to be deep in future maybe .


still I can’t believe the way the public treated the SON of the convict ..I mean even if he was the murderer ,his son had nothing to do with it ..I really can’t understand that notion of treating any relative badly just because one of his family did this or that and if there is such thing in real life , am totally going out of this earth 😦


So my first impression on this drama is I LOVE IT and it has been so long since I was on the edge of my chair watching a drama . also to make sure you all get what a “Hyperthymesia” mean since I already know about it before even hearing about the drama ,well the ppl who were diagnosed with it are so little and even researches are so limited but its basically the same as they put in the drama , I just want to tell you that this condition has nothing to do with high IQ or being smart ,its just simply remembering every single thing they pass their eyes on .

also it was so weird to pair such two different conditions together ,Hyperthymesia and Alzheimer and I think it is brilliant and to tell you the truth Yu song hoo did a great job even if it was just the first episode ,and I think hes acting from his heart kekeeke because its really little where we find someone acts that well instead of just fixing the camera on his face and talk his lines 🙂

thank you for reading my review ^^

















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