Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep25 review


hi ..I can say that this episode was really not necessary ..since the events didn’t change that much ..

So It started when Dong soo and young dal wanted to warn Yang ha that phil sang is planning on killing him to take his place in the company and to be more careful but their concern was faced by coldness and resentment from yang ha , he told them to mind their business and his father is Mr.yoon who raised him and he have no relation with them ..the thing that made them both so sad but still they know that Yang ha is kind of believing them but hes having problem accepting them .And that was the reality because Yang ha hurried after hearing them to his office and was scared and he even took his medicine again after he stopped long time ago.


So thanks to man bong who saw a suspicious man in the company as he was there with Mrs.min to meet young dal and remembered that the man was a killer and so good with knives so they at once knew hes there for Yang ha ..and did some digging with the help of detective kook they got a photo of him but still was a bit late as young dal tried to give the photo to yang ha but he found him in the park followed by a that man ,so young dal hurried there and knocked him down and saved yang ha who was in shock and speechless . young dal gave him the photo and told him hes going to back off since yang ha don’t need them as he said .


now back to the plan that young dal prepared to Ko bok tae along with Mrs.min which is by paying all the checks of chung jin development “of bok tae” and in that case bok tae’s company will go bankrupted if they wont make a bout 60 million dollar by tomorrow . On the other hand Dong soo and man bong succeeded in capturing that man who attacked yang ha and forced him to tell them who hired him but he only knows bok tae’s  assistant and never said bok tae’s name .


So now bok tae needs money ..he had no choice but to kneel down to Mr.yoon and ask him for help but Mr.yoon refused and ignored him leaving him desperate .

Young dal did as Jung hee’s grandmother said , to bring dong soo along to have a nice evening together ..dong soo came along and paid his respect  to her and they had a nice talk all together ,young dal made a nice joke when he asked her about how was Dong soo when he was younger and she said he was more mature than his age so young dal joked by wondering why hes short tempered now then ? making all of them laugh  ..


Yang ha drank a lot and got so drunk because he was really having a hard time and then he got into Jang madam’s casino and wanted to have a game with young dal so they had to call young dal ,so he came as soon as he knew and yang ha told him that they play one game and if yang ha wins young dal have to leave Daejung and if he lose he should do whatever young dal askes him so anyways Yang ha lost in that game and was willing to do anything young dal askes him so “as I expected ” he asked him to call him “hyung” to that point yang ha gave him a sarcastic smile and then he deeply slept because he was drunk ..young dal felt so sad and left telling Jang madam to allow yang ha sleep on the couch for this night .

eeeee next day yang ha knew about what happened when Jang madam told him everything and when he came face to face in the company Yang ha obviously wanted to just ignore everything but young dal asked him if he remembers anything but yang ha never responded ..young dal’s sad eyes just looked at him and then left 😦 this made me really really sad that hes now like giving up and will never try to force anything on yang ha .


Bok tae found just one solution to what hes suffering from now and decided to sell his shares in Daejung casino and that was exactly what young dal needed , now the person whos going to buy those shares was Mrs.min and of course according to the plan so bok tae lost his mind . In all of that Yoo jun finally softened and agreed to convince her father to include Daejung casino into the Anderson group investment but this good happy news to Mr.Yoon did not last long after he heard that young dal received all the shares of bok tae and now hes the largest share holder in the company.


Finally young dal and all of his people who supported him were celebrating this success and in there young dal thanked them all and thanked Jung hee for trusting him and also expressed his love to her 🙂 but again this was spoiled when “thanks to the camera that they put into phil sang’s office” they could listen to his conversation with bok tae and the heard him telling phil sang that he will kill yang ha to make young dal suffer so at once young dal calling Dong soo and both hurried to save yang ha .


so this ending was kind of the same as in the ending of ep24 so this episode was kind of not so necessary ..still am so sad the drama is gong to end 😦 I loved it .

anyways thanx for reading my review 🙂


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