Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep 24 Review


ok lets face it …this was WAYY too sad of all Triangle episodes and I seriously cried 😦

So it started when young dal was in total danger and he was waiting infront of the entrance of the hotel waiting for Jung hee after receiving a message from her to meet ..but fortunately Yang ha discovered that both of Young dal and Jung hee were fooled and they might get killed and thanx god he told Jung hee and she hurried to save him . actually I found it really silly that someone hearing such a noise from a car and didn’t even look ..its just so logical that you look back to check ,anyways its a director fault not young dal’s 😉 .


young dal went straight to yang ha when he heard that he saved them and gave them a little scolding that he has to have a reason to justify his will to fight to protect what he is protecting now and he wishes to yang ha to have a meaning in his life better than wasting it like this ..the thing that made yang ha really teary and I think he might get back to his senses 🙂


Young dal got back home and Jung hee convinced him to spend sometime with her grandmother since she knew now that he is Dong cheol so she wanted to meet him and maybe talk more about old times so he agreed and the old lady was so happy to talk to him as Dong cheol but she mentioned something that made him a bit down , she told him to at least try to find his mother as she knew her before and she could understand why she did this , she told him that his mother was having a difficult time so she even tried to kill herself maybe he can at least understand her and not feel resentful .


Phil sang FINALLY got arrested and that was by the effort of Dong soo and his loyal men and that the man who was used by Phil sang to kill An chang bong already confessed that he ordered him ..still Mr.yoon was so calm and he didn’t want to make any move even when mr.Kim told him what happened . anyways phil sang made it and he refused to say anything since they have nothing on him but the words of that man now they ended up with nothing not even a warrant .


Mrs.min when she heard about Bok tae’s try to kill Young dal she at once ordered to seize him and bring him to her as she reached her limit about bok tae’s actions ..when they brought him they informed young dal that hes in their hands and he can take his revenge on him ,Young dl refused to do it this way and told them to release him and he will take care of what to do next Mrs.min did so just after giving him a little beating .


So here comes the really really sad part of the episode when Dong soo receives a call from that man who was the step son of his mother ,telling him that his mother actually died 😦 he was shocked by the sudden news and hurried to the funeral house to find his mother’s photo and the sad son in there ..he again blamed her for leaving them for the second time like that . Then he tells young dal about that which left Young dal extremely sorrowful because he wanted to tell her something but now shes not there also he never got the chance to tell her hes her son Dong cheol ..its really touching how young dal is crying for her when he never remembers her face either .


Mrs.min helped in making the funeral more proper and Jung hee hurried to be with young dal and she found him really desperate ,she went to him and cuddled him to at least lesson his pain and make him feel hes not alone 😦


Shin hye felt its a must that she tells yang ha about all of that and he will have this as his last chance to see his mother or at least greve her or he will fell regretfull afterwards ..he refused and said he will pretended he didn’t hear this since he never knew her but in fact at night when both Dong soo and Young dal were asleep near their mother in the funeral house ,Yang ha came along and saw his mother for the first time and actually cried for her 😦 its really really touching and also a bit weird for me since he never knew her so why ? anyways when he left Jung hee saw him but didn’t wake them up ..instead she told them the next day and she justified it in that may be Yang ha didn’t want them to see him .


Young dal now got another plan up to his sleeve and told Mrs.min to leave bok tae to him since he got another hidden card that An chang bong left to him .On the other hand Mr.Yoon knew about the investment that An chang group are making with young dal and was so angry with yang ha as usual and threatened him he will take every authority yang ha has and give it to Phil sang if he wont solve this problem putting yang ha in a difficult position again . When yang ha was face to face with young dal in the company ,young dal told him he knew he came into the funeral and he also told him not to suffer alone and put his hand with them since Mr.yoon is threatening him already and Yang ha is kind of considering every word young dal is saying 🙂


Jun ho  overheard Phil sang and that manager he likes talking and she congratulated him on his advantage that he got from Mr.yoon and then he talks about how he and bok tae are planning on getting rid of yang ha now “bok tae now knew that yang ha is the younger son of Jong goog and young dal’s brother” so at once he tells young dal and warned him which left young dal really shaking to protect his brother ..he also tells Dong soo the bad news and they will have to make a move >.< .


I CANT believe there is just 2 episodes remained >< I really really loved this drama .

thank you so much for reading my review and share your opinion with me 😉


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