Triangle Drama Review

My complains about Triangle drama End !


well I know am complaining about a drama that have been finished about a year ago and its old now !! but What ??? Yang ha what ?? so now I’m allowed to really lose my temper and start freaking out ha ?? I have been bitting the stick for 26 episodes only to get rewarded with such an ending ?

This is insane really ..I really loved it to the point that I was writing reviews about it even when no one maybe wanna read it ..but now I’m not gonna write a review to the last ep am just gonna COMPLAIN seriously ..WHY for god sake the writer wanted to drain us with all the sadness and then give us a huge blow and end it ..and even if there is no one gonna read it ,am willing to write so I lose my anger in here and let go of it seriously !!

Ok lets go one by one and know where was the wrong thing :

First : if you guys remember that An chang mong “the old man ” once told young dal that he can read fortune and told him that the hard time will end now and young dal will be happy …ok all what happened next was , yang ha was stubborn ,their mother died, Yang ha actually DIED not long after ,they never carried their revenge and instead they stopped according to the so called WILL of dying Yang ha , and finally being alone with Jung hee except for being the boss of Daejung ..which sucks really !


Second : Their mother’s death was totally pointless and meaningless , when I thought her death will bring them together at least and make yang ha more soft .You know what was wrong with the writer here ? he never wanted to let go of the stubborn attitude of yang ha just because he liked him that way and the end result was that he stuck in a circle that he never knew how to get out of it ..


Third : THE song that all of them knew and dong soo used to sing all the time ..did they forget that young dal also needed to know why THE HELL he used to sing it ?? I mean we are not fools so we forget this , what the hell was they thinking in letting this go ?? ok if not young dal ,then Yang ha also needed to at least know ..the problem is they never got the chance to immerse us in such intimate things because they took so damn long time involving us in the office and revenge things !!


forth: the corruption within DaeJung ..well this is a whole new story because young dal wanted to live a life that he will never feel shameful of and yet he agreed to be the boss in a casino was filled with corruption ..I mean someone needed to take the blame what now if Mr.yoon killed himself ,everything was ok afterwards ?? this is insane really ..


fifth : and the more disappointing for me ..MORE ANNOYING was how the hell young dal lost his memory ??? no seriously I’m not asking for too much ..according to my “humble” experience in dramas and movies all MY DAMN LIFE I don’t think making a little flash back would take more than 10 or less minutes so they can tell the curious viewers like ME what happened !! why ignoring it ..what the hall have happened to him so he lost his memory and there are still parts that he never remembered ?? why all other “lost memory characters” in all dramas regain their memos ALL OF THEM while he will be doomed like that ? this is insufferable ..

sixth : YANG HA …DIED ? no seriously it was ZERO emotional and not in the right place and left the whole drama looks like a joke , and I learned that actually Im siwan had to leave earlier so they killed him but the worst is Young dal was supposed to be killed …WTF is going on people ?? it just makes me think that the writer and the whole makers “actors doesn’t count” were happy watching us being sad for 25 damn episodes so they never got enough and decided to kill young dal !! no explanation will change my mind !! they just took advantage of the viewers and wanted a sad end ..


and again ..I have watched this drama just this year so yea am late in judging but still I have this RIGHT >< so lets just face it : they extended the drama 2 episodes and I don’t know exactly why BUT if if if it was because they never got enough time to wrap it up ..did they even start to wrap up in ep25 at least ?? NO ..its just Bok tae who was doomed there and no one else got affected so what ..they were expecting themselves to do everything in just 59 min ?? again Im siwan wanted to leave so he never got to be in ep26 ..then for god sake why they suddenly extended it and then never made a good use of the time they asked for ? they were stalling and it was fruitless ..

so in short opinion in this drama will never change ,it WAS epic but to shock me and make me freeze for minutes trying to figure out WHY THE HELL yang ha was dead is really too much and made me feel like hurt and deceived ..because the drama was so good to the point that I was emotionally involved in it at least they had to make an effort to reward us or make us feel better for all the tears we shed for 26 episodes ..also also the original story of killing young dal ..I mean seriously ? its so silly to the point I wanted to just hit my head to a rock to forget the whole drama !!

and no matter how much I will write it will never lessen my anger ..and to tell the truth I have learned one thing from this experience ..never watch a drama without knowing the ending at first that makes me against watching on-air dramas and just wait till someone tells me the ending ..cuz I’m so hurt and SAD 😦

Still one great thing about this drama is that jaejoong oppa got the top excellent award for this rule and he really made a lovable character that we all loved ^^ I’m really proud of him and actually I watched his drama “spy” before Triangle and he also did a great job ..basically he was the only one who put ALL of his focus on “young dal” ..really proud .


I hope there is someone who can feel the same way am feeling now …and thank you triangle for making me on the edge of the chair every time I watched ..but no thanx 😦




2 thoughts on “My complains about Triangle drama End !”

  1. Ahhh I loved this drama so much when it was on air. I don’t remember much about it but I do remember how much I hated that Siwons character died. Like he legit got no happiness. I do remember that they had always intended that one of the brothers would die and it was suppose to be Jaejoongs character. The only reason why the switch was because of the extension of the drama and Siwons schedule being too packed at the time. So either way somebody was always meant to die… sadly.

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