She was beautiful review

She was beautiful Ep2 review


Am really loving this drama the more I watch it and it actually makes you addicted to laugh all the time ,seriously you will never stop laughing ..

So this episode started when Hye jin was in a really dangerous situation when shes so scared her new chief might discover her “Sung joon” and she even didn’t introduce herself to him and instead run away to call her friend to solve the problem and the latter suggested she go and convince the boss in the management service to get her back into his team and leave the editing team ,but he refused since the chief editer “Kim ra ra” was actually the little sister of the company’s CEO and there is nothing more powerful than her . Hye Jin get back desperately and above all of that she discovered that Shin hyeok the weird reporter was the one who actually recommended her and transferred her in there and now she started working again and have no time to hide from her new chief ><


So when she decided to just go to work and he wont even recognize her she found him in front of her and her phobia came back and she run away and entered the elevator just to find him next to her 😀 so actually she was seeing things because shes so scared ..and that scene was so funny as the elevator even stopped working and now stuck with him in the same place ,she screams and try to get out but he feels shes so weird and stops her the services were working on opening the door she reached her ultimate level of anxiety and even stopped breathing fearing he might know her, when he saw her like that he thought she had claustrophobia and he puts his headphones in her ears and it was the same song she used with him when they were young and all her good memories came back then he leaves her when the elevator worked again .


So at that day there was a photo shooting in the studio and everyone was busy since their new chief was going to pay a visit and have a close look at the shooting and of course hye jin was new there and they just used her to do those small but tiring works , as she was busy thinking about Sung joon and never new anything about this new job some calls for water and she immediately delivered water to the models but she suddenly hears a loud shout from behind saying “wont you come out ?” and this was directed for her since she knew nothing and stepped with her shoes ..the one who shouted was of course Sung joon ..he grabbed her and took her out of the spot and scolded her ,when he knew she’s in their team he was relieved she will just be there for 3 months 😦 he was so harsh and rude cuz he was disgusted by her appearance .


At that day her first work day was really hard as even the chief editor the weird woman scolded her about her appearance and wanted her to be a little more “MOST-like” which is the name of the magazine . anyways she got back home so sad ..Sung joon at home the same night when it rained he remembered the day when he got out of the bus so scared and it was raining ,Hye jin’s hair all turned into cruelly because she was born with cruelly hair and asked him to keep it a secret that she hates rain so much ..remembering that Sung joon smiles alone .


Thinking about that he sent an email for Hye jin to ask her how shes doing as he thinks shes in London now and this added more frustration to Hye jin and what she should do now !! so her friend solved it and actually sent him an email back that shes doing fine and put a photo that she took once in London so it will be an evidence for him that shes really in London that case Sung joon wont doubt her and she will have a good work life from now on ><


Still at night hye jin dreamed about him knowing her secret and to end all of her misery she decided to resign and quit working and with all her friend’s convincing she made up her mind as she never want to break what was between her and sung joon long ago as it had a special meaning and she doesn’t want to feel like a sock with a hole since shes poor now and not pretty . On the other hand Shin hyeok wont stop trolling her and hes so weird with her ..and to be honest hes so smart as he can figure out everything going around him and hes so oriented XD I love his character .


And here comes the most embarrassing moment ..when the deputy chief “Sung joon” decided on the same day to make the first plenary meeting with all of the team and hye jin was there to fill the logs of the meeting as she’s part of the team and she still didn’t tell them shes quitting the job this day . So the sweet cool guy Sung joon who everybody there though he is cool was actually so cold and punctuate and hated mistakes at work ,He actually have a small sand watch that counts only 3 mins and allows each one to give their opinion on new ideas in 3 mins and still he never agreed on anything and scolded every body and above all of that asked Hye jin for her opinion which she was not prepared for and ended up fired out of the meeting 😦 it felt like a very strict teacher in a high school really .


And if that all was not enough to add to her hectic day ..when she was out side trying to bring a box or something she pumped into Sung joong again and this time stumbled and feel so he catch her ..then dropped her on the ground and made fun of her even physical ability she was fed up with all of his bad treatment to her and decided to face him but to her astonishment the guy was so clumsy and can’t focus on 2 things in the same time and as he was using his ipad he blew into doors and things .Anyways she faced him and asked him why he can’t accept her and he answered her what she really never wanted to know ..he said that he hates her attitude and ignorance and above all of that her name is Hye jin which is the name of the person that means a lot to him , the thing that left her so sad and shocked ..and then he told her to just quit and he will be happy to fire her .


So when she hears him telling her he will throw her away anytime , she immediately runs to the management team and tears the resignation letter and decided to challenge him and stay there . Now finally we knew why Sung joon came back to korea as he was talking with the chief editor and told her not to tell the team that the magazine will be discontinued in 3 months and if they wont make it successful in 3 months the team will be disbanded so he will push them more so they can bring the best ideas and make it successful .


Finally at the hotel where Ha ri works , Sung joon was passing there for something and when he drives away ,he sees Ha ri but he thinks she’s Hye jin and he was surprised shes in Seoul so he immediately pulls over and grabs her hand ..Ha ri just got super shocked in this scary situation ..OMG …


I hope you liked my review 🙂 share your opinion with me .


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