Triangle Ep23 review


hi …this episode and am telling you was so sad to watch ,because from my opinion ..young dal and Yang ha were fighting even after they both now know that they are brothers . Well I don’t blame young dal but OF COURSE Yang ha really crossed the line 😦

So the episode starts when young dal hurried to the hospital after hearing the bad news of An chang bong being involved in a car accident and there he also knew that his situation is really dangerous and they should be preparing for the worst ..Dong soo at once started to search to know who did this and young dal already felt that the whole thing was intentional.young dal was so sad since he developed a bit of a relation with the old man and that he helped him so much till now. Young dal made up his mind that he will never forgive both Mr.yoon and Yang ha and even if he was his brother ..he have to make a move and stop him and make him pay ,even with all Dong soo’s convincing ,young dal was insisting on this .


Yang ha now knows everything about the new collabraton Young dal was intending to do with An chang group but still can’t do anything about it ..Mr.Yoon used Phil sang to do the job of getting rid of An chang bong so in return they can get rid of Young dal ,but the problem is Mr.yoon didn’t trust in Yang ha to do anything since he think that Yang ha might waver and never do it XD anyways young dal enters Yang ha’s office ,finds Mr.Bae there and bomb him with a little threat since he stabbed them in the back ..his attach stopped by Yang ha who was looking down on young dal and asked Bae manager to leave them ..young dal made himself clear in that he will not leave DaeJung casino before he make them pay what they did ,even when yang ha told him that soon the shareholders will make a meeting to throw him away . When Young dal went out ..the tough evil face of Yang ha disappeared and there was a sad confused face hiding behind the mask 😦


Yang ha was so nervous and anxious about the deal between Han chang group and Young dal so he tried to talk to that person from Lucky casino but he failed since they already intended on investing with young dal ..so desperately Yang ha bought a present for Yoo jin “cosmetics XD ” and met with her and like usual she made fun of him and when he brought up the topic of the investment she refused to say anything but to tell him that she is already in talks with young dal about it ..the thing that left him totally shocked .


Young dal pumped into Phil sang ..and knowing that young dal is under pressure because of the recent events and above all of that he might get thrown out ,Phil sang provoked him still young dal endured and left only to be called again by phil sang to make a comment about his choise of words since he was speaking informally and when young dal answered him by telling him that was even too much for him ,phil sang grasped him and called him a thug ..which left young dal no choice but to give him a hard fist on his face . well I know he might gone so far but I WAS SO HAPPY 🙂


Dong soo being more than concerned about Young dal and worried if he won’t control himself , made a step forward and met up with Jung hee since she was the girl that he loves so he might listen to her and Dong soo told her to look after him and maybe somehow calm him down..anyways when Jung hee knew that they have lived once in the mines’ houses long ago she suddenly remembers the photo and asked Dong soo and he immediately knew that the little kid was Dong Chul 🙂 so Jung hee asked young dal to meet her and she first told him how his brother feel and his wish to lesson his anger and then finally told him that she was his first love ^^


Mr.yoon was so desperate to make young dal leave the company and stop both of him and his brother ,made a luxurious meal and invited Shin hye since she was also his psychologist and because she was close to both brothers he told her to stop them and he will not hurt Yang ha ..actually he USED Yang ha to threaten them >< shin hye’s answer was that he had a really serious sickness and selfishness that he will even go to illegal ways to have what he wants and that she will never stop there and watch Yang ha being hurt by him .


Something really really annoyed me is what Manager Bae was thinking now after what phil sang said to him ..well he called him and told him that taking sides with Yang ha will get him no where since Yang ha will lose everything ..when Manager Bae walked out he was already thinking that up and he might betray Yang ha ..although I don’t really like Yang ha ,but this is insufferable .

Yang ha talking with his father about how he will make meeting with the shareholders and kick Young dal out but his father laughed at him and told him that this wont work and he have to find out why ? also Mr.yoon will take care of young dal 😦 thats scary to be honest .


So the reason was because of chang bong’s will ,he left all his stocks in DaeJung casino into Young dal ..the lawyer of the elder came along and told young dal about it and in the same time Yang ha knew the same thing so removing young dal this way will never work . the lawyer said that the man wanted young dal to give back what he took to the society ^^ young dal at once remembered what he told the man in prison that his greed caused him all of that . Anyways Yang ha is a bit preoccupied by the decision of his father in leaving the job to phil sang to remove young dal from the company .


Ko bok tae gone really crazy and caused all the people who are in contact with young dal to be in trouble so all the pawn shop ,Jang madam’s casino and Mr.Min office all being seized and searched and they all were in the police station being investigated ..detective Kook told Young dal that this was all because of Bok tae and he will just investigate them and release them .On the other hand Yang ha being threatenened by Phil sang that his father still don’t know about the investment young dal is making and he should stop it before his father knows >< EVIL ..


Now phil sang is planning everything to get rid of young dal and accidentally yang ha passes by and overheard phil sang talking to Bok tae’s man and obviously he will use him , he planned that they use Jung hee to get young dal and then get rid of both of them , hearing that Yang ha was shocked and of course he will not go this far in getting rid of young dal .


Dong soo now discovered that Phil sang was behind the accident of An chang and told young dal about it “and I don’t understand why he told him since he was afraid of his actions and recklessness ..that was really stupid” anyways knowing that young dal went right into phil sang and gave him a good beating until he was stopped by his fellows still phil sang disowned that and left .


What were they planning is that they also cause an accident to young dal so as he was waiting to meet Jung hee at the hotel entrance ,bok tae’s man was waiting there to kill him actually ..yang ha finally thought of it and went to Jung he to know where Young dal is so he maybe ..save him ??? I dont really know >< so the episode ended by that young dal is in total danger 😦



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