She was beautiful review

She was beautiful Ep1 Review


So ..My drama time was really hectic the last few months and I couldn’t watch much dramas ..But hearing so much good things about this drama made me really excited so I decided to watch it ..Although I really feel preocupide with dramas that go so Bomb like ..but I can tell U for a fact that this drma earned my love from the first episode ,I can’t assure you that it will be so good till the end but the first impression was so cool

Ok so it just starts when that strange unknown person putting together a puzzle pieces alone and the last piece was missing .on the other side a woman was looking to few messages that are so old and sent to her with some funny childish drawings .


Now there was that flashy luxurious birthday of a really hot girl surrounded by men all want to be her boyfriend so they all brought her expensive presents ,but she was waiting for this friend that she really like. well that friend was actually working a part time job in a bar and suddenly leaves to attend the party .The girl was so UGLY XD lets just believe so ..cuz in reality if she just straighten her hair ,there will be nothing with her till now we don’t know why this girl is so UGLY keke anyways she came in and gave her friend a present and all the men were disgusted by her or annoyed by her presence . Toward the end of the party the cute Bday girl stumbled and fell into the pool and all ..LIKE ALL men there jumped to save her ,when her friend noticed that , she at once jumped and got all wet but no one even noticed her presence and she was aware of them all not noticing .


So now we know both girls live together and we can see the difference between them in everything even in the way they eat and sleep ..well Min ha Ri was the cute “extremely awkwardly skinny” and Kim hye jin the clumsy and ugly or somehow fashion zero girl !! well to tell the truth I really liked the funny scenes all over the drama ..well the elevator scene was so cool and fair !! she got in , saw a very nice girl inside that even one guy was flirting with and when the elevator reaches the max no. of ppl they kicked Hye jin out XD but later someone got that hot girl “who got in last” and asks Hye jin to go inside again XD anyways she was in her way for a job meeting and she SUCKS she is so concentrated at the job rather than anything personal and to some extent she is kind of a fool that she never noticed her University was not so well known and they were actually laughing at her because of that.


Same day she received an E-mail from someone and when she checked it she found out that the sender was her childhood friend “Seong joon” and her first love, he was the same guy who we saw at the beginning putting the puzzle together ..he was coming to Korea back from USA to meet her so she was so happy and she will get to see him next day . Next day in an Art gallery a cool guy arrived and there was this same puzzle photo on the wall and he made a little comment about it to the guide , same time another guy “SIWON OPPA 🙂 ” came in to cover that exhibition from a magazine called “MOST” well here we can see the fate of all the 3 being tied together ^^ Since that cool guy “Seong joon ” walked right behind the car that Hye jin was in .

UntitledSo at night they were going to meet and he even called her to find her in the park they were in ..waving to her that he found her and came along , made her heart skip a beat and she got all the memories of her first love back ..just to be right next to her ,Seong Joon passed her like he never saw her and approached another girl who he though was her, cuz that girl was super cool and hot !! It appeared lated that she forgot that she was So popular back in school and so cute till the time her life was changed and became poor and ended up ugly like that . XD recalling all that Hye jin fled the place and hid away so he wont see her .


So as she decided not to spoil her first love “although I think this is silly and it has nothing to do with appearance but still ..” So she got back and met her friend all teary and sad ,even with all Ha Ri’s convincing ,she never changed her mind ..till she thought of an idea ,sending her friend as herself since he can’t predict her face now . When he saw her ,thinking she is Hye jin ..gave her a hug and told her how much he missed her ,both being watched by Hye jin with sad eyes recalling how she met him when he was her neighbor and one day she saw him putting together that puzzle pieces and both talked about it and called that little piece “that is missing now” peeping girl .


At the restaurant with her friend was so FUNNY cuz she was actually sitting behind them to make sure her friend follow the plan so in general they made up a story on what is she doing now which is studying..just so perfect until her friend spilled something she never got to say which is “what about your mother? ” and actually his mother was dead long ago ..the scene was so funny on how chaotic Hye jin was to point that out for her :v


Later on that date another thing Hae Ri didn’t know about ..something he brought up ,which is the puzzle thing and the peeping girl !! Ha Ri panicked because she didn’t know what to say but Hye jin saved her by writing the “peeping girl” on a paper and show her . Anyways he said sweet things about how he appreciated her presence and support for him when he was young and lonely so now he intended to find her again and be with her . Still his wish came true but for a short time since the girls decided to tell him that she is leaving aboard to study ..hearing this he was frustrated ,hurried to buy her a good bye present and gave her a hug and left 😦

nnn So at home she opens the present and it was an umbrella ..alone she again remembers some of their memories together and it was when he once panicked and wanted to get out of the bus suddenly in a rainy day back from school ..afterwards when he was so scared and calling his mother in a scared voice Hye jin came along with him and covered both of them with a shirt and put her headphone on him to listen with her to a specific song and told him she will be his umbrella .

later the kid leaving to the USA gave her that piece of puzzle and left ,only to comeback at once to kiss her they even kissed when they were kids 🙂


Finally Hye jin decided to leave her past and deleted all the messages with her first love and the next day she was informed that she was accepted to work as an intern in that company she applied to..she went in her first day so optimistic but when she was about to enter the company ..”shin hyuk” bent down to pick up his gum and she fell on the ground stumbling by him >< it was so funny how she thought that the gum was her tooth and he even made fun of her we know that Shin hyuk is a weird strange guy .

nnnOn her first day ..well lets say it was really hectic ,she was sent by her boss to deliver a box into the editing of MOST magazine branch of the company and there it was HEAVEN where everything is so flashy and colorful ..anyways everybody mistaken her with the new intern they were waiting for to help in the editing and revising and even gave her many work mistakenly ..but brilliantly she did them all perfectly so the next day she was transfered to that part of the company she was so upset and talking to her friend on the phone a strange woman walked in and she was super hyper and FASHIONABLE and in the same moment that woman introduced their new magazine chief who came from the USA ..and he is Seoung Joon in the flesh ..which left her in a huge surprise .


So am super excited for the next episode ^^ thanx for reading my review and share your opinion with me if you like 🙂


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