Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep22 review


HI …well only the beginning of this episode was really good and you know ..since Yang ha now finally aware of who he was ..its just the whole episode just concentrated on one thing !!

So now Yang ha was seriously shocked ..and wanted to at least make sure of what he just heard asked Mr.Kim to explain his adoption or who were his parents but Mr.Kim just refused to tell him so Yang ha spilled it out and told him that he actually knows everything now , still defended Mr.Yoon by telling him he never knew , Yang ha was totally broken and burst into tears all over . On the other side Young dal was so depressed and sad now ..because he put his brother in that investigation thing and above all of that Yang ha now knows everything 😦


Jung hee thanks god was there to at least lessen Young dal’s sadness ..she came alone with him and asked him to tell her what is hurting him ..she told her that Yang ha is actually his dongsang and now he is putting him under arrest !! he was totally lost on how to reverse that and stop what will happen .


Dong soo suggested that young dal should meet with An Chang Bong and try to solve this problem ,that somehow he can stop the investigation so young dal did .and told Chang bong everything and he will try to do something ,young dal have changed alot ^^ as I see even his personality is kind of changed “although it was a huge difference of the young dal we know ” but that means he matured and now he even looks like he have a heavy weight on his shoulders .

Yang ha talking with shin hye and she tried to convince him that those were actually his brothers and he should at least feel in them but he never accepted the fact and even told her that they mean nothing to him since he never knew them for 20 years now ..and they had no right to comeback to his life again 😦 that was so hard to hear 😦


In Yang ha’s final meeting with  Phil sang he told him to take care of the company and his father and never think of any scheme while he is gone ..that made phil sang angry at once and was offended ,that means that yang ha already knows everything about what Phil sang is thinking and that he is delusional about taking over the company . Anyways Yang ha told him to be careful of young dal 😦 that really made me sad because even after he knew about his brothers he still do that ..although its hard for him to acknowledged that but still ..

Bok tae on his side got rid of all the documents that might put him in danger and decided to strike seriously and put an end to Hoe Young dal !!


The prosecutors were already there in the company to take Yang ha he was leaving with them young dal stopped him and tried to convince him that Mr.Yoon actually is using him and his real father is actually the man who was killed by Mr.Yoon ..but yang ha never listened and even didn’t want him to call him by his name “Dong woo” and left the broken Young dal alone who called him many times by his real name out of sadness . Young dal got nothing but to weep for himself alone 😦


Anyways I really loved that short fire like meeting between Mr.Yoon and dong soo ..when Dong soo was asking him what he will do to save Yang ha ,Mr.Yoon was so cold and told him he will continue with his schedule and that Dong soo’s relation with Yang ha doesn’t mean anything to him ..Dong soo have no idea what should he do next but to wait for young dal’s move !! so finally managed to convince that man to keep silent and pull the case off finally yang ha is save now !


Now that danger is gone for good !! Young dal was so exhausted and even called Jung hee to be with her in this time ..they both were together and he told her his story with Dong woo long ago when he thought those men were taking him aways from him . on the other hand Bok tae was trying to get rid of him so told his men to attack him so they came along to where he was and threatened him but since young dal was super mad he did fight them and knocked every single one of them :v it was kinda funny that all Mrs.Min’s men that she prepared to take those men down couldn’t make it to the site where he knocked those guys in XD and he was totally relived afterwards .


On that night Young dal got back to his room in jung hee’s house and slept there and in the morning was being called by her younger brother by “brother in law” and young dal was so happy to hear it and even gave that little cute brother some money ..also young dal again got to eat with them in the morning ..jung hee prepared food for him and the grandmother was so happy for him being successful she was satisfied with him that she even allowed their relation 🙂


Yoo jin now moving on with her plan in dealing with young dal …called him up and introduced him to a director from Lucky casino and they were recently in talks with “Anderson group” the ones that were about to buy shares in DaeJung company but backed off at the last minute ..So the group with Han chang group are investing about 10 trillion won but under one condition ,that they need a casino to provide them with foreign costumers , so in that case they need to make a deal with Young dal 🙂


Yang ha finally is out now and was saved by young dal and An chang bong ..shin hye was there to greet him and also told him that Dong soo just wants to talk to him so he met up with him and the conversation really turned so emotional as Dong soo was like scolding him ..he told him that they will not interfere with his path if he doesn’t want to be with them but he should not forget the fact that his father was Jang jung gook and he shouldn’t be like Mr.Yoon and never think that money is everything . Yang ha listened with no word and looked like he was a bit effected and moved by dong Soo’s words .


Mr.Yoon welcomed Yang ha and even hugged him “of course because he did this to save his father >< ” but in that moment Yang ha was overthinking what Dong soo told him earlier and obviously was confused ..later they discussed what to do next and Mr.yoon told him that he will take care of both young dal and An Chang bong .

Bok tae now relieved and heard the news of stopping the investigations ..ah am really annoyed and worried on when there will be an end to Bok tae and Mr.yoon 😦


When young dal was celebrating with his friend about the new project and the deal with An chang group ..Dong soo called him and he was a bit drunk when he started talking about their lives and even was sobbing and feeling guilty towards his brothers ..specially young dal ..he kept on crying and even missed his father at that moment..Young dal tried to reduce his pain but there was no use since older brothers always feel that way specially if their lives was that hectic.Also Yang ha was thinking about everything and drinking alone ..all 3 brothers were somehow suffering ,each in a different way 😦


Finally..Yang ha now is back to the company and now as a CEO ,being welcomed by his crew ,only one problem stood there and it was “Hoe young dal” even when he knew that young dal is his brother now hes still indifferent and was ok with what his father told him last time that he will end up both young dal and An chang bong .So at that time he received a call from his father telling him that he took care of An chang bong while Young dal was shocked to hear that and hurried at once to the hospital because the old man was in a car accident ..well I can see that yang ha can’t really be that extreme evil like Mr.yoon since he also felt shocked and saw young dal rushing outside .


So ..I have mixed feelings now and can’t wait till the next episode XD

thanx for visiting my “still new” site and I hope u liked my review 🙂 here is a bonus




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