Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep21 review


Hi :)) ok I really don’t want this drama to end :v still I miss young dal’s bad boy image ..

So this episode starts when Young dal now knew whos yang ha is ..he was shocked and unable to believe and even when he listened to all Dong soo’s explanations and that they should leave him alone now and stop the revenge ,young dal was so angry and didn’t accept that fact that he should stop his revenge !! he told dong soo that Yang ha now is not their brother Dong woo .

But in reality ,Young dal was so sad and broken that he left Dong soo but started to cry alone remembering the time he last saw Dong woo in the orphanage 😦


Yang ha now got back to his senses and decided to ask his father for a new chance , he came to the company and apologized and decided to even marry Yoo jin ,his father gave him one last chance warning him that if he will be in his way ..he will also throw him away . Yang ha promised to do his best in fighting both young dal and dong soo out of his way. So later on Yang ha met with yoo jin and wanted to make up and apologize but she made it difficult by asking him to impress her more .


Now we just have to know that both Bok tae and Phil sang are seriously working together , bok tae was asking him about what to do next and Phil sang was more that sure that pushing Yang ha to the edge while hes in this state now could really end him since he looks strong on the out side but hes actually weak and scared because of the fact that he had a mental illness “as phil think so” and his toughness is just a defense that he developed rather than being tough himself .


Young dal now is really depressed and in a bad shape ..he kept on recalling all the bad encounters with Yang ha and now feeling more mad because he thought he can finally win against Mr.Yoon and his son,Yang ha called young dal at night while both were drinking alone ,young dal avoided him and didn’t wanna meet him on the opposite of what yang ha thought ..Young dal actually was talking in a calm way and was like giving up, the thing that left Yang ha really puzzled !!


Phil sang was planing something bigger , he decided to meet up with dong soo asking him to make a deal with him ,although Dong soo was preoccupied by his offer but he was considering it !! Phil sang offered to help him with his revenge if Dong soo will help him throw Mr.Yoon away since Phil sang wants to take over the company so he offered Dong soo to give him infos and papers that will get Mr.Yoon arrested . Dong soo was discussing this with shin hye and she told him to be careful since Yang ha might be affected also ..and in that moment Yang ha called and told her that he is the CEO of DaeJung now !! both were left shocked as they thought he left the company .


Young dal and Yang ha now met up face to face in the company and Young dal knows that Yang ha is the CEO now !! Yang ha was bluffing and told him that thinking a father can leave his son was just childish and that hes the only son and heir for Mr.Yoon ..that thing made young dal even more sad and pushed him to confront yang ha and tell him that hes being used by Mr.Yoon and he should really think about it ..Yang ha was left there wondering what that might mean .


Jung hee , after confronting Phil sang now she never gave up on coming back to work and ignoring the dismissal notice , Phil sang for sure have a reason for changing his mind now and allowing her to come even with the notice till the company will change its mind and keep her employed so she was told to do so . After what happened and Yang ha became the CEO of the company Jung hee was back as a dealer there and allowed to stay . Yang ha wanted to tell her and apologize to her for the hard time he gave her and that he will stop his feelings to her but still his feelings toward Young dal are unchangeable and he wont stop his fight with him . made that confession and left Jung hee frustrated and of course depressed about that .


So later as Jung hee wanted to meet with Young dal and at least go for a date since they were so apart and busy , young dal couldn’t do it earlier since he was so depressed but this time Jung hee even made a joke that she might forget his face so he made up time for her and they actually went hiking together is a cute date and after they had a really nice time Jung hee dared to talk about Yang ha with him ..she told him that Yang ha once told her his story and that hes so lonely and so pitiful to be fought by Young dal ..I think she did this as long as she can’t now stop yang ha ..anyways young dal listened to her to the end and just told her that his relation with yang ha is more complex than what she thinks ..and more deep also .


Mrs.Min was in the private casino of Jang madam and I think she got addicted on gambling since her last big game with Myung jae XD anyways she found accidentally a guy who once stole her money and never gave them back called “Gang sun tae” so she grabbed him and threatened to call the police on him he had one condition to give her her money back and that was to meet up with an executive she know who works with DaeJung casino and obviously he had something to do with Mr.Yoon . So she had no choice but to call young dal and ask him ,he agreed and when he met up with him the guy wanted to talk face to face with Mr.Yoon to give him money or else he will give important infos about the corruption in DaeJung casino and names of people he lobbied with in the name of Mr.Yoon and this might put Mr.yoon in danger so young dal was more than happy about this opportunity that knocked his door finally 🙂


Now young dal’s plan is to expose those secret funds and infos about Mr.Yoon and throw him in prison and he even talked to An chang bong about it to help him in preventing the inner interferes with the capturing of Mr.Yoon.

also in this way young dal wanted to take down Bok tae because once Mr.yoon wanted Bok tae to kill that man but he lost him so now that man is back to reveal even Bok tae’s money launderings ..and now they spread a word to Mr.Bae the manager so he will in return tell both Mr.yoon and Yang ha about that and feel the fear and the danger and in that young dal was trying to make them feel the pain he felt all these years !! now am so happy that maybe finally Mr.Yoon gonna taste the pain and go for real …


bok tae heard the news and was extremely scared and immediately decided to meet with Mr.Yoon ..and he thought that Mr.Yoon will have a way to get them both out of this trouble ..instead Mr.Yoon blamed him because he was supposed to take him down long ago and in that moment both started to blame each others and Bok tae even threatened him that he will open his mouth also if that’s the case and Mr.Yoon wont help him ..still Mr.Yoon never cared and asked him to leave and care for himself alone .


So Mr.Yoon’s idea to protect himself wad so selfish as we know him of course !! lately he knew that yang ha is actually Jang jung wok’s son since secretory Kim told him already about that and asked for forgiveness !! instead of being angry and feel lost ,Mr.Yoon was happy about the news and assigned Yang ha to be the CEO so since dong soo knows about the reality of Yang ha they will not be able to strike him since they have to go through their brother Dong woo 😦 evil evil !!

now he called his son and asked him to this for his sake which is going to the prosecution instead of him ..he really manipulated him and made it to the point that he put his son in danger which means he doesn’t care at all about him but still yang ha agreed so he can gain his father’s trust and never be thrown away anymore 😦


Shin hye knew from Yang ha that he is actually going to the investigation instead of his father so she hurried to tell both Dong soo and Young dal and they both now felt shocked and outta choices on how they would stop all of this ..young dal felt really miserable and he called yang ha to at least get him back into his senses !! yang ha thought young dal now have won everything but instead young dal was even crying and so sad that he will be in this chaos !! Yang ha felt pity at young dal and left but before he leave young dal couldn’t hold it anymore and actually told him that they are brothers and told him his real name !! T__T finally ..


AHHH again I miss the badass Young dal 😀 and am happy finally yang ha knew the truth but am not so positive about his reaction since his case is different from theirs and somehow he had a family before unlike both of them .

thank u for reading my review I hope u liked it 🙂


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