Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep20 review


Hello ..well triangle will never disappoint me and as always this episode was another epic one ..

So it started when both young dal and yang ha were on the verge of physically fighting and witnessed by Dong soo when he arrived ..anyways young dal pulled off because he humiliated yang ha by telling him that he should act like the heir of the company and should also stop . yang ha also warned him that he will get hurt because he played with him . Dong soo was there because he was worried about Young dal from myung jae’s gang but in fact he was there for yang ha since he knew the reality now .


Now myung jae was allowed to the VIP room in DaeJung casino but under one condition and it was what young dal planning , that myung jae should agree to play with other players who reserved before him , and that would be Mrs.Min of course and also young dal convinced him that the max betting if he is alone would be $30K while if he is with other players the max will be unlimited that worked for Myung jae.

dong soo waited to talk to young dal ..and what he wanted was that he asked young dal to just forget about the past and move on and live with his loved one ..dong soo was trying to convince him so that he wont be hurt or fight again with young dal , and also I think because dong soo gave up on telling young dal nor Yang ha the truth since that secretary told him to forget about that ..anyways young dal never listened and was insisting on carrying on with his plans ,the thing that made dong soo more sad and down.


Yang ha was being scolded so hard by his father for upsetting Yoo jin ..his father was pressuring him with leaving jung hee and apologizing to Yoo Jin but he refused and that made Mr.Yoon so angry to the point that he slapped him and when he warned him that he will throw jung hee out he replied by telling him that he will get out of Daejung also if he does so that point Mr.Yoon decided to throw him away and fired him out . now things have got hectic to yang ha >.<


Myung jae now will start playing in the VIP and of course this mean the start of the war for young dal and his people ..when he entered into the room jung hee was one of the dealers that was assigned to play there and she froze for a bit seeing him because of what happened lately but still had to play the moment Mrs.Min entered and now he knew his opponent and when they wanted to start Mrs.min put a deal with myung jae that the loser will have to do what the winner wants and as for Mrs.Min she wanted him to take back his gange and leave if he loses while he wanted her to not stand in his way protecting young dal which means she gives up young dal ..but she accepted the deal and it was started .


Yang ha , was drinking alone and feeling miserable because of what happened and also feeling depressed that his father might even denude the adoption ..Yoo Jin arrived and instead of conciliating him she made it clear that she did it on purpose so that he stop dating Oh jung hee and accusing him that he did hurt her dignity and that he insulted her with dating such a dealer ..Yang ha was annoyed of her words and asked her to leave .


On the other side the game between Myung jae and Mrs.Min started and at first Myung jae was literary losing and he kept lending money from Jang Soo’s father and then he hurried to call Bok tae to lend him money , the latter was so mad because it was a waste and he wants him to just get rid of young dal while he convinced him to allow him carry on the game so he win Bok tae wired him 3 million dollars believing he will win against young dal in it ..Myung jae bet the whole amount in one bet , the thing that left Mrs.Min so confused and worried but after she asked young dal ..he agreed on calling that amount .


So in that turn which will decide the winner …Myung jae bet on banker and Mrs.min on player and they looked at their cards , unfortunately Mrs.min got nothing and ALSO Myung jae got zero so they received the final card that will end this , when Mrs.min got no2 now Myung jae and to his face got nothing and finally the game finished and young dal won ko bok tae got the call the he didn’t want to receive and heard the bad news , that he lost both to young dal and Mrs.min plus myung jae will pull off 🙂 myung jae after all and we never expected him to be that honest in this , he pulled off so calmly and promised he will never get in young dal’s way anymore .


Dong soo now made sure that Yang ha is actually Dong woo and was filled with worries about what will happen next and even shin hye was there to support him and tell him that the fight between Young dal and Yang ha should really stop now . Also Dong soo was worried that yang ha is happier now and didn’t wanna ruin his life but shin hye told him that yang ha never been raised as Mr.yoon’s son but as the company heir and he might get abandoned  at any min . On the other hand yang ha was seriously hurt and scared because now he threw everything for Jung hee’s sake ..went to her house place and was drunk in the middle of the night and told her not to also leave him alone because he is now left with nothing ..Jung hee of course didn’t know what was he talking about .


Oh jung hee was informed on the next day that she was fired and she was so astonished since she did nothing wrong , also Young dal heard the news of Yang ha quitting the company but his celebration didn’t end up when he heard that Jung hee was fired so he hurried to know why and asked Phil sang about it ,the latter was so rude and didn’t explain it since it was the chairman’s orders !


Yang ha now is becoming more depressed as hes fearing he will be abandoned and that his father might denude the adoption so he went into a depression state and even stopped his will to fight young dal , Mr.Bae found him lying in his room after drinking so much ,now shin hye being told by that yang ha tried to kill himself when he was young so he might do the same now so she told Dong soo about it so they figure out what to do .

While Jung hee bravely asked mr.Phil sang about the reason she is being fired for and he told her that he can make any reason and also the chairman did this according to her relation with yang ha which is ridiculous , she again told him that there was nothing between them and if they were going to fire her like this she will make a lawsuit against them (I LOVE her braveness and seriously she is not like other lead females in dramas ) .


Now young dal and Yang ha met face to face in the company and both were reaching their highest levels of hate and rage against each others , young dal accused yang ha that he involved Jung hee with him and that her dream was to be a dealer ..while yang ha told him that he was interested in Jung hee because he couldn’t get it how a trash like Young dal being loved by Jung hee and why she cares for him , the thing that made Young dal really mad and punched him in the face and knocked him down twice ..and that was when Jung hee arrived and stopped them , she told young dal not to feel bad since she wont give up and ang ha to stop hurting himself because of her . well she obviously didn’t want them to be hurt because of her and to stop fighting .


At that night Jung hee returned home and she was drunk a bit and she had all right after all she went through ..finally Young dal calls her and decided to meet her ..when she went to see him they said nothing since both needed each others , both  hugged ..and finally kissed 🙂


finally ..the thing we all were waiting for ..that Young dal now should know about yang ha . Dong soo went to see young dal and when young dal was all happy by kicking out Myung jae and young dal and that soon his dream will come true and get rid of Mr.Yoon and live happily with Jung hee after finding Dong woo , Dong soo finally spilled it out and told him that yang ha actually his brother ..Young dal was shocked , of course he will because yang ha is his biggest enemy 😦


I have nothing to say but EXCITED ^^ see u next time ..leave me comments about what u think and thanx for reading 🙂


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