Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep19 Review


Hello again ^^ well I hope u all felt the same as me …is that YOUNG DAL IS NOT HAVING SO MUCH SCREEN TIME 🙂 compared to the previous episodes ..also I miss the old young dal , the one with jeans and Tshirts , still young dal with a suit is SO HOT 🙂 kekee just wanted to say that .

Ok the episode starts when Shin hye told Dong soo that Dong woo is actually Yang ha and as I was really wondering all this time on how she found out ..well she made some digging and was told that Jung hee’s father ” Oh Sang chun” was a close friend to Dong soo’s father and knows him well so she went to Jung hee’s grandmother to ask her all about the 3 brothers and if she knew the whereabouts of Dong woo and who adopted him , The grandmother remembered some of the events and even recall that dong woo was maybe adopted by Mr.Yoon but she doesn’t know if the news were true at that time ..she gave Shin hye a photo of both Jung hee’s father and Dong soo’s father along with both little Jung hee and little young dal 🙂 and also knew that Young dal and the little girl were used to be so close and play together all the time 🙂 ommg it was a destiny .

In all of that Dong soo still doesnt want to believe that and he will also make more investigations so he can know for sure if Yang ha is his brother or not .


Young dal now knew that the directer” Mr.Bae ” was actually betraying them and he decided to decieve him instead and make him think they still trust him so he asked him to find a dealer in lucky casino which is in seoul “he used to work there before working in Daejung casino” so young dal can make a deal with that person and know from him how they can keep their Chinese costumers since Yang ha already solved the problem of attracting chinese costumers So now Yang ha and Mr.Bae thought that young dal still trust Mr.Bae .

Mr.Yoon was talking to Bok tae and pressuring him because till now he is still not able to get rid of Young dal nor Dong soo and making fun of him by telling him that he already lost the look in his eyes and hes not the Bok tae that he knows long time ago . Hearing that Bok tae immediately called Myung jae and gave him one last chance to do the job so the latter decided to call his own gang to come to sabuk and he might start a war in there ..Mrs.Min knew that and warned Young dal to leave sabum till she finishes Bok tae but he refused and decided to stay .


Now the meeting we were waiting for in this episode ..well Jung hee pumped into Yang ha in the company and he wanted to invite her into a date but she refused since that day was the memorial of her father and as they were talking Young dal was passing and saw them together as usual ..Jung hee this time was obviously tired of this ignoring game they are doing and turned her face to him and maybe wanted to finally talk to him but young dal just left without caring ..Yang ha watched her eyes following young dal and knew shes still in love with him of course !!


As we knew in the previous episode that Young dal was meeting with the daughter of Han chang group chairman’s daughter  “Song Yoo jin ” now finally young dal made a move to tell her exactly what he wants and what was he planning to do so he win against Yang ha .. he told her that he will welcome Han chang group and will be willing to deal with them since they need foreign costumers , well I guess in that he means she will make the deal happen and in that case Myung un soong company might pull back from Daejung casino and spoil the whole thing for Yang ha .


Dong soo having a drink with his brother 🙂 knew about Myung jae’s next move which is bringing his gang into sabuk so he was so agitated because he knows young dal might be also in danger but young dal had a different plan and he will solve this problem ..well as expected from the smart brother young dal . Afterwards Dong soo handed him a photo when he was a child along with his father and Junghee and her father “that photo was given to him through shin hye ” told him that the little girl was his friend and he used to play with her all the time and pretend to be married :)) omg now both young dal and jung hee knows about that childhood thing but none of them knows that they were those couples back then >< ahh if just Shin hye say something ….she knows about thiiiiis XD

Again Young dal blaming himself for not finding Dong woo and because he couldn’t save him back then but Dong soo told him that he himself have the largest share of guilt in this . As for me I think none of them should be blamed because they were too damn young and it was not their responsibility 😦


So now according to young dal’s plan , he wanted Myung jae to lose all his money in sabuk in stead of fighting with him So as myung jae was gambling in the private casino Young dal used Jang soo and Jerry to convince Jang madam to use “black” with the dealer he was gambling with “its like cheating to make the house always win while he is betting on the player” so she agreed and he kept on losing so he lost his mind , along with some provoking by Man bong ,Myung jae turned so angry and this all fits in Young dal’s plan by dragging him into the VIP in Daejung casino he left the private casino and again deceived by Jang soo’s father to lend him money so he gamble again and get back what he lost !! now everything is working so well for young dal 🙂


Jung hee was looking at the photo her grandmother gave her the last time and smiling to it and when Jun ho passed by he saw the photo and even asked her who the boy was and she told him that even when she don’t remember she thinks the baby boy was her first love ..anyways at the same time Young dal was also staring at the photo he had from dong soo and was feeling happy seeing it , he gets out of his office and forgot the photo ..and when Jun ho passed to give him some papers he saw the photo and now of course he knows that Jung hee knew young dal when they were young 😀 omg I think he will be the angle who will spill it OUT 🙂

Anyways 🙂 dear Jerry was there and talked to jung hee and he mentioned Young dal , when jung hee was unready to talk about it Jerry told her that young dal did this to protect her and he didn’t mean to be bad to her 🙂 now she knows thanx god 🙂


Yang ha now met with shin hye who called him to catch up since they never sew each others in a while but shin hye was there to find out more and confirm if he is Dong woo or not without telling him anything , so she asked him if he knows from where he was adopted he told her that when he found out he was adopted he asked his father but he didn’t tell him and wanted him to forget about the past !! after that yang ha returns to the company and pomp into secretory Kim who we know that he adopted yang ha and I think he knows more ..yang ha asked him if he knows where he was adopted Secretory Kim was startled and of course said he knows nothing while he doubted that shin hye was behind that .


After some investigation , Dong soo of course now knew that secretory Kim was the one who adopted Yang ha and also he was close friends with their father so he finally confronted him and asked him if Yang ha was his brother dong woo so he found no way out but to tell the truth ..he admitted that he knew yang ha was dong woo when he adopted him and even when he knew Mr.Yoon was the one who killed their father ,he thought that adopting him and not telling him will be good for Dong woo and his brother Dong cheol who was their alone taking care of him when Dong soo was not around . Knowing that dong soo was more than angry and frustrated about that act but secretory Kim told him that yang ha’s life was better before Dong soo and young dal appeared and that they should leave him like this . I felt so suffocated by that since he had NO right to do that and he made the other brothers like hell all these years and just saving Dong woo ,whos life was not that good either 😦


Jung hee now knows the real intention of young dal , saw him passing by in the company and called his name and finally talked ..she wanted to talk to him but he again tried to push her away by telling her that he is still feels the same as he told her the last time on the phone but she spilled it out and told him that she knows he was lying to save her , still young dal ignored her and pressed on his feelings and left ..both were teary eyes but young dal thinks its for the best 😦 and am dying here >.<


Finally Myung jae being so mad to the point he can’t decide well , and after he accepted to loan money from Dong soo’s father with interest of 10$ for the week which was part of Young dal’s plan reserved a VIP room in Daejung and will start gambling there so young dal assigned the manager of daejung to be the dealer and called both Mrs.min and Man bong to play against him so they save themselves the fists fight and win by cards instead 🙂 and his smartest plan was when Myung jae now angry and lost his senses he will bet so high so both of them will bet the least and will boost their chance of winning .


now Yang ha received news about Han chang group and their change of heart , they want to break all deals with Daejung casino ..Mr. yoon calls yang ha immediately and asks him what he have done to Yoo jin so that he father was so mad and at that point Yang ha realized that those meetings of young dal and yoo jin was about that so he hurried to young dal grabbed him and asked him what was going on ..young dal was happy that yang ha finally knew what was being schemed behind his back and told him that he only stabbed him in the back like he did to them that moment Dong soo enters the company found them in that situation so he called Young dal by his real name “Dong cheol” to stop him the 3 brothers met like officially but still only dong soo knows about that and am excited what will happen next ^^


hope u liked my review ^^ leave me comments about ur opinion and thanx for reading .


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