Triangle Ep18 Review


Hello ..am not so satisfied with this episode amount of events really and I wanted to know more XD still am waiting patiently for the things I wanna know .

So after Jung hee was kidnapped in front of Yang ha ..he immediately started to find who those guys were but still no use and even when he asked Bok tae if he was after that the latter denied it and of cousre that was because he knows through Pil sang that Jung hee is also Yang ha’s loved girl and they can threaten him also with her if they want . Now young dal knew that Yang ha brought the chairman of that Macao company and stabbed them in the back , he immedeately told jang soo to come back after he was released from his captives and was so angry at yang ha who was there to tell him to take responsibility on Jung hee’s kidnapping instead of concerning about that issue. well I hate how cruel Yang ha is >.<


Now even dong soo is working on finding Jung hee along with his guys in the police station and of course they found her whereabout so fast . In the same time Young dal talked with yang ha to put their problems now aside and start work together just to find her and spare her from being hurt . Young dal was being told to keep his anger inside and never show his weakness to myung jae so he wont put jung hee in a further danger , so both shin hye and even Man bong were insisting on being calm now .


After preparing well to what he will do next , young dal finally got a call from jung hee which is actually from Myung jae and jung hee was trying to tell him that she was kidnapped but she was shocked by young dal’s coldness and careless answers to her ..he even told myung jae that he actually had no girlfriend and he does’t care what they do with her , he was saying that while locking his pain inside and pretending that he never cares just to save her life and force them to use another way and release her and accepting the results that will cost him his relation with jung hee .


So now young dal’s part of saving Jung was finished although they didn’t know ,but Yang ha was also a major cause in kidnapping her but he never knew that and now Myung jae just waiting to see what to do with the girl . At that point Yang ha also intended to do something to save the girl he always loved and paid Bok tae a visit but his approach was somehow weak and he showed his emotions to Bok tae and when he threatened him by pulling all his shares and privileges from Dae Jung , Bok tae didn’t buy it since he is not the director So yang ha was forced to bribe him by promising he will give him a share from the money Myung un soong company is providing ,of course bok tae immediately changed his mind and ordered to release Jung hee and told yang ha where she was locked .


With the help of dong soo , Man bong and his guys reached the place where Jung hee was kidnapped but they were a bit late because Yang ha reached there first and was freeing her without being resisted by Myung jae’s guys ..he found her sad and scared and hurt all over so he gave her a hug and he knows that she was involved in something he was part of it because he was the one who brought bok tae into the scene in the first place . Man bong arrived and thought that yang ha was one of the guys who kidnapped her but she explained everything and they both left .


Yang ha dropped Jung hee into her house and was so apologetic towards her ,even asked her to just forget what happened in the past day and think of it as a bad dream ,Jung hee was already thinking the same and left all hurt while both were being watched by Young dal who came there to make sure she was safe but he knows that its now difficult to get back and even talk to her .


Jung was totally broken and burst into tears alone in her room as she felt betrayed and wronged because she thought young dal was nothing and just played her with his words in the past . On the other side young dal was even more broken and was sitting alone in a bar drinking holding so much pain in his heart because he had to do that while he knows that Jung hee trusted him . that was really so difficult to watch 😦


Pil sang now is planing to do something because Yang ha is back to being trusted by his father and of course he makes a big threat to Pil sang so he met with that company owner daughter who supposed to marry Yang ha and told her that yang ha actually have a girlfriend but till now we don’t know what was he trying to do by telling her that ..Young dal was being pressured by Mr.Yoon since he had nothing now and he just told Mr.yoon that he will finish his plan but in fact he got nothing . Myung jae now threatened Mrs.Min and man bong face to face to stop supporting young dal but they called it war on him and never listened .


In DaeJung , Jung hee and young dal came face to face into each others while they were walking , they stopped for a second and young dal just smiled a bit thinking she might at least say something , but actually they are now in a point where no words is better than saying anything so they both walked away while young dal was like holding the worlds weigh on his shoulders. Jung hee as a reward to Yang ha she invited him to a meal out side and he was so happy and again they both left together while being watched AGAIN by young dal’s sad eyes .


Finally , Young dal found out what to do next and he was planning on stabbing yang ha in his back just the same as he did to them and by that he meet with Song Yoo jin and we don’t know what exactly will happen. While in the same time shin hye asked Kim jang moo who also works with Mr.Yoon in Dae jung since he took care of the adoption of yang ha long ago , and wanted to know where did he adopt the kid but he didn’t wanna answer and left at once so she had her doubts and at the end of the episode she told Dong soo out of the blue that she found out that Yang ha is actually Dong woo ..so how did she know ?


My note : well I cant but to notice the number of restaurants and cafe that they used in this drama 😀 seriously specially in the scenes that involve Shin hye meetings ,I mean why on hell they only use that kind of scene over and over again ..that she comes and finds young dal or dong soo and hurry to sit and start talking :v

thanx for reading my review 🙂 leave me comments and share your thoughts .


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