Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep17 review


Hello ^^ hmmm what can I say about this episode ..well It was like a filler episode for me well of course am just talking about me ,cuz I just thought that way since everything needed to settle down and this episode had to be like this .

Anyway ,it started when Young dal finally met with Dong soo after they both knew they are brothers ..and both went into each others and hugged so long . after they both ended their extremely emotional meeting ,dong soo told young dal about everything and about how Mr.Yoon used Bok tae to kill his father and prepared him about everything so he will meet soon with Mr.Yoon who acknowledged him in  the past meeting. also Dong soo gave him a photo of his father .


After that young dal met with Mr.yoon personally in his office and of course Mr.Yoon knows whos Yong dal now ..and trying to throw a bait for him ..anyway he thanked him for his idea and offered him the Villa for the VVIP employees and with all of that Mr.Yoon’s eyes were fulled in threats and hatred for Young dal but still covering it with his smile ,While young dal was pretending to be so calm .


So at that night Young dal invited all the people who helped him reach his goal ,or “at least start to really climb higher” for a dinner at the new Villa and one of them was Mr.Bae who is a manager in Dae jung company and helped mrs.Min last time in return for money basically I don’t really trust that guy and he looks hesitated also . But still young dal thanked them all but in the same time was so sad not to be able to invite the person who really helped him and stood beside him in his dark times , Jung hee of course .


Next day ,now Executive Young dal wanted to pay the dealers in Daejung casino a visit and meet with them for a bit which left Jung hee surprised for his sudden visit . both gave long stares into each other’s eyes while young dal was telling them all that he understands their hardships and hes there to totally help them . gave Jung hee final glare as if hes telling her that he still care for her but just need her to hang in there for a bit till he end all of this chaos .


Bok tae was frightened to hear Dong Soo’s voice when he called him and told him that hes still alive unlike bok tae’s expectations , and when Bok tae started to threaten him that he will hurt his brother Young dal , Dong soo’s reaction was by telling him that he wont find enough time to escape from him if he ever lied hands on young dal . So after that and being really mad, Bok tae called “Myung Jae” whos a realy scary well known gangster in busan and friends with bok tae and actually owes him something . and of course he will help the lowly Bok tae .


In DaeJung casino a result to the lost of Yang ha to young dal in their first meeting together for the company , Mr.Yoon immediately took a step in punishing Yang ha and he demoted him and gave the director position to Pil Sang and lowered Yang ha’s rank into taking care of the VIP costumers in the sales promotions . In that he made it clear to Yang ha that he might do anything if he will screw again and we can see in here the pressure Yang ha is living in and even Pil sang himself was so happy and he is expecting that Mr.yoon might even terminate the adoption .


So Yong dal was worried about that and wanted to know more about Mr.Yoon and Pil sang so he asked Shin hye to tell him everything . she told him that Mr.Yoon only raised Yang ha to be the heir of the company and will never hesitate in throwing him away if he made any mistake ..While Mr.Hyun who was her husband before , she told him that hes so greedy and full of himself and thinks that he can inherit Dae Jung company instead of Yang ha and he is working on doing that so she warned Young dal of him .


Dong soo finally met with the people who helped his brother all that time , Mrs.Min and even Man bong and he thanked them he knows that Mrs.min was preparing to make a war against Bok tae so he wanted to offer his assistance and told her to slow down and let him tell her about bok tae’s weak points so she can strike well . at the same time we got to know Myong Jae ,the guy that bok tae called to give him a hand in getting rid of Young dal , and he looks like a scary mighty guy . He promised Bok tae to take care of it .


Young dal came back into his room in jung hee’s house to just pick up some clothes and he was more than welcomed by her grandmother ..actually young dal never wanted to see Jung hee since he was trying to avoid her because he didn’t want to involve her in what is he up to now but still jung hee came into him and face him that she cant wait anymore and whats she doing now is just making her tired even more , she just wanted to date him like normal people ..still young dal never gave her a proper replay and he just back hugged her to show her that he really care about her and love her and hes even clinging to her to stay with him .


Although Young dal went to see their mother in the past days and didn’t want Dong soo to see her , dong soo was determined to go and see for himself . When he reached to the shop he didn’t find her and met with her husband son instead and wanted to wait for her but her son was really rude and provoked dong soo and at the point she entered the shop and found dong soo trying to hit the guy and she didnt recognize her own son ,Dong soo, and while she was shouting to her step son to call the police , dong soo shocked her by telling her that hes actually Dong soo ..she started to cry and even when dong soo shouted at her to just look in his eyes and talk , her answer was that she had no right to look in his eyes and that she wont even recognize him ..well after that he left sobbing and she also remind crying from her heart which at least show us that she had a little regret on what she have done . Later we also know that she came back to pick her kids when their father died but she didn’t find them in the orphanage which means if she was not a bit late , those 3 brother’s life wont be screwed like that 😦 and she never knew who adopted dong woo but she just know that the man who adopted him owned a mine and was so rich . Shin hye doubted in Mr.yoon but Dong soo never thought about it since Mr.Yoon would never adopt the son of the man he killed .


Mr.Bae who is a manager in Dae jung actually betrayed young dal and even told Yang ha that he will bet on him instead and will help him by bringing important infos about what young dal is doing now . so he actually did and told him that Jang soo went to Macao to bring along with him the chairman of Myung un soong company so they will make a deal with him to bring more costumers into Daejung and if young dal succeeded in that then Mr.yoon will really recognize him and even throw yang ha away he either stop young dal or hurry to take that idea of him . at the same time Jung hee asked yang ha if he can at least stop his war with young dal but he refused since he will not get obsessed over her again and she will also never feel sympathy over him if he stopped his revenge .


Myung jae came into young dal he finally showed up and started with his plan , while young dal was trying to learn golf as its so needed now in his job , myung jae approached him and threatened him to stop all his plans and pull away but young dal never listened and told him that hes not even scared from bok tae which showed Myung jae how strong and stubborn young dal is. So now Man bong warned young dal that myung jae will get to the closest people to young dal to stop him and everyone thought that person would be Dong soo . Anyways Mr.Bae and yang ha were scheming something and even used the help of Mr.Sung whos the owner of that company “the one that his daughter was supposed to marry yang ha ” .


Bae Young tak whos used to help young dal and works with Mrs.min now have been captured by Myung jae and threatened that he will be killed for betraying Bok tae unless he help him do something which is betraying Mrs.min and do something for Myung jae . and on the other side young dal informed that Jang soo has been missing for 2 days now in Macao and no one now can reach him ..young dal now confused in whats happening , first threatened by Myung jae and ow Jang soo is missing .


Now the chairman of Myung un soong company was brought into Dae jung by Yang ha ..which is so confusing and Jang soo is missing . The two companies signed their deal and now yang ha at least gained his fathers trust again and young dal was stabbed in his back by yang ha 😦


Finally ..Jung hee was kidnapped by some guys and of course we know who they are ..after having some help from Bae Young tak they found out whos so close to young dal and now will threaten him with her and while she was being kidnapped Yang ha witnessed that and left there full of worries and scared for Jung hee’s life .


Actually I was expecting that some kind of a danger will threaten Jung hee …since that what we expect in all dramas but I didn’t like the idea ..I mean the drama was so epic till now and still is but this idea is kind of overused in dramas and I don’t like it personally 😀

Ok anyways am so excited for the next episode ^^ share your thoughts with me and comment.


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