Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep16 review


Hi ..watching this episode made me really sad but in the same time I got a feeling ..a bad one , that they might not tell us what happened so Young dal lost his memories ..or maybe they will am not sure.

Anyway the episode started when Young dal came along with An Chan bong into DaeJung company as the guy he told them that will work there ..Yang ha at once tried to  prevent this and immediately told Mr.Yoon that young dal is a trash and not worth working here ..he was feeling so much threat from him and also like usual throwing all his anger on young dal ..still An Chan bong in return decided to pull his money back from them . At that point being stopped by desperate Mr.Yoon ,shut his son away and decided to go along with the plan and accepting Young dal .So young dal was introduced as the new executive to the company and even got his office there .


Later .. because of Mrs.Min’s effort now Man Bong is on young dal’s side since young dal already put his life on the line to repay that man’s money !! so young dal asked him about a way to end Bok tae but Man bok told him that legally Bok tae will eventually get released because the police wont be able to find the man who tried to murder dong soo ,since bok tae already got rid of him ..but there is another way !! they didn’t tell us what was it till now . Dong soo’s situation in the hospital is not stable yet and he got a critical situation once and the doctors saved him again and still unconscious !! shin hye told young dal to rush into there at once . when he arrived dong soo was saved but young dal overheard both shin hye and dong soo’s man talking about his mother and how he wanted to meet her ..young dal at once asked if he can go and see her in stead ..maybe he will bring her or something .


So he went to the restaurant his mother works in ..found the owner an old lady , well you can say not a good person .He asked for a meal and she intended to talk to him asked him why he is in this town ,he told her that hes looking for someone but she would never know her ..hearing that the lady flirted with him saying hes a good looking person which left young dal astonished by her and how she is kind of a bitchy ..she was even called by other men sitting in the shop to sit beside them and they were hitting on her and she was totally fine the thing that left young dal completely speechless and teary ,he felt betrayed that this woman is actually his mother . At that point a young man enters and asks her for money ..he was young that I thought he might be her son from another man and even young dal’s face was doubting that ..but it turned out to be her son but not her real one and maybe her husband’s son !! anyways he took the money from her forcefully and left to gamble the lady was saying that the heavens are punishing her for what she did in the past , Young dal at least knew that she feels a little about what she did. young dal witnessed all of that .. left and paid her more than she asked for and left with his tears and pain .


After that young dal paid a visit to that young man in the place where he was gambling with some other men and started kicking him and hitting him ..the young man was nothing compared by young dal’s fighting skills so he was seriously knocked down ..and when young dal was leaving the man intended to ask him why he did this , young dal told him that he should be good to his mother as long as he has a mother and that heavens are punishing him because he is living like a trash now . well Young dal felt really sad after seeing this man being all mean to the woman that he has on his side and the woman that young dal needed but she was not there for him . got back into dong soo in the hospital and told his unconscious brother that they better leave it like this and not to know her ..and that young dal always was imagining his parents when he felt in pain or hurt but turned out that his mother is not what he imagined 😦


Ko Bok tae was released from the investigation since they are now not able to find anything on him nor find the man who tried to kill Dong soo once bok tae was looking after that news he heard from young dal that hes dong Soo’s brother so he decided to force Mrs.Min to talk and tell him .So he captured her and even her assistant and pressured her to tell him what relation young dal and dong soo has but luckily she was strong enough to remain silent and never told him anything . he can’t do anything more since he fears her husband more so he released her eventually .


While in all of this young dal was studying and being helped by An Chan Bong to prepared to do well in the company ..he received documents about all the infos in DaeJung and he spent time reading them ..Mrs.Min called him and met with him to warn him from Bok tae who will now go after him . Bok tae on the other hand wanted to see Yang ha at once who was spending time with that girl “the daughter of one of the companies who his father wants him to marry” in a bar and he was just using her to pass time , seeing him unhappy she gave him a kiss but no use , the guy doesn’t like her :v anyways he later on learned from bok tae that Young dal is dong soo’s real brother and he was completely shocked .


Young dal and jung hee accidentally are face to face with each other in DaeJung company ..young dal was feeling sorry he left her all this time but still jung hee was more than understanding showing him how much she cares about what he eats and his health and left him with a smile ..feeling miserable for making her wait all this time young dal stopped her and told her to just forget about him because he is in the middle of a war now and he can’t drag her into this ..jung hee refused that and told him to come back for her when he finishes this hard job he is in now .


Mrs. min now collected all the gangsters of Man Bong and even others he beated while they attacked Jang madam’s casino so I think they are now on his side and acknowledged him and now they called war on bok tae and will start it with him soon. on the other side in DaeJung casino Yang ha was fearing young dal and while telling his father to throw him away ..Mr.Yoon told him the opposite and that they shouldn’t fear a trash and they should beat him and make him leave on his own 😦 that arrogant ..I wish he DIE >.< Dong soo now ..FINALLY gained his conscious and now he is awake , shin hye told him about all he missed in the days he was unconscious ..and told him that his brother is actually young dal ..he was speechless hearing that .


Finally the day of the meeting in Daejung company was here ..and young dal of course prepared well ..Mr.Yoon attended and the topic was about their sales and how to increase them ..Yang ha was feeling confident that he will beat young dal since he knows nothing ..and his opinion was to make their marketing better so they fix their sales while young dal opposed his opinion and told them that all the people who used to gamble in their casino are leaving to play overseas because Daejung couldn’t keep their costumers ..also because they can’t attract rich foreign costumers he suggested that they work on attracting more player and he brought his assistances to look for costumers in Macao “those are Jang soo and Jerry 😀 ” when Yang ha though that young dal made fun of himself ..Mr.Yoon started to clap for him and accepting young dal’s measure ..outside he told Yang ha that he lost this round with young dal .


Young dal after that got a call from shin hye telling him to hurry up because dong soo finally gained his conscious ..Young dal rushed at once and reached there at once ..seeing dong soo now as his hyung for the first time ..young dal was all tearing and crying , Dong soo finally called him “Dong cheol” ..hearing that young dal also called his brother “hyung” for the first time and rushed to hug him …the two hold each other so hard and both crying on each other’s shoulder 😦


well I just want to say that am SO proud in Jaejoongi’s oppa acting ..really impressive in everything and am not just saying that cuz I love him but seriously he did a good job ..I have watched spy before I dared to watch triangle but in here his acting is even more better that spy 😀

Ok am dying to see the next episode and the reason why I said that am fearing they might not tell us what happened so Young dal lost his memory is just because they never said it again and shin hye said “young dal gained his lost memory” instead of just saying he gained part of it 😦 I don’t know maybe am overreacting …lets see .

I hope u liked my review ^^ leave me comment if you wanna discuss more .


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