Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep15 review


HI …well this episode was so sad for me really tell the truth I just wanted to cry , u know it started when Dong soo was stabbed while young dal just knew that he is actually his own brother 😦

so it started when young dal was screaming in the phone to know what happened as he heard his own brother shouted from pain on the other side . covered with his blood ,dong soo lied on the street while the killer ran away . he was then taken fast into the hospital and they even removed his spleen because it was seriously damaged ..young dal and shin hye reached at once both so sad and frustrated ..young dal saw his brother lying there so he at once started to cry ,he started to just recall all the intimate situation he had with the detective since the day he was introduced to him to be his snitch till now and stood there sobbing alone .


After the surgery dong soo was not able to wake up and he is still in coma which is also a dangerous situation , and the doctors said that he might never wake up from the coma ,hearing that both shin hye and young dal where in a deep sorrow there young dal lost it and started to cry like a little baby where he talked to the sleeping Dong soo that he want to tell him that he is Dong chul and apologize for not being able to protect Dong woo but now he can’t hear him ..young dal kept begging dong soo to wake up while he was crying himself really hard 😦


Oh Jung hee already gave out her message of resignation and finally made a move to leave her work here ..hearing that Yang ha hurried to talk to her and she was in the rest room of the dealers !! she was embarrassed again and she asked to talk to him out . In there he was begging her not to leave like that and that he can’t see her with another man and specially Young dal and he even talked ill about poor Young dal to whom Jung hee strongly defended and told him not to talk like that about him when Yang ha got everything while young dal got nothing .Yang ha immediately turned sad and told her that he never knew his parents face and was adopted and raised just to be the heir for the company without anyone beside him who love him and he was afraid that he might get kicked out any min. thats why he even developed panic attacks and even depression 😦 anyways he asked her not to turn her back on him .


Shin hye and one of dong soo’s men and friend were already on the run to find that suspect who they finally saw on the CCTV camera and they knew at once who he was ..although the killer now was killed by Ko bok tae’s man as he wanted so they can clean up after what they did .Shin hye and that guy were talking and young dal over heard them saying that the suspect is actually one of Bok tae’s men but they never knew he was already dead ..Young dal heard this and remembered what dong soo told him about bok tae being the one who killed his father so now his revenge is also young dal’s revenge  and he got that look in his eyes that he want to do something really dangerous.


So young dal used the help of Mrs.Min to convince Bok tae that her husband wants to talk to him and since he fears him he agreed to meet up with him but actually it was young dal who wanted to meet him ..he arrived and started talking with bok tae informally ,the latter was really mad while young dal kept on telling him not to call him “young dal” again and that he is Dong Cheol the son of the man who he killed and the brother of dong soo who he tried to kill ..when bok tae provoked him young dal lost control and started hitting him so hard till he was stopped by shin hye and dong soo’s team and arrested Bok tae on being the prime suspect of trying to murder Dong soo . now they will try to pressure him to know everything .


After that both Jerry and Jang soo were on their part of the plan convincing their friend who works in Daejung Casino to bring them important informations right out of Yang ha’s PC and then while they were on their way to young dal met with Jung hee who came along with them there met with Young dal who caused her a huge sadness when he told her after he found out who his brother was and how his father was killed he can’t keep his promise to her and might even gamble on his life and even when she comforted him by telling him to ignore his past and live to the future with her he didn’t listen and explained more about his hard childhood when he endured being a bastard and unashamed just to get rid of the lonely feeling and scariness he was experiencing since he got no one by his side . 😦

on the other hand An Chan Bong agreed on postponing their Casino plan of putting Dong soo as his guy in there since the detective is now lying in a coma ..and they changed the plan into something else we yet to know about .


Bok tae was really badly hit and pressed to open his mouth and in all of this shin hye was like the commander of this whole thing to just know who did this to dong soo ..bok tae just told them that the man who stabbed dong soo works under him but never said anything further and even teased them by bringing that man and ask him in stead while making it clear for them that they wont even find him ..Shin hye was feeling helpless ,finally sitting next to dong soo begging him to wake up now and end this .


Mrs.Min now is making her move ,she asked Man Bok to take bok tae’s gang as long as bok tae now is going into prison and there is no way back for him so its his opportunity to take over the gang ..he is now thinking in this offer . while Bok tae tried to threated Mr.Yoon by making one of his guys to deliver a message to Mr.Yoon ,he showed him a recording of their last conversation, when bok tae was being asked by Mr.Yoon to kill dong soo ..well Mr.Yoon didn’t waver by that threat and he even threatened him back that he will get even more hurt if he press more on Mr.Yoon. I hope this is the end for Bok tae >.<


Yang ha was being scolded by his father who discovered his relation with a dealer “Oh jung hee” and he like always threatened his adopted son that if she will be an obstacle in their job he will strike her away and if he want he can even throw Yang ha away if he wont do as he is asking .at that moment the chairman of Han chang company and his daughter arrived and obviously that girl was the one his father want him to marry for the future of DaeJung ..outside Yang ha was even more frustrated and angry and even expressed his annoyance from that girl but still she was all ok with it since she might marry him .


Finally Dae Jung company were all in the meeting room waiting for An Chan Bong to arrive and when he did ..young dal was one of the men who entered with him ..upon seeing this Yang ha was so surprised and of curse he was super angry ..till now we don’t know what was the plan and what will happen ..and am so excited 🙂


I wanted also to say that here we knew that jung hee’s father already died because of a black lung sickness and he was one of the men who Dong soo’s father hired with him for the labor movement back then doubting that he was also killed or died because of something happened back then ..maybe they will make Jung hee also get involved in this whole game 😦 which I might not like really .

I hope you liked my review 🙂 leave me comments with your opinion .


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