Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep14 review


Hi 🙂 I was dying to watch this episode actually ..but It was not what you are expecting …well I thought we will finally know everything about young dal now ..but it was just the beginning :)) am just happy that they have started to tell us even just a little about his past 🙂

so it started when he was hypnotized to remember ..he actually did remember but just a little part !! well he said that he can see a little boy with his younger brother and hyung ..the latter left the baby brother with him to protect till he comes back young dal took on himself protecting the baby plus he was so scared to be alone !! then he even remembered something we never saw before ,which is some guys came to take the little baby away ..and its obvious those were the family that adopted him 😦 young dal left alone crying,shouting and feeling guilty not to be able to protect him . omg I can’t imagine a little boy carrying all that weigh on his shoulders 😦 Dong soo witnessed all of that yet he didnt think that young dal is actually his bro ..well he explained it to shin hye later that he can’t dare to call himself a brother for leaving his 2 bros alone so he can’t think in anything now .. 😦 young dal then woke up feeling sad but still can’t remember much . OMG WHAT HAPPENED SO HE LOST HIS MEMORY >< ?

In general , Young dal was even more shocked to discover that he actually had one younger and older brothers !! he was not able to know that before .


At home ..young dal thanx god he got jung hee to at least make him feel less sad . She brought him sweet rice drink and young dal told her that “we” call it Gamju and when she asked who are those “we” young dal again couldn’t answer cuz he actually can’t remember 😦 I remember in one of the previous episodes that young dal told dong soo that he feel frustrated sometimes because he can’t remember ..ah its so annoying when we can’t remember a single thing not our whole past 😦 although this trick of “losing memory ” was overly used in kdramas but in here it feels more sad and a bit well written TBH :)anyways he told jung hee that he wants to at least find his lost 2 brothers.


Ko bok tae ..thinking about what Mr.Yoon told him to do ,taking care of dong soo ..he was about to hire a killer to do it but then he was being cautious and thought if dong soo got killed ,Bok tae will be the first one that they will suspect so instead of going right away and kill him he will put his close assistant to watch him first and figure aout what is he doing and up to then get rid of him in a smarter way ..ah that FILTHY bok tae 😦


So at that time Dong soo meeting with young dal in Sabuk because young dal already told him about his plan and that he got a hidden card so they are both their to meet him ..both didn’t notice they are being watched by Bok tae’s man who reported at once that they are actually meeting and he even told bok tae that young dal was dong soo’s snitch in the past so now Bok tae wants to know what is their relation . then Dong soo met with An Chan bong and he remembered hearing about him . Young dal told him that An Chan bong will choose him “Dong soo’ as the guy who will be gone into Daejung , at first dong soo refused but young dal convinced him by telling him that he himself is not educated and that dong soo fits well in there to have his revenge .


Away from that Mr.Hyun we know that hes actually hand in hand with Bok tae , now he was telling bok tae that they both can take over Daejung because Yang ha is not the chairman’s real son ..hearing this for the first time Bok tae felt happy and of course agreed on that . Mr.Hyun told him that if Mr.Yoon feels any incompetence from Yang ha who was raised to be the heir of the company thats all , he will through him away and will never give him anything 😦 so they will both try to make him fall down .


An Chan Bong was asking why young dal chose dong soo for that plan so he told him everything about dong soo’s revenge ..I can’t believe that coincidences made young dal even help dong soo with his revenge 🙂 on the other hand Mr.Yoon was having a talk with his son while being worried about Yang ha’s coldness toward the condition on An Chan bong in putting someone they don’t know into DaeJung but yang ha promised he wont let him involve in management . when he was leaving his father mentioned that yang ha should also get married to the daughter of the chairman of Han chang company but he refused telling his father that he is actually interested in a girl and will tell him when the time comes .


Oh jung hee in her work place everybody started to talk about her trip to Las Vegas and how even the director Yang ha will go with her also and of course rumors are there !! Oh jung hee went to Yang ha and asked him to cancel her trip and that she wants people to stop predicting this !! Yang ha finally said it ,that he wanted to go with her so he will propose to her and that he doesn’t want to lose her to Young dal . when she left she kept on thinking and now she is considering the offer she got from a casino in Seoul so she leave all this confusion .


Man Bong ..the gangster that was still in prison and made that crazy gamble with young dal , now OUTTA prison and we don’t know how he rescued himself and he was looking for young dal and sure we know why . Jerry and Jang soo hurried to tell young dal and at once young dal met with him in the private casino where he told him that he is still on his promise to gamble on his life . but in here I really loved the thing both Jerry and Jang soo did ,they both went to ask Mrs.Min to stop man bong and back him off young dal for a while and we all know her strong influence on all those kind of people so she met with him and he was so humble with her which means he knows his position to this woman and he fears her ,also because her husband was the prison warden . He agreed to postpone his request now and stay out of young dal’s business for a time now . well obviously Man bong obeys Mrs.Min and we will see more of this compliance with her .


I loved the scene where Young dal and Dong soo were chatting ..well they were making sure where would they start their biggest plan ..which is putting Dong soo into Daejung company management and it was set on next week . But Dong soo asked young dal a very intimate question about why he was using all what he got to defeat daejung and if it was because Yang ha put him in prison and what his dream was , young dal hesitated while answering ,he said that is dream kept changing all those years and he used to dream in winning Hold’em game and because the world’s champion and now its changed into marrying a girl he loves and finding his lost brothers . and that he cant stay still in the middle of all whats happening simply because he is a gambler . In all of that am just so annoyed that dong soo never at lest just a little felt that maybe Young dal is his bro since he heard that he got an older bro and baby brother so maybe he is ..I mean he said nothing and he was like scared to admit or at least doubt that young dal is Dong chul .


Oh jung hee ..again they are nagging her and being called by the chief secretory of DaeJung Mr.Hyun ,he wanted to dig more on Yang ha and maybe cause him trouble if he can make sure that his girlfriend is actually Oh jung hee who is a dealer . met with her and asked her ridiculously , to that she explained that this is a mistake and they have no special relation and she left . now she is really considering moving into Seoul and work their to get rid of all this headache .


At night she was thinking of really leaving to work where they scouted her in “lucky casino” and while Young dal was really so funny trying to study a bit to educate himself 🙂 “I was really laughing at him but in the sometime proud that he wants to even change this 🙂 ” and received a message from Jung hee asking if she would leave to seoul , would he come with her but he had unfinished job in Sabuk so he can’t ..and when he wanted to talk to her face to face she refused cuz she wants to think alone . I can feel how confused she was because her grandmother doesn’t want to leave Sabuk so how would she move in there if she doesn’t want to leave any of her family back 😦


finally , young dal again was trying to remember more when Shin hye actually suggested that he at least try to remember his youngest brother name or his own name and finally he did remember both ..well I was not so satisfied in the speed they moved in this part of the story but still when he told her about the names she immediately knew that he is Dong soo’s brother ,she doubted that actually at first since they day she hypnotized him so she took him to the orphanage to the place where he remembered everything ..and she told him that his brother is actually dong soo ..he was shocked and was crying all over .


so at once they were trying to get in touch with dong soo who was celebrating with his friend and drinking because soon he will really make his revenge and win against Mr.Yoon ..all that he was not aware that the man who Bok tae asked to kill him was waiting for him , he got outta restaurant to talk with young dal on the phone when he got stabbed by that man who left at once ..young dal heard everything on phone and left there shouting to know what happened .

its so sad that he just knew about his hyung but then heard his voice on the phone while he was shouting with pain 😦


My first ever ..lets say negative comment on this whole series is in this episode ..well its just how Young dal remembered his name and his youngest sibling’s name , which is really so strange because the other day he had a hard time trying to remember anything while he is hypnotized but now just sitting there and trying to remember again ,suddenly he remembers . Also how Dong soo was really ignoring all the hints he is receiving since he saw young dal trying to remember and even heard his story which was really so similar to his story !! anyway am not really complaining because the whole drama is still SO EPIC 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my review 🙂


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