Triangle Ep11 review


hi 🙂 and am really NOT ok after watching this episode T_T I can assure you that am so good at guessing things in dramas but here ..am OUT of ideas really and wanna know how are we gonna get out of this situation . also I need someone to blame ..so am really choosing Dong soo to blame ..YES Dong soo and you will all know why ..I mean know why in my opinion I choose him >< I just need someone to blame .

Young dal taken to prison now ..made a really great impression on the people that were already in the cell he got in , because he was losing his mind and control I think he needed to kick someone ..and thats why he introduced himself by telling them that he has been into prison 6 times before , 3 juvenile and 3 when he was adult 😦 anyways made his point that they can’t touch him . and spent his whole first night thinking of Jung hee who came into the police station for him and wanted to talk to him . he was feeling shy also because she had to see him that way 😦


Next day ..in the prison Young dal has been called by “Man Bong” who was also a prisoner but You know ..a scary and a gangster whos respected and feared by everyone . At first Young dal didn’t know him but then he figured that this man was actually the head of Ki chan’s gang and the money he stole and then Bok tae took from him belongs in reality to this man “Note : that man is the same one who was caught by Dong soo in the first episode and he never talked and never tattled about Bok tae but since bok tae now betrayed them so he wanted the money back to free himself from prison  ”  and of course hes asking the impossible from Young dal but young dal wanted to save himself so he told him that he will find a way to get the money back .I don’t know but we have witnessed Young dal’s smart plans through the whole series ..so am kind of relieved from this side ,but what am not so satisfied with is that THERE is no way out of prison that I can think of .. am out of predictions now XD anyways the man gave him some time to get the money and also they beated him along with Jerry and Jang soo >.<


On the other hand ,Dong soo discovered the new relation of Yang ha and Bok tae ..and after checking that Bok tae now even using the VIP rooms in DaeJung casino ,he decided to talk himself with Yang ha and see the reason for the sudden change ..when he met with him and handed him some leads that might get rid of Bok tae ..Yang ha refused to through bok tae away ,making an excuse that he was tired of the fight with Bok tae and that he is putting his hand with him so he can use him ..well we all know the real evil reason he did it for ,throwing poor Young dal away !! he even spilled the reason while he was being all full of himself talking to dong soo ..now Dong soo was offered to either stay and keep his job in daeJung or leave cuz yang ha never fired him 😦 dong soo left well aware that Yang ha is actually more dangerous than his own father and he will keep working there to use Mr.yoon to destroy Bok tae .


Then Yang ha tells his father all about what he meant by working working with bok tae , his father all resenting it then realized how smart and manipulative his son is and agreed to his plan . Mr.Hyun felt threatened and he made the decision to take Yang ha’s side and by making that clear to him ,Yang ha teased him because if he wouldn’t take his side ,he will be crashed by his wrath anyway 😀 omg scary Yang ha ..Im siwan made me HATE him ..talented actor indeed 🙂


Young dal , not expectining it , was visited by Jung hee ..he was surprised seeing her all smiling and waiting to see him putting on the nicklace that he gave her 🙂 he was so embarrassed and sad and kept his head down .Well she was also not feeling ok but instead she kept on making some jokes and tried to make him smile 🙂 omg she was so sweet ..he never smiled . then she started to talk seriously and she wanted to open up to him finally ..when she asked him what does he think of their relation and are they lovers or not he wanted her to just forget about him because he totally screwed and never kept his promise to her ,but instead Jung hee reacted back by telling him that he is not taking his life serious and that she actually likes him and she will never give up on him ..also she told him that she never meet people according to opportunities or benefits , making it clear for him that she loved him and she will keep an eye for him so he wont live embarrassed 🙂 reminding him not to gamble his life and that she will be there to support him ..for the first time Young dal felt there is someone whos actually cares about him and that she loved him ..I was completely touched 😥


young dal kept on thinking of what she told him ..feeling sorry for what he did in his life , and even when “Man Bong ” men called them again and even gave them another beating , young dal was considering it as a punishment for what he did till now . later the old man that was also in the same prison room as young dal ,was actually sick and after he was treated to food by the kind act of young dal after noticing he had not food for that day ..the man caused a huge issue the same night as he cannot digest well , young dal helped him and washed his clothes and he was totally fine with it 🙂 young dal is so kind in thses things and as I said before ..he has so much humanity inside of him despite all what he went through .


Shin hye now teamed up seriously with dong soo , now she is working with his men in the station ..she asked them to do some digging into the funds from where Mr.Yoon gained his money for the resort and also investigate what he lobbied to his political affiliates so he resolve some problems with the resort ..now Dong soo men are investigating to get hard evidences on Daejung company and they did find some dirty relationships between Hyung Pil and Kim myung Gu in order to make some undercover deals also they told shin hye that the man has so much relation with women leaving her speechless because he was her husband  !! on the other side Dong soo along with an old friend broke through Mr.Yoon’s safe and got some important files that can put Yoon in trouble .


In prison , Young dal was just chatting with the same old man he came to knew in prison , the weird thing was when the man was interested in how much young dal needed money , well of course young dal didn’t say thinking he will save the trouble for the man but I think there is something much more than we think with this man !!anyways the man suddenly collapse and needed to be taken to the hospital ,young dal called for the guard but the latter never minded him and walked away , at that moment Young dal came into him and grabbed his throat ,threatening him to let the man be taken to the hospital and eventually he agreed . What I was thinking , with all the fierceness that we sensed in young dal at that scene ,I just think he had a reason to overreact ..like he had something deep inside pushed him to do this !! not just cuz the man was good to him and he respected him ..I just felt there was something in young dal’s subconscious !! maybe 😀


Bok tae ,after being acknowledged by Yang ha , now he got a real good deal ..he back stabbed Mrs.Min leaving her empty handed . When she asked him about her share of the whole thing as he promised her , he told her that he has nothing to do with her anymore and she don’t need to wait for anything from him ..feeling all angry and resentful Mrs.Min took away all her fund support to him and left ..now Bok tae betrayed both Young dal and Mrs.Min ..she had nothing but to wait till young dal gets outta prison now to team up with him against that bastard Bok tae .


Finally ..Dong soo dared to threaten Mr.Yoon face to face that he was the son of the man he killed along with Bok tae ..and that he will destroy DaeJung and Mr.Yoon and even when the law couldn’t do anything for them ..he will do it without the law , Mr.yoon was not wavering by this threat ,accusing Dong soo by being naive and reckless !! I don’t know but i think Dong soo reacted fast and he should have waited more >.<


In the end of the episode ..When DaeJung casino had a workshop and that means that Jung hee and all the dealers will participate to get the price ..Yang ha made a move and stopped near Jung hee’s house in the morning and offered to drive her but instead he drove into a far country house where he told her that they both will have their own workshop ..Oh jung hee felt humiliated and even slapped him and left but he glinched to her asking her to stay for one day at least just to get to know him >< the scene stopped here and we don’t know her response and I HATED THIS REALLY >< that selfish Yang ha 😦


So the episode ends when young dal finally found away to stop their misery everyday in prison ..he told his friends that he found a solution >< I really want to know what is it RIGHT NOW …

also now am telling you why I through all my blame on dong soo 😀 cuz the man even when he knew that what he is pushing young dal into was dangerous ..he actually pushed him .I know young dal was working for his own wishes but still I felt like blaming dong soo XD just because he never stopped young dal ><


thank you for reading my review I hope you liked it ^^ leave comments for me 🙂


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