Triangle Drama Review

triangle Ep9 review


Hello everyone ^^ OMG what I love in this episode is the first part ..I really loved it ..I like everything between Young dal and Jung hee ,its always sweet 🙂

So this episode starts with Young dal’s glorious wining and taking over the private casino , so to celebrate this happiness Young dal intended to call Jung hee , and invite her to join him in a luxurious restaurant outta town . she agreed and he drove her there by a car that have been left by one costumer in return for money lending in Jang soo’s shop basically its no one’s car. the other jealous girls just watched her get into the car and bad mouthed her behind her back ,being defended by only her close friend.

their date lets say ..was really sweet , when she was shy that she was not wearing proper clothes he flirted with her saying she was the most beautiful among all girls in the restaurant and jokingly she replayed by telling him that he is a playboy for saying that ,young dal of course took it as a compliment 🙂


later on when she was wondering why he was happy all that night he prefered to keep it a secret for now and tell her at the right time , instead he confessed that he was always feeling embarrassed looking in her face because he feels ashamed of who he is and also thanked her for accepting him and never following what people thinks . well we can see how he felt her kindness ,and if he was really a bad man , he wont even buy what she did for him return Young dal promised her that he will change and will never live embarrassed again 🙂 when they got back home Jung hee also thanked him and told him not to be embarrassed since she also never felt that proud in what she did in her life so far ..well she was so humble to actually admit that she herself was also embarrassed . both of them that night felt so relived ,Jung hee put the necklace that he gave her on , and young dal kept smiling alone in his room feeling so happy 🙂


Dong soo finally made a decision ,and decided to work with Mr. Yoon against Bok tae ,But in reality he is well aware that Mr. Yoon was the one who ordered Bok tae to kill his father and even when he confronted him and asked him about his relation with Bok tae , Yoon answered him by saying that they had an ill-fated history . Since dong soo agreed to work with him , Mr. yoon assigned him to work with his son Yang ha ,

and when dong Soo saw Yang ha he kept on staring at him , he was feeling something , first because he knew he was adopted ,second maybe because he felt in something toward him or because he would feel something to every adopted kid he finds since his youngest brother got adopted and he never knew where. Untitled

Young dal on the other hand , being notified by Bok tae’s will to see him immediately after hearing that he took the private casino , but he was also warned by Mrs. Min , that Bok tae was only using him as a hunt and that he will throw his away when he will get rid of Dong soo ..Young dal was trying to convince himself that she was wrong ,although he was considering her words a bit .


back to dong soo , he was planning to meet up with Shin hye , when Bok tae’s men attacked him ,and he really fought with them SO bravely but cowardly one of them covered his eyes and they managed to kick him so hard and drag him into the van to meet up with bok tae ..well we can guess that bok tae’s revenge has begin 😦 ah dong soo made a real huge mistake when he punched and hurted Bok tae last day ..this made him want to KILL Dong soo . Anyway shin hye saw the whole incidence and she immediately told the metropolitan police to start search for him .


Bok tae was in this time meating with Young dal and praised him for his good work in taking over the private casino , but he asked him for something even more dangerous , he wanted young dal to also cheat at “DaeJung” casino and take some money from Yang ha and his father ..although Young dal hesitated because its so dangerous ,Bok tae insisted on it so he trust young dal more ..Bok tae is as usual greedy and filthy 😦 at that moment Bok tae guys told him that they already captured dong soo , young dal hid his shock and he was even asked by bok tae to join him to teach Dong soo a lesson ..young dal can do nothing but to obey him 😦


In an old company thst beongs to Bok tae , they held Dong soo captive and Bok tae was making his revenge on him ..unexpectedly he asked Young dal to teach him a lesson and give him few punches to satisfy Bok tae , of course young dal hesitated and gave a look at dong soo who kept on nodding to him to do it so bok tae wont feel anything about young dal and Dong soo relation ..Young dal was so against it and maybe to a point where he wanted to confess everything ,but Dong soo gave him the look that he will be ok . got all his strength together and buried his pain inside and punched Dong soo few times that was enough to knock him down ..bok tae was satisfied and ordered them to kill Dong soo , Young dal was in the middle helplessly watching Dong soo being in pain 😦


thanks god dong soo men and the police located him with the help of shin hye and saved his life , of coarse Young dal fleed away !! later in the hospital Dong Soo told his boss and Chief Hwang that he did provoke bok tae first and that he wants to continue his chase after him ,so didn’t want the police to interfere 😦

Young dal visited him at night , he was so sad and apologetic for what he did but dong soo told him that he was going to get beaten even if it was not young dal ,trying to make it more easy on young dal who kept his head down . Dong soo afterwards asked young dal for a favor , he wanted him to stay close to Bok tae and gain his trust so he will help dong soo catch him the snitch job turned into a big favor  and that Dong soo is actually depending on him ..Young dal left with a really sad and gloomy face and carrying all the weigh of catching Bok tae on his shoulders ,being watched by dong soo from behind who was feeling like sending someone so important to him into danger ! well that’s what I felt ..they actually got really close to each others now .


Yang ha ,while he is now the directer of the casino ..he intended to do few changes in the employees ,yang ha is a smart guy whos actually more oriented to his job and people around him more than other people think of him . he transferred 2 of the casino workers “Mr.han and Mr.Kang”  into a resort employees . they were both on Mr. Hyung’s side and Yang ha did this to warn him that he actually know Mr. Hyung was the one who told Bok tae about the new resort Hyung heads up that he is well informed about everything around him .


In the same casino , Oh jung hee being bullied again by the same sunbae dealers again ,this time judging her because she was with Young dal ,the man with bad reputation , still Jung hee defended him and strikes back by telling them that it was not their business , fortunately luck this time was in her side ,the dealers have been informed that Oh jung hee should be in the VIP ignoring all the dealers ranks which gave those evil girls a heart attack 🙂


Still Jung hee didn’t like that change and intended to talk to Yang ha face to face about it ..but opposite to what she thought he was actually giving her a chance and to make her dreams even bigger ..well I myself never knew what was his intention but I think he was tying to make her closer to him by increasing her rank a little each time and give her a chance to work harder . Anyways he hurt Jung hee by telling her that if she had bigger dreams and was more ambitious ,she would have clinched to this chance but instead she want to throw it away , and if she was to use this chance ,she will never meet people she shouldn’t have to meet , of course he mean Young dal by that 😦

when she got home ,young dal was excited to meet her and he was eating together with her family when he bought them meat ..but she just greeted them and didn’t join them feeling all down ,left them . Young dal was so concerned but he never guessed why she was sad .


On the other hand Young dal was considering Bok tae’s order in cheating in Daejung’s casino he and his 2 friends have a room in Jung madam’s casino since he is the real owner now ,both Jang madam and her assistant were scheming something because they want to through Young dal out of their business .So upon doubting that he cheated ,Kang man put a mini camera in his room and finally knew that young dal was planning on cheating in DaeJung casino ,so in an attempt to spoil his plan , both Jang madam and Kang man warned the manager in Daejung casino about it .


Young dal’s plan was to change the whole cards deck was a dangerous try but he intended on doing it .Yang ha on his side welcomed that intention and showed a happy face when he was told that young dal will cheat . Instead of banning him he ordered them to let him in and pretend they don’t know so they catch him and he rot in jail ..Yang ha also called Dong soo to start his first assignment , catching Young dal , it is .

Young dal went inside the VIP room , his men were all well prepared and to his surprise he found the dealer was Jung hee , again a very strange coincidence 😦 lets see what happens in the next episode sensing something dangerous .


I should say something also related to Mrs. Kim again ..she met with young dal and again begging to gain him back to her side and actually be with her ..he also refused and made it clear that he wants to live clean and better off without her ..made her angry and will have her revenge against him . thats why she even accompanied Jang madam to tell the managers in DaeJung casino about young dal’s plan >< desperate witch.


so thank you for reading my review and write your opinions if you want to discuss it with me 🙂


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