Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep10 review


Hello !! omg I hated the ending of this episode really 😦 ah and I want to know what happens next RIGHT NOW .

Ok lets get in details ..well in the previous episode young dal was intending to cheat at DaeJung casino and made everything ready for the “Tan deck” plan ,but because of kang man and Jang madam Yang ha knos now that he will cheat and hes planning to catch him in the act and send him to jail instead of just banning him . Jung hee was the dealer and young dal was comfortable . Yang ha used dong soo to catch young dal in the right time , the latter was thinking of a way to get out of this situation and save young dal .


So he secretly called young dal told him to pull off immediately and to stop the plan ,young dal did what he asked ..his plan is ruined and he will let Bok tae down . But young dal decided something that changed the whole show for Yang ha and even provoked him , he actually continued to play and WON everything ..he got Bok tae’s money back which he riskd to play with and got even more money to share with Mrs.Min and his friends ..again he was lucky because of Jung hee ..although they changed the dealers many times but each time she was playing , young dal won even more 🙂


Oh jung hee felt really guilty for losing so much money and feared that the casino may consider her the one who made it on purpose or made a mistake ..and back to the dealers room ,she was again bashed from the same annoying sunbae ,pointing fingers on her that she made this because of her shortage or training. Oh jung hee waited so long to put that sunbae in her place so she took the chance and threatened her that she will report her to the personal committee and they will judge which one was wrong ,leaving that girl astonished and obviously pulled back 😉


Meanwhile, Yang ha was not able to accept the result that young dal actually didn’t cheat ,but still he got nothing on him ..he lost his mind when he knew that he even won because of Oh jung hee and still he never cheated ..well yang ha got even more jealous ..and threw a tantrum in his room alone after re watching the video of young dal’s game and seeing him smiling at the camera which means he was actually challenging him in this game and putting him into his right place 🙂


Dong soo finally got to see Young dal after this hectic day and young dal was thankful for his help ,in return dong soo warned young dal from yang ha and that he will really try his hard to make young dal fall down ..dong soo needed young dal more than before to catch bok tae so he needed him to be careful . I also think he cares for him thats why he was so concerned 🙂


Jung hee and young dal texts each others , well young dal thanked her again and he was concerned about her being in a hard situation but instead she was more concerned about him ..telling him she felt really nervous watching him betting with high values and that gambling is really dangerous ..jung hee was scared that he will gamble his life away ,and that people don’t get lucky all the time . I love how she seriously warned him and I really hope he does follow her advice 😦


Oh !! and lets not forget mentioning Dong soo’s plan to make both Ko bok tae and Director Yoon tae joon fight against each others and fall all together ,and his work with yang ha is for this purpose . On the other hand Yang ha knew all about dong soo and that he is actually the son of the head of the union who Yoon tae joon and Bok tae both killed back then he is fearing that Dong soo is there to take revenge or not. He immediately reported that to his father who in return wanted Yang ha to put an eye on him .


well in a total different world from this ,shin hye finally told her father that she actually doesn’t love Mr.Hyun and she wants to be divorced ..also he knew that she always loved Dong soo neglecting his background or his education . she married before just to satisfy her father’s standards and expectations but from now on she want to live her life truly and be with the man she loves .

Later ,Yang ha who is her patient pays her a visit with the intention to know more about dong soo , shin hye just told him that hes after Bok tae because he killed 2 of his men before ,hiding the true reason now ..she didn’t want to tell Yang ha since Dong soo is also taking his revenge against his father .


Dong soo still in contact with one of his men to help him on Bok tae’s case ..gave him informations about a large share holder in DaeJung casino “Lee hyung geun”  was being threatened by Bok tae to give up his shares to bok tae . More importantly Dong soo was actually searching for his mother ,who left them alone when their father died ..but still we never get to know how she was living ? and is she healthy or sick ? nothing yet


The important thing is , young dal and his friends found out who told at them ,they found he mini camera in their room and young dal went to the casino ..gave Kang man a cool punch on his face and warned them from doing any other game with him . he even threatened that annoying Mrs. kim who was scheming lately to knock him out . I really liked his punch 😀 or maybe because they timed the music with it , it sounded so cool ..just wanted to say that 😀


finally Yang ha ..decided to do something really evil this time ,since Bok tae and Yoon tae joon now are both in danger because they knew about Dong soo true identity ..he decided to be hands with Bok tae and in return he will give him shares in the new resort !! of course there was a condition , is to through away Young dal and make him rot in jail 😦 Bok tae agreed to this offer and stopped his threating to Lee Hyun geun .


So Bok tae really did it and threw Young dal away by informing the police about him and the private casino so young dal and even Jang madam and Kan man were caught ..well young dal was hoping that bok tae will help him since he even allowed him to call him “hyungnim” ..but bok tae even told Mrs.min that hes not helping him and let him rot in jail ..young dal left alone in jail and been told by detective Kook that he has no way out 😦

Untitledomg young dal in jail now ..AND NO WAY OUT …i need to know what will happen ><

thanx for reading my review I hope u enjoyed it 🙂 plz leave me comments 🙂


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