Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep8 review


Hello 🙂 This episode starts with something really so cool and happy ^^ I don’t know if people really get that lucky in  poker game but this drama there is so much luck here and there 😀

In the previous episode Yang hae challenged Young dal in a hold’em game and even called Jung hee to be the dealer and as he thought , to make young dal get embarrassed and defeat him once and for all !! So young dal never looked into his cards called for “All in ” the thing that pushed Yang ha to do the same or else he will lose the hand and fold !! both being crazy waiting for the dealer to open her cards ..Yang ha got pairs of As and young dal got a King ..both waiting to have Full house but still Yang ha got more chances than young dal ..young dal was so nervous , when Jung hee opened the first 3 cards ,there was another A card with 2 kings ..well young dal needs one more the turn card there was nothing ,So young dal lost hope BUT the crazy thing was in the river card ..there WAS A KING and Young dal got a FULL house . Yes it was a crazy hand ..I think it only happens in dramas . Yang ha lost his cool and asked for another round but there was no use ,young dal refused .


Young dal was leaving ..both Jung hee and him looked at each other ,smiled then he left ..being watched by Yang ha who lost his mind , later on Yang ha told Jung hee that he knew about their close relation and he might crash young dal just to get Jung hee…that was really off the limits for me , jung hee refused to be dependent on Yang ha the other day BUT still was so calm when he was making this confession to her , she should have said something at least to stop him and get him back to his senses ! but she was like OK with it .


When Jung hee got back home , met with Young dal who was waiting for her patiently to thank her for opening those cards that made him win 🙂 well because it looked like she helped him , so he felt like thanking her . When he was all showing that he took his revenge against that yang ha , and that Jang madam should pay for calling Jung hee again ,Jung hee mentioned that Jang madam was not the one who called her and that Yang ha did so she didn’t refuse because he is the directer of the casino she works in So young dal felt even more hateful toward Yang ha . Am just wondering , is it human’s nature that the middle and the young siblings always fight even when they are still not aware of that 😀 ??


Dong soo ,after quitting his job , he actually never stopped looking into Bok tae’s case undercover ..he was visiting shin hye and he told her that hes working with Mr.Yoon “Daejung’s company owner” to defeat Bok tae ,although shin hye knows who Mr.Yoon is because of her pateient Yang ha but she kept the confidentiality of her patient . Dong soo asked her a favor to find something about his father’s case and even told her that he will start over finding his lost brothers .

he left her and visited the Orphanage that he used to stay in before with his brothers and sobbed there watching the kids and remembering his brother “Jang Dong Chul” looking at his back as he was leaving for a few days to hide from police but after that he lost them both .. feeling all nostalgic , he decided to buy noodles to the kids in that Orphanage .


Then he called young dal to talk to him , and that was when he knew about young dal’s plan to take over the private casino and how its gonna help him get recognized by Bok tae , since Dong soo wanted to know who are the money lenders of ko bok tae , young dal intended to take that casino to be acknowledged by Bok tae and also to have an evidence on bok tae money lending .


Young dal’s plan was not a method or a new tactic to win a baccarat game against Jang madam’s casino was simply cheating ..he managed to convince one of the employees there to implant a camera , and through it Hyun Tak “the man Mrs.Min assigned to help young dal” will see the whole 3 decks of cards and study them , since he knows about network gambling , later on we will know the rest of the plan . First Jang madam had to accept his request in playing a baccarat game with max bet of 50,000$ , that was a dangerous deal that she had to call the real owner of the casino to approve who in return accepted that kind of game . She mentioned something really weird that the real owner of her casino actually have some connections and that her casino was still not closed till now thanx to him pulling some strings who is he ??? maybe will be important later on in the drama so lets keep him in mind 😉


Oh jung hee finished her training and now shes side by side with the sunbaes there”dealers” and the same annoying dealer who was her sunbae in school also , gave her the same hard time..Jung hee was calm and she told her friends that she will hang in there for a bit and strick back when the time comes . I think we will see her strength soon 🙂 I like that Jung hee is not that kind of character that is jumpy and act like she is stupid or ignorant like other lead females in korean dramas …she knows whats she doing and she is smart enough to manage her own life . Later on Yang ha ordered his assisstant to put Oh jung hee into the VIP room as a dealer despite the fact that she is still in her 2 weeks training at work actually !


Young dal’s plan was all ok ..the next part was that he wears a mini ear mics that he can communicate through them with Hyun Tak to inform him about the cards so he knows where to bet ,when he was having a meeting with his 2 friends at his room , Jung hee’s grand mother called him for dinner 🙂 he rushed there and joined the family with dinner and he was so happy , he got to eat with such a lovely family AND eat with Jung hee 🙂 her friend paid them a visit “which I found ridiculous that she came to eat with them :D” saw young dal and again warned Jung hee from him but Jung hee was positive that he is a good guy and opposite to what ppl think of him ^^


Shin hye after being asked by Dong soo to know some infos , her father helped her find a guy who used to work in the same mines dong soo’s father used to work in ..when they met with him . He told dong soo that people think that His father died because of a mine collapse but in reality he was killed by Ko Bok tae who in return was asked to do so by Mr.Yoon the owner of the resort at that time who was captivated by the protests for 4 days . After hearing this dong soo lost all his mind and went to where Ko Bok tae was and threatened that he will catch him , hearing this Bok tae laughed it out and humiliated him by reminding him that he is not a detective anymore ..Dong soo couldn’t control it anymore and kicked Bok tae’s ass really so bad ,even broke his hand . with all of that Bok tae refused to fill a lawsuit against him and decided to kill dong soo without a lawsuit so the news of him beat up by Dong soo will not spread.


Young dal’s crazy game started , with all his plan set !! he was receiving cheats about the cards from Hyun Tak and betting on the right side , he never lost any bet stripping the casino from each penny , Jang madam gone mad , called her boss to see what to do next . Desperately she intended to stop the game since he won too much and no point in continuing the game and she already lost 1.9 million won .


So Jang madam stops the game but still totally helpless as she don’t know how to pay him since she doesn’t have the money finally Young dal suggested the perfect solution ..that he will take over the casino and be the actual owner of it and this way she doesn’t have to pay him or else she will be in real trouble !! So young dal finally did it :))

nnhjnjmjdasdsafsafasSo lets see what happens in the next episode 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my review ..write comments about what you think 🙂


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