Triangle Drama Review

Triangle ep7 review


Hi 🙂 I know that fate can do so many things more than we expect ..but in this drama , Fate was everything just surprised by the coincidence that rejoind those 3 brothers all over again 🙂 things that wont happen anywhere else aside from dramas .

This episode is my favorite so far ..and you will see why 🙂 It starts when Young dal agreed to get rid of Dong Soo for Bok tae , made me feel really nervous  , later he meets with dong soo in the same casino and they were going to have a drink together ..Young dal was planning something already .


In the same Hotel that Dong soo went to rent a room in ,which is Mr.Yoon’s , Yang ha was going to meet his father in his office ,there he overhears his father and bok tae talking and uncovering a dangerous secret . Bok tae was threatening Mr.Yoon that he will tell the world about their dirty history ,that Mr.Yoon actually used Bok tae in the past to kill the head of the protests so they are both in the same crime , not buying it Mr.Yoon was so cold and challenging him to do so and that this whole thing is not going to change anything about his decision in forbidding Bok tae from lying hands on the new resort he is working on . Yang ha left the place not being able to even walk ,suffocated with the pain of sadness and shock he just  experienced being watched from far by Jung hee who never knew what was the problem .


Young dal being all frustrated and confused about what to do with this sudden request of Bok tae that he was not that ready to do , he thought of a plan to save him the guilt of doing anything to Dong soo , he suggested that his gang should take care of it and team up together , kick Dong Soo’s ass and hurt him a little ,in a fight maybe , so he wont be involved nor destroy his relation with dong soo . Young dal was totally against hurting or even killing Dong soo, so he made this plan so that dong soo will get out of the picture and get lost out of Bok tae’s eyes ! So he drinks up with Dong soo and his gang provoked dong soo to fight with them out but instead he kicked them all and even got them to kneel down for him , the scene was so funny 😀 at that point Young dal found no way but to tell dong soo everything ,the latter calmed him down saying he will take care of everything ..young dal just had to hang in there a bit .


Yang Ha , dealing with the way he should accept the shock he just received, Drinks a glass of wine and decided to confront his father about this . Upon asking his father and telling him that he knew everything , even about the man who was the head of the union back then , his father told him that he was caught by those protests and humiliated for 4 days but still he stopped them by killing their leader to protect the mines and DaeJeon Company more than protecting his own life and he threw this responsibility now of Yang Ha to protect the company !! well I was surprised by his change of mind and accepting his fathers wish ..he was like he has something up in his mind but ..what ? later on Yang ha dropped his will to train as a dealer ,which he was doing for the sake of his childish game to win Jung hee’s heart and finally decided to be the directer of the casino and start a war against Bok tae .


Shin hye in the same hotel ..drinking alone and feeling sad after her quarrel with her husband , Mr.Hyun is a selfish man who doesn’t want to be a divorced man and he would rather live with a woman who doesn’t love him for the rest of his life ,and he was also so jealous of Dong soo . Anyway , shin hye sending a message to Dong soo telling him that she has always loved him but the problem is that he never let her inside his heart , hearing this Dong soo rushed into her hotel room and told her that she was always inside his heart ,that was the best thing a girl can hear from her lover .both hugged for a long time crying on each others shoulder .


After being investigated by internal interrogations.Dong soo was given 3 month suspension ,But instead of being suspended ,Dong soo decided to quit the job all together ..all his men were so sad and they went all with hi drinking and having a meal to say goodbye to him being all unconvinced why he suddenly let go of Bok tae’s case and his job . But Dong soo was willing to stay on Bok tae’s case and that he will catch him as a citizen this way Dong soo will disappear from the field and start working under the cover ,which I find more convenient 🙂  now he is depending on his snitch Young dal and his men that will stay in touch with him . the reason of all that is that Detective Kook handed him some old papers of the case of his father ,telling him that there was something really suspicious about his death but no one tried to uncover it .


In the morning , Jung hee’s grandmother trying to call young dal but he never answer , she finds out hes being sick alone in his room ..she took care of him to lower his fever and sent Jung hee to bring him medicine , he was so thankful for both of them and got really touched when the grandmother told him to think of them as his family and tell them if he was sick , when she left ,Young dal even cried 😦 that was of course the first time in his life hearing this and that hes actually not believing this , thinking that those kind people are taking care of him , the guy who is with bad reputation ..everything in this whole scene made me wanna cry also ..that was too hard to watch .


When Young dal was a bit better he went to Seoul to meet Bok tae after being notified that he wanted to meet him .. Mrs. Min even bought him a suit so he will be in a good image in front of Bok tae !! Bok tae told him that Dong soo already quit the job and he is not needed anymore to kill the guy ..Young dal was relieved to hear that and appreciative to what dong soo did for him to continue being one of his guys . At the same moment Yang ha paid a visit to bok tae and he threatened Bok tae to stay away from his father and their company and that Bok tae’s company is nothing compared to DaeJung company . Yang ha obviously declared war ag against him .


Yang ha met again with Young dal and again they met like enemies , when Young dal was showing off that he is actually one of Bok tae’s men , Young ha told him that bok tae is his enemy so young dal will be his enemy also , still young dal mentioned Hold’em game to him and expressed his will to challenge him again .

away from that Young dal wanted to thank Jung hee for bringing him medicine that morning , gave her a sweet present “a necklace ” and while they were chatting a bit Yang ha saw them together and he felt jealous and I could feel even his anger , hes the kind of guy that cling so hard to what he wants ,arrogant and selfish ,thats why hes never giving up on jung hee . Seeing them together pushed him to start investigating about Young dal , he asked few employees in his casino that are from Sabuk and they told him that he is a gangster known for being trash and all people know him for that . I think he will get his revenge and will fight for Oh jung hee .


Finally , Yang ha calls Young dal and invited him for a Hold’em game ..young dal accepted that as he was wishing for the same time yang ha wanted to play in Jang Madam’s casino AND with Jung hee being the dealer . He wanted to take his revenge on young dal thinking he can defeat him and show off in front of Jung hee so he wont budge again with Jung hee , Jung hee received a call from Jang madam and rushed there to find them both in the casino .

the game started with blinds of 1000 $ min and 2000$ max , and unlimited betting game general A crazy game ..before young dal even looked into his cards he bet for “all in” that was so crazy to the point Yang ha tried to convince him to change his mind but still he was insisting on that ..he wants to end the game as fast as possible and felt lucky maybe . anyways Yang ha CALLED that bet …what a crazy hand indeed .


lets see what happens then 🙂 thanx for reading and plz leave comments with your opinion .


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