Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep6 review


Hello 🙂 well now there is no way back from watching Triangle ..didn’t I tell you ? that you will get hooked up by this drama ?? YES am so excited every time I watch this drama :))

So , this episode starts when young dal was there meeting Ko Bok Tae ,being thankful for acknowledging him , Bok Tae wanted to test Young dal by asking him to stab Dong Soo  , and at the same time Dong Soo entered threatening Bok tae . what a situation ! well Dong soo was heating up because of what Ko bok tae did , pressing Chief Hwang “shin hye’s father” to convince Dong soo to stop the case in that case he put a stain in his white long honor path . still Bok tae with his bad smart mouth made Dong soo feel even worse . Reminding Young dal about what he asked him to do , Bok tae left with a big smirky smile on his face .


Although dong soo met Young dal now in this weird situation ,Young dal thought fast and told dong soo that he is here to be his snitch . I was a bit confused by the speed Young dal made up his mind ,well being a snitch needed him to think well before just saying it , or else he is just saying it and have no intention in doing so ..which is exactly what hes willing to do . Or he decided really fast to be more close to Dong soo till he figures out what to do about him since Bok tae asked him to kill the detective .In both cases , Young dal is such a smart guy indeed , Hes on no ones side , hes just doing what is it good for him .Again , everything he does is justified to me XD Dong soo actually treated him for beef because he was feeling pity for young dal .

they had a chatter ,young dal said that he also feels really frustrated not to be able to remember who he is or where he is from and that his name actually was given to him by the man who stole his money , and that young dal was also being drugged to steal from ppl . So sad to hear him say that really 😦 on the other hand when young dal asked why dong soo is so desperate to catch bok tae , he said that he killed 2 of his men and that he will have to catch him . I can’t but to notice that young dal’s question was just to understand why hes after him and that he wishes that dong soo just back off cuz he is not ready to kill him .


I liked how dong soo was so considerate and that he is unconsciously so good with young dal , like hes subconsciously feeling something toward Young dal , even young dal is not acting so lowly to him . the latter also feeling the same maybe.Dong soo brought him to his house and young dal spent the night there thinking and drinking alone watching dong soo asleep and feeling uncomfortable thinking in what Bok tae asked him ..


Away from all of that , Oh jung hee being all busy trying to find a money lender , she learned that her debt to Jang madam was actually paid by someone , after thinking for a bit she knew who did it , since Yang Hae was the only one who overheard her talking to jang madam she expecting him . she went to thank him and he generously pretended that he didn’t do it , anyways she promised to pay him in 3 months , being nice to him for the first time 😉


Young dal being all sweet and kind with Jung hee’s family , bringing meat with him , handing it to her grandmother 🙂 when she reached home she was surprised by his act and in return she treated young dal for a great meal instead of the noodles he was intending to eat !! I don’t know why this whole scene broke my heart too emotional maybe but seeing young dal trying to eat alone then testing the food that was home made , and even considering Jung hee’s family as HIS family, really made me feel sad 😦 anyway , that was another sweet meeting between them and I love it ^^


Next day Young dal , started with the training of his gang preparing them for his plan , he even forbid them from a respectful meal and instead gave them dog food 😀 still his relation with his men and gang is a bit funny and somehow young dal is so kind !! this really makes us know that young dal is still keeping even a little humanity and kind heart inside of him despite his rough life .


Dong Soo , after dropping the case of Bok tae development company without explaining why , the internal investigation of course came by to interrogate him , Dong soo was all cool answering all their Questions and he was doing his best covering why he did this , hes of course protecting Chief Hwang reputation . But the internal investigator accused him of being involved with Bok tae , or else why covering it ..and  the funny thing is that investigator always ask him why he wears top brand clothes and if he ever accepted bribes from bok tae , so I guessed he will rage and overreact on him and he did .

Upon hearing that he was being investigated , Bok tae was so happy and felt glorious and decided to finish dong soo this time so he called Young dal to meet up with him to give him his final decision about killing Dong soo and be one of his guys or not .


After this hell of a day , Shin hye decided to have a vacation time and spend it in sabuk ,Dong Soo’s hometown so he received a call from her that she would like to meet him there so he also took a vacation time to visit her . Well done after all he got through I think he needs to take a break 🙂 Anyway , shin hye went there and in her way she met up with young dal again ,she was trying to be close with him abit , like she was interested in him ,or want to know more about him ..the guy made it clear that he doesn’t need her compassion and left . I know that this meeting is not just for us to watch it and forget about it , I think it has something we will see in later episodes ..her interest ,maybe as a doctor or psychiatrist will show again and thats why they made this scene 😉

shin hye also met with Yang ha , of course she knows him since she was married to Mr.Hyun and his psychiatrist .So they had a little chat while hiking and he was talking about the reason why he joined the dealers training , he was obviously taling about Jung hee and Shin hye was so excited seeing him interested in a girl and somehow getting out of his box and be normal .


Unfortunately ,Oh jung hee knew that Yang Ha is actually the chairman’s son and that hes keeping his identity a secret from everybody to keep training as a dealer , partly because he wants to meet with Jung hee more , then when she also have been notified that the new section chief “Yang ha’s girlfriend” and also the daughter of one of the share holders in Daejeong Company asked to look into Jung hee’s personal profile , she felt so confused and finally decided to stop being in debt to Yang ha so she wont lose her job and just continue to be a dealer , so she borrowed money from her friend and gave them back to him and told him to back off and leave her alone .


Later on Young dal have been introduced into a man “the same guy who was caught by Dong soo for Dog fighting ” who started to work with Mrs. Min , well Mrs.Min is taking a good care of young dal by offering that man’s help to him . Anyways Young dal is planning to take over the private casino of Jang madam to provide Bok tae with a new private resource of money so he gain his full trust , So he met with that homeless man who lost all his money gambling and turned into a homeless man , and asked him about the secret behind winning a Baccarat game XD and forced him to talk since he is weak in front of money.


On his way back home Young dal met with Jung hee and couldn’t but to notice her gloomy ,worry filled face ..trying to be so nice to her he asked her to join him into a ride in his motorbike to make her feel better , and she didn’t hesitate 🙂 How sweet of him he took her into the beach where everything is just silent and she can feel abit relieved , Jung hee was so satisfied and gave a shout while looking into the beach , releasing all her pain ..and she even cried . When she asked young dal if he sometimes felt like wanna cry , he said : if I did , then I would have to cry everyday ” made me feel sad about him again 😦 still that was a great turning point in their relation and they felt somehow close to each others and the credits in this is for Jung hee for not resenting Young dal according to what she hears about him from other people and just follows what her hearts say .. and even finding the similarities between them 🙂 I just love this in her .


Shin hye , finally met with Dong soo in her villa in Sabuk and she told him that she went into the places that he used to live in or be in in the past and tried to understand why he was dark . Also astonishing him by saying that he and Young dal look similar and they both have those sad eyes 😦 Mr.Hyun being informed by Yang Ha that his wife is in Sabuk so he rushed to her villa finding her laughing and being all happy and relieved with Dong soo he felt jealous and when Dong soo left he told Shin hye that he never saw her smile with him the same way as shes doing with Dong soo , obviously he knows she doesn’t like him but still he will never let go of her easily .


Finally Young dal along with Mrs. Min were waiting for Bok tae to meet them in her casino and it was Young dal’s apportunity to gain his trust and give him his last decision about what he will do about Dong Soo , after hesitating a bit Young dal gave him the green light and he will do what Bok tae asked him to do , in the same moment Dong soo was calling him , being in the same casino as him ..Young dal now have to get rid of Dong soo ..which made him even more burdened and now we have to see what hes going to do .

I don’t think young dal is a bad guy to the point that he will KILL somebody like this specially he felt connection with , am just praying that Young dal finds a way to overcome this obstacle and go on with his plan without blood shed !!


In all of that ,the thing that made me really pissed off , is Mrs .Kim or now divorced Mrs.Kim that young dal used to get with in the past and her clinging on Young dal .. the guy is trying to be good now and wants to end everything with her and she is WAY older than him but still shes concerned about him and Wants him back 😦 I just hate that .

dwdw2So , lets see what happens in the next episode 🙂 thanx for reading my review ,I hope you liked it ..write comments with your opinion so we discuss together  🙂


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