Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Ep5 review


Hi again 🙂 waah what an episode !! really this drama is making me want to watch it all in only one day , each episode is more perfect than the previous one .

So we started now when young dal was brought by a bunch of gangsters to Ko bok Tae who was there and he knows that young dal took the money  and now all his plan has failed …his men brought the money . Young dal didn’t know who that man was but when Bok tae said that he is “Ko bok tae” Young dal immediately Knelt down O.o he knows who ko bok tae is and because young dal is also a gangsters so he have heard about Bok tae that he is WHO he is !! so he fears and respects him .. and he apologized to him ..well Bok tae saw that he is something for being able to do all that and escape even the police , so he just warned him and left him untouched as a reward because he respected him ..Young dal after that was so angry and raged when Bok tae left him with nothing .


Young del and his 2 friends went into a restaurant feeling all sad and disappointed , Jang soo was grateful that Bok Tae didn’t kill them but Young dal was feeling all crap ..he made me really sad when he said that he always had dreams since he was a child beggar till now but they never came true 😦 omg even when he lived like that all his life , he actually had dreams …anyways Young dal seemed like a guy who never gives up ..and even when he was a thug and low gangster , he is actually struggling to be something , but again as I said before , he never knew any other way to do it 😦


Oh Jung hee started her first day of training to be a dealer ..along with Yang ha , and there she also saw that girl who she met in Yang ha’s hotel room the other day when she came to teach him a lesson, but obviously he didn’t stop following her ..he is a real stalker 😀 , out side the room she talked to him and warned him not to say anything about her past illegal work and in return she will also never say anything about him playing in an illegal casino XD it was a desperate warning from her 😉 then she even told him to back off because hes not even her style XD impressed always by her .


So after all what happened to Young dal he was in his room thinking in all what happened and that he heard that Ko bok tae was actually a very low gangster , like young dal now and that after the incidence of stopping the protests he changed his life and became a millionaire and that Sabuk is actually his home town ..Young dal suddenly thought of a plan and he called his gang “Wang Geun” gang to meet and train them all so he will take over Sabuk ..he will consider the money that Bok tae took from him as an investment to Bok tae to acknowledge him and be one of his men then take over Sabuk ..waw young dal FIGHTING 🙂 the scene when he was meeting his men was so funny , he even found a teenager who dropped out of school with them , his gang was so pathetic and funny 😀 young dal is really not that bad of a guy 😀 ppl say that he is a ruthless , trash gangster ..actually hes just lost and without any goal that’s all now young dal just reflected on himself and he got something really big up his sleeve .


On the other side , Detective Dong Soo succeeded this time in making a search and seizure on “Doung Jin ” which is Ko bok tae;s development company and they collected everything from the company to find any evidence to catch him ..Ko Bok tae was so pissed off and he decided to call his assistant  Mr.Hyun who is shin hye’s husband and asked him to ask his father -in law to stop dong soo , because dong soo was like a son to him and he can stop him he agreed  . also Bok tae sent one of his men to bribe Dong soo with an apartment to give it to him so he stops , and he actually provoked him which in return made Dong soo rage again and refuse the offer of course .


In his way out of the restaurant he was in , he saw Mr.Hyun WITH another woman and he is obviously cheating on shin hye , at that moment shin hye called him  for his treatment session and invited him to do the treat. in her house and when he asked about her husband and if it ok with him , she told him that hes not there and she lives alone , Dong soo was so frustrated and seems he still didn’t understand whats happening .And in her house he knew that she has been separated with Mr.Hyun for 2 years and that she never loved him before and only married him to satisfy her father .she told him that she loves someone else and that one never understood her feelings nor hold into her ..and it was obvious that it was Dong soo who she was talking about .


Oh jung hee was getting bashed in her work by her sunbanim’s and they were annoying her because she got into the job because of some connections , thanks to her friend she helped her but still those dealers wont back off and told her that they will give her a hard time 😦 after that she got a phone call from Jung madam and she was telling her that they will start working again and that she has to come back into her casino to work again and pay ber debts to Jang madam ..when Jung hee refused Jung madam was threatening her that she will lose her house and so on . what a situation 😦 Yang ha over heard her and she avoided him and never answered his Question but he seems like he knew what the matter is . the annoying thing is his girlfriend saw him with Jung hee , and she wanted to look into her personal profile ..she was jealous 😀


While Young dal was looking for money , and even his boss “jang soo’s father ” refused to lend him money and he said that he would rather trust a dog over young dal >< Jerry came by and told him that Mrs.Kim , the woman who young dal used to live off of her money , was divorced and she was looking for young dal he was so happy that he might be able to have some money from her . Well she was happy being free and divorced and when he asked her for money she was well prepared since she know he will , so she asked him to live with her in return for the money !! Young dal for the first time refused and got out and told his friends that he doesn’t want to live like that again and he wanted to change whatever ppl used to say about him  🙂 I was so happy for his decision ..omg so happy ^^

Shin hye’s father met with dong soo and asked him that favour , that Mr. hyun told him to take care of . He told Dong soo to shut down the case of Doung Jin development of Bok tae and to just do it for him this time .


Another cute , short meeting between Young dal and jung hee ..well she was so frustrated and sad about what Jang madam told her earlier in the morning but still Young dal was so enthusiastic to tell her that he is there whenever she needs a ride in his motorbike 😉 still she asked him if he is close with jang madam , but was too shy to ask him to talk to her >.<


while after meeting with Young dal , Mrs.Kim went to meet with Jang madam and she decided to lend money to ppl and then they pay back to her with fines I think so we will see more of her beside Jang madam 😦 I really hate them both . and she even told Jang madam that she can’t get over young dal and that she loves him ..EWWW >.< at that moment Yang ha arrived at her casino and he was there to pay Jung hee’s debt and tell jang madam to stop annoying and threatening her . O.O ahh that man really ..

while he was doing that , his father Mr.Yoon meets up with Ko bok tae and upon hearing that ko bok tae wanted to at least draw a ling in Mr. yoon’s large picture , he refused and resented his help years ago ..he doesn’t want Bok tae to be involved in the new resort he is working on right now , so bok tae threatened him to reveal their dirty past , but Mr. yoon never bought that and left . we learn later that at the time of the miner’s protest ,Mr. yoon was actually captivated by them and was treated like a dog to force him and his superiors to stop the legislation . So he used the help of Ko bok tae to kill the man who was leading them and he was actually Dong soo’s father.


well what a coincidence , at that day it was Dong soo’s father memorial..dong soo was in his office thinking in what Shin hye’s father said to him ,to back off from the case and another anger fit happened to him and he raged all over , then went out of work to make the memorial of his father .The man really needs to treat his anger ..I reached a conclusion that he is actually after Bok tae not only because of his 2 colleges who were killed by him , he was like that because he is putting all his anger and guilt on Bok tae .


The good thing in all of this is that is that Young dal was called by a woman called Mrs.Min and she is the owner of a casino called Gold’s casino ,she has a very good relation with Ko bok tae , when he went to her office she told him that Ko bok tae actually acknowledged him and that he wants him to be one of his guys !! young dal couldn’t be more happy and his plan has started officially now 😉

Finally in Bok tae’s company , young dal was there to meet up with him to thank him for acknowledging him and he even knelt down for him .. So Bok tae told him that he will do so if young dal stabbed Dong soo for him ,OMG young dal was so astonished and he couldn’t answer ,At that moment dong soo came into him and threatened him that he will never stop chasing him for killing innocent people .


OH MY GOD ..what will happen next , Dong soo saw young dal there ><

thank you for reading my review 🙂 write comments about your opinion .


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