Triangle Drama Review

Triangle ep4 review


HI πŸ™‚ So excited to write about this episode ..because as I was expecting , there was a drastic change in all of the events and now we are seriously involved in a situation that they will solve in the end of the series of course . Am saying that , because the first 3 series were there for us to know all about the characters , so now we started with the THRILL πŸ˜€

Well ..first Young dal and Oh jung hee were running out of the casino as the police arrived ..well Young dal even gave few punches to some of the police that were following them , you know what , I was so impressed that Young dal actually can fight also some street fight , you know to protect ones self !! so yea to prove he is actually a gangster so they really presented a good example of a gangster ..I mean in other dramas I have seen Β characters who are supposed to be gangsters but they never really succeeded in portraying that πŸ˜€

anyway ..Young dal made it and helped Jung hee escape the place but unfortunately, outside there were gangsters waiting for him , and we will know later that they are guys sent by those 2 men who escaped to the Philippines , and not to young dal’s expectations , they actually came after HIM not anyone else !! young dal should have expected this and never felt secured in the first place 😦 he sent Jung hee home and started hitting and fighting with those guys >.<


At that time , Dong Soo was starting his treatment with shin hye ..he was talking about his past .He told her that after the death of their father and after being abandoned by their mother , Dong soo and his brothers were sent into an orphanage , in there the kids were so mean to them but dong soo was protecting his brothers 😦 its so sad that the older brother was actually more considerate and mature than the mother who left them . Also because Dong Chul (Young dal now ) was always hungery , maybe the food was so little in the orphanage and also the little baby Dong Woo (Yang Ha) now was just a baby who needs milk and food so dong soo managed to escape every time and steal some metal scraps from the mines there and sold them and in that money he bought food and milk for his brothers >.< omg so sad !! but the police were after him “I can’t understand why the police are after a little kid and want to ARREST him ..shouldn’t they know why on hell he was stealing ” so he left his brothers and escaped for a while and he told Dong Chul to looks after the younger brother for a while and wait for Dong woo …when he came back , he didn’t find them πŸ˜₯ Dong woo was adopted and they never told him where “how evil” and poor Dong Chul escaped and god knows where he went !! Dong Soo never found him πŸ˜₯ I almost cried was so sad really !! Dong soo lived with the guilt of never being able to protect his brothers .


At that moment Dong soo received a phone call and OMG it was Young dal ..he was stabbed by those gangsters although he managed to escape from them , It was so touchy since Young dal at that situation was not fully focused couldn’t think of anyone other than dong soo to call !! I mean it is fate really ..he told him that he needs help but lost conscious before even saying where he was .

PS : I was in love with Jae joong’s oppa shirt this whole time and I searched it and UNFORTUNATELY there is no girl version of the shirt sad . gonna give you link for the shirt in the end of this episode review πŸ˜‰


Yang Ha as usual in a bar listening to the singer singing the same old song dong soo and Young dal always sing !! its weird since he was SO young when their father used to sing it but he somehow remember it ..looks impossible πŸ˜› anyway ..Bok Tae was all into forcing himself into the resort in Young Jeongdo , the one Yang Ha’s father was planning to make and he was so sure that Mr. Yoon will accept that eventually ..we don’t know why and how yet !! looks like he have something in his mind that can manipulate Mr.Yoon with .

Young Dal gained conscious but he found his phone dead so he managed to take a hide in the old place where he used to live before “old tower or something” .Jung hee checked on Young dal’s room and never found him which means he never got back and she got concerned and went first thing in the morning into jang Soo’s father office , because she knows Young dal worked for him ..there she found Jang Soo and he had no idea where young dal is ..and in the same time Dong Soo and his men wereΒ trying to find him also because he asked for help and his phone was dead now ..the detective Kook that knew young dal was also called there and he brought jang soo with him to Dong soo to ask him where young dal was ..the guy was also scared since he sensed that those gangsters were after young dal for the money and they were actually ready to kill young dal and even come after jang soo himself .

he told Dong soo that he have no idea where young dal is ,while he was being investigated by Dong soo , Ko bok tae saw them while passing in the area and he got outta his car and intentionally provoked Dong soo who was in Sabuk trying to find young dal !! as usual dong soo wanted to fight him but his coworker stopped him ..well of course bok tae do that , giving the long battle between them , there is tension all the time 😦


While all Dong soo men were investigating every place young dal used to visit ..his friends Jang soo and Jerry were hiding and watching then but Jang soo suggested they check the old place where he used to live and there they found him covered with his blood , Jerry never knew who did this but Jang soo was insisting on not calling the police or go to the hospital ,instead he went to an old man used to work as a doctor but he lost every penny he had while gambling and became a beggar . Gave him large amount of money and treated young dal !!


when young dal was a little bit ok to talk he told Jang soo that he was the one who actually called the detective and that he already knew those men who attacked him were working for the ones who killed Ki chan and they wanted to kill him , so he had to play smart and call the police to resolve it and to keep the money , he was up to something that we will see later .

Dong soo while busy searching for young dal , his boss calls him and told him that Dong soo’s expectation that ki chan was murdered for the money was right ..and that the 2 men in the Philippines sent their gangsters and used help from the “Yakuza” and it means mafia in japanese, and also we saw later that the Japanese man met with Ko Bok tae ..omg he is involved in all of this ..the dirty gangster >.<

Yang Ha and his father , were out of the town in a remote area where they will start the luxury resort , and here I really felt the tension in their relationship . While Yang ha was stating his own opinion that this resort might be hard to get approvals when foreign investments are sill not confirmed yet ..his father told him that this is a risk they will take and they will have to win , Young ha didn’t like the idea and he asked his father if his adoption was a risk also 😦 and he felt really annoyed by his father’s competitive attitude ..he even told his father that he knows he always treated him selfishly and never thought of him other than the heir of the company he refused to enter a battle he might not win and left ! omg its true that this brother was somehow the best luck in all of the 3 brothers as he lived a normal life , or we think that but in fact he was all sad and lonely ..


Back to poor Young dal , I was really out of my mind when he was walking at night that day while he was injured , I was like WHAT the hell hes doing and he knows there are people after him , I never thought he was up to something ,how brave and he was like betting on his life ..well everything is like gambling for him >< so those guys appeared again beat him really bad and took him away , Jerry was watching but never did anything 😦 it was so so hard for me watching him getting beat up and repeating the scene to get caps so forgive my poor caps in here !! Oppa acting is so real to the point I felt he was really in pain πŸ˜₯


So those guys took him into their head “head of the Yakuza” and Jerry gave a signal to Jang soo to tell the police , Dong Soo men that young dal was taken by some men and he never told them who they were young dal’s plan was to tell the detectives so they save his life and pretend that he knows nothing about what those men wants and even pretend he knows nothing when those men ask him ..poor young dal will endure so much pain just to make his plan work and change at least something small in his life can also see his eyes while he was being beaten up πŸ˜₯

When Dong Soo knew that detective “Kook’s” father also worked in the same mine dong soo’s father worked in ..he had a private chat with him and Kook told him that Mr. Yoong whos now Yang ha’s father and the owner of Dae Jeong company now was in the past the owner of “Dong Jin” company ..and was so merciless with miners and during the national labor movement there was a legislation that the miners were against it so they protested and Β Mr. yoon hired Ko Bok Tae who was so ruthless and a low gangster to stop the miners and he did that time Dong soo received a call telling him that they found where Young dal is now ..

In the same time Young dal was brought into that Japanese man and he was pretending that he knows nothing so they beated him up but after a little time Dong soo and his men entered πŸ™‚ I was SO happy , FINALLY they rescued him , then when his guys defeated those gangsters he came into Young dal and it was so emotional to me πŸ˜₯ the older brother saved his little brother but non of them knew about each other ..young dal just felt secured when Dong soo came although it was all part of his plan ..


So now Dong soo decided to investigate Young dal and why he was involved and he warned him not to lie , in the beginning Dong Soo was being calm but when young dal said that he don’t know why those guys were after him and also he doesn’t know where the money are , and if he knew why they stabbed him , why he would call Detective Dong Soo ,Β he became really angry and then he took out his gun and pointed it into Young dal’s head 😦 just to scare him so he talks young dal told him that if he had 5 million dollars , why would he live off of a married woman or still a gangster ?? OMG I was so impressed by his fast thinking and how he actually changed dong Soo’s mind by bringing that up and acting SO WELL .


So finally dong soo called Shin hye and asked her to meet with young dal and know few infos about him so maybe he will figure him out !! so she got into the investigation room and asked young dal why they have no any recode about him and that he never went into school 😦 and he had no family 😦 well she was more astonished he never went into school he told her that the farest he can remember is that he was a beggar in Chunyrangli station and one day a man stole his money and handed young dal into a pick pocketing gang when he was 12 and they taught him how to pickpocket ..then he escaped from them and went here and there ..and never went to school πŸ˜₯ also he has no memory about his family or where he is from !!

I was a bit annoyed by shin hye’s reactions , I don’t wanna sound rude but the actress is a bit stiff and she needs to express a bit more feelings ..still I like her ..Then when shin hye asked him about Sabuk he finally smiled :)) he told her that he came into sabuk when he was 23 or 24 and that he was hooked when he played in a casino ..and then he started telling her about gambling and Hold’em and that he has a dream that he wants to go into Las VegasΒ and play that hold’em tournament and win ..she told him that she knows a guy who went there and she means “yang ha” but she didn’t know that he knows him actually if she was to say his name XD Later on Shin hye told Dong soo that she couldn’t figure him out but still he was not lying ..well yea he was talking about his life and himself so yea πŸ˜‰


Afterwards they finally released young dal and he WON against them , no one douted that he actually got the money ..waw he was betting on his life and the money πŸ˜€ Then Jung hee received the news that she will be trained as a real dealer and she will get a job finally , when she got home she came across young dal who was back home after a long painful tiring day πŸ˜€ I was really wondering how on hell he managed to even walk with his injury and all his bruises but maybe they wanna show us that he is actually used to get into fights “You might noticed that they put bandages here and there on his hands or fingers to show us that he is really a gangster who fights all the time ”

Anyways they met and I LOVE their interactions with each others !! now their relationship is a bit better than before although Jung hee is still stiff with him but she asked if he was ok also thanked him for rescuing her and then she even made a further step in being a bit good with him that she told him something personal , that she will be working as a dealer , young dal couldn’t hid his happiness and I guess he was more happy cuz she was actually talking to him πŸ˜‰ he keeps smiling when he meets her and become more soft ..OMG am loving this relation . And jung hee is in the process of maybe somehow testing him cuz she heard hes a badass gangster but he is actually good and kind so …shes just confused πŸ™‚



And in the morning “MORE of those 2 ” Jung hee was late for her work so she hurried out but then giving a second thought she intended to wake Young dal up and ask him to give her a ride with his motorbike ..I was like OMG !! the girl is actually approaching him ..and still am so happy with it πŸ™‚ she is so sweet . So young dal did and of course he also was happy with this πŸ˜‰

when Jung hee was there to start her first day in training , guess who was there ALSO to be a dealer ? Yang Ha for god sake >.< the man is never giving up ..I don’t know if he was there for her or not but he is a real stalker πŸ˜€


Young dal 😦 unfortunatily was stopped again by a bunch of gangsters and he was brought to their boss and he was Ko bok tae ..the thug was behind all of that , and they got his friends both of them hurt so they told the gang about his whereabout and that he actually has the money 😦 so no way out for him …anyways the episode ends here and we will see next episode ^^

It was a long episode really with so much events so ..yea the review is kindda long .

As I promised , I will put a link for the shirt of Jae joong oppa which I really can’t take my eyes away from , its there on all sites but just putting it here cuz I really like it ^^

its a H&M butterfly printed Tee , here is a direct link πŸ™‚Β

hope you enjoyed reading πŸ™‚ leave comments with your opinion .


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