Triangle Drama Review

Triangle : Ep2 review


hello again ^^

I think you all enjoyed the opening of this episode XD when young dal was being chased by Mr.Kim’s men (Mr. kim is a well known restaurant owner in sabuk) because he was caught up with mrs. kim in a hotel !! the problem is ( how did jae joong oppa managed to run all that time BARE feet :v ) see my problem is not with him running with only his underwear ..Now dong soo and even Oh Jung Hee saw him running like this was funny and frustrating in the same time XD

anyways they caught him and even brought Mrs. kim with him and on the side they have dug a large hole ..I couldn’t guess at first but later ordered his men to bury Young dal ALIVE ! so they started to bury him and he was begging the man really so hard 😦 but thanx god ..the detective Kook Bong Dal who was there along with Dong Soo came along and stopped them ..well it appeared that they just wanted to scare him and not bury him according to what they said of coarse ..and Mr. Kim didn’t say anything about what happed and why to the detective ..because he dose feel ashamed ..anyways Young dal was saved thanx god .

UntitledAfterwards he immediately meets up with Dong soo ..he was speaking formally because he was respecting Detective Kook thats all 😉 I mean for young dal I don’t think hes that kind of person who respects ppl specially cops there Dong soo told him that he needs him as a snitch into the casinos Ko Bok Tae visit first Young dal refused although Dong soo even knows that young dal works as a Henchman for bookies and that all he needs from him is to report to him where they are laundering the money ..but young dal was afraid that he will get stabbed  by those gangsters I think he gave him some time to think about it .

Well that was the first meet between the two brothers since the last time when they were so young will see later how did they get separated .


Dong Soo then goes for an area in Sabuk ” his hometown actually” he wanted to visit for the first time since he left sabuk and never got back to it again ..there we see a flash back when Dong soo together with his 2 younger siblings and he was scattering the ashes of his father 😦 I think that was the time when their father died ..still we don’t know what happened afterwards ..he just wanted to visit the place .


I was feeling the sadness in Dong soo’s eyes and the actor really did a great job in conveying  all those emotions ..the shifting from total calm person into a wild man that have a short temper , the sadness that he gets to whenever he gets reminded of his past ..its like he is grieving  all the time so good job Lee Beom Soo 🙂

Young dal after being saved he went with his friend into a sauna and OF course ..he needed that , well he showed an interest in Oh Jung Hee , since he was so embarrassed by her seeing him running that day ..he even asked Yang Jang Soo “his friend” about her , the other was so shocked because he don’t want him to play with this girl since she is a respectful innocent girl and she even lost her parents both not so long ago. but Young dal was not even planning on that .. but its not only Young dal who is interested in her ..actually Jung Hee is also curious about him ..she also asked her unnie about him because she saw him the other day but her friend told her to stay away from him because he is a dangerous gangster.

Untitledwell if you want my opinion ..he actually doesn’t look that dangerous to me …seriously he has kind heart and he only plays dirty with ppl that deserve it or guys who are already dirty we saw he really backed off from Oh jung hee when his friend warned him and told him that she is a respectful girl , so Young dal really reflects how much humanity and kindness he has in his heart despite all the hard obstacles hes gone through and despite the fact that he is actually not different from any other gangster .

Ko Book tae called Detective Dong Soo for a meal in a luxurious Japanese restaurant . Being calm and curious about what he wants , Dong soo, accepted the invitation and came along to see what Book Tae wants . . the gangster said nothing important and he kept saying that he gave up his past gangster days and started a new life and that he is not crazy to be a gangster when all of them end up behind bars ..Well that is a big lie , since we all know that he is a gangster and the only thing they need on him now is a strong evidence . Anyway Dong soo never bought this and told him that he doesn’t trust ppl who say they are honest because they are in reality BLUFFING .


As he was leaving him ..Ko Book Tae threatened to reveal evidences that he got about his friends accepting money from outer sides and it was illegal , telling him that there is no single thing that he doesn’t know about him !! being threatened Dong Soo calmed down trying to walk away , in stead he gave really loud scream downstairs in the lobby .

In a Casino Young dal along with his friend were trying to enter the VIP room but they were not allowing them because he was banned , after giving it a thought Young dal decided to use his card ..Detective dong Soo , to figure out a way for him to pass using the excuse that the Detective already needed him to be his snitch in casinos so he will of course make an effort to help him enter those casinos ..well young dal was not serious about being a snitch ..he just wanted to use Dong Soo to enter the casino and earn money so he can give back what he stole from Ki chan ..he called Dong soo and he helped him enter the casino .


Oh Jung Hee on the other hand ..was there talking to Mr. Yang Man Choon ,whos Young dal Friend’s father , he is a well knows money lender who lends with interests >.< well she obviously borrowed 12,000$ from him and she needed more time to pay back and she was also asking him to lessen the interest ..but he was refusing and in that moment Jang Madam entered and saw the girl as she was leaving ..she showed interest in her and asked Mr. Yang about her because she wanted her to work in her casino , so she took her mortgage which is Jung hee’s house, on her own and decided to pay it for her and be the money lender instead of Mr. yang now Oh jung hee debt is to jang madam ..

Young dal was gambling in the VIP ..and he entered with 100,000$ but this time he didnot win ANYTHING he just gambled in the wrong time and on the wrong sides :v he lost 80,000 $ left with only 20,000$ but he is a bit optimistic saying that he consider this as having 20 ships left for him ..well WHERE the hell he would earn those money to get back what he stole from Ki Chan?? …and here I just hated one thing ..HIS FRIEND ..for me he is super annoying , well I respect the character but he is overreacting and I don’t know >< hes annoying , always there talking loud and confusing us :v I would be more happy if he does not show up one time at least with Young Dal >.<


In Oh Jung Hee’s home , she is like a mother to her brother and even scolding him on his low grades :v Jang madam showed up at that moment and she wanted to talk to her ..she showed Jung hee that now she have the house deed and that Jung hee has to pay to her not to Mr. Yang !! and she gave her one week to pay >< Jung hee can’t do this because she needed more time ..and there comes Jang Madam’s scheme when she asked her to work in her illegal casino instead of paying the dept ..and that she will be able to gain about 3000$ payment each month plus tips from customers , so totally she can gain about 5000$ each month and finish her debt in less than 3 months ..Jung hee can only accept this offer as she needs that money right now >.<

Shin hye ..meets up with her husband , well they have been separated about 2 years ago but never got divorced , well they are still deciding whether they divorce or not ..Mr.Hyun ,her husband, was telling her that he wants to get back with her and don’t divorce ,he also brought her a gift from china where he went to in a business trip , but she never gave him a clear answer . Afterwards she visited her father and they drink together , her father was telling her how proud he is with her , that she became a doctor and married the smartest man and riches one . Mr. Young but he is disappointed in one thing , is that he needed a grandson XD well we can see that shin hye does not really love her husband and that her heart was somewhere else as she entered her room in her father’s house and kept looking at a photo taken with dong Soo when they were young and that they were intimate at that time and most properly in love 🙂 Dong Soo in his house also staring at the same photo , and I think they never opened up to each others before about their true emotions XD


In a countryside club , where Ko book tae was there to ride his horse , he run into one of the people he helped before by lending him secret funds in order to get elected ..and that man was so scared that reporters will see them but Ko book tae assured him they are not and he also was blackmailing him in return for his old favorite.

well I was astonished seeing Book tae knows Mr. Hyun “shin hye’s husband” who works with Mr. Yoon the owner of Daejeon Company which is a very famous company and we will know more about Mr. Yoon . because Book Tae was complaining about work Mr. Hyun suggested something on him but he should keep it  secret from Mr. Yoon , well clearly Hyun was bytraying his boss by telling book tae those infos . He told him that Daejeon company was partinering with American sea world and that they are planning a resort which is Yeongjongdo casino with an initial investment of $200 million and that this business worth $2 trillion , and that Mr. hyun will help Book tae get involved in this business . WA mr.Hyun is playing really on both sides ..what are his intentions ? >.<


Dong Soo’s boss tells him that he will take over one case that Dong Soo was investigating , the case of Do Ki Chan ,the man that Young dal stole from his hidden money . And that man died recently in prison and his death was a murder framed as suicide , Shin hye was called to inspect his body and she confirmed it . So now that man is dead and dong Soo’s boss wants to look more into the case .

At that time Shin hye talks privately with Dong soo and told him that she covered his case to the internal affairs , that he has a temper controlling problem but still he needed treatment  .


Young dal was watching a hold’em game of a championship in Texas that is held every year and he told his friend that his dream was to go there and win in the first place and become the world champion XD his friend was really not buying it questioning whether young dal really got a dream !! well young dal was serious about it and he knows although he is a trash but he actually has a dream . At that moment Jang madam called him and wanted him to come over into her casino to win a hold’em game against a wealthy looking man ” Yang Ha ” who was a first comer into her casino and she wants him to win and gain money for the casino !

young dal agrees and he was ready to gamble with the $20,000 that remained with him earlier .. well the dealer on the table was Oh jung hee and young dal was so annoyed with it since he was embarrassed with her the last time so he had to do better this time and show off in front of her . Not only young dal was overconscientious about her ..well Yang Ha also was interested in her from the first site .

they started playing and Yang Ha was an arrogant man and he was winning and cleaning the house before young dal arrived !! anyways Young dal was trying to impress jung hee and he was overconfident and thought that yang ha could lose because he kept on “calling” and young dal kept on raising the bet ..young dal felt unlucky today but he had to keep on gambling to protect his face in front of Oh jung hee who he thought maybe because of her he is not that lucky .. in the end young dal thought that Yang Ha is just so stupid but in stead Yang ha was waiting for young dal to fall into his trap ..while young dal have got nothing yang ha wanted to “check” so deceiving Young dal that he has nothing also and thought that this is his chance to take over the game so he attempted to make “All in ” betting with all of his money ..but Yang Ha “called” shocking young dal with this decision when young dal have got nothing ..then Yang Ha opens his cards and its 2 pairs , at that point young dal knew he was really screwed and he asked to “fold” 😦 and lost . omg that was a greater embarrassment in front of Jung hee >.< he stole a look at her and she was even more disappointed with him and he knew she was . Arrogant Yang ha took all the money AND impressed the lady >< young dal walked out of the room feeling embarrassed and he wanted to die because of it ..poor young dal 😥



Jung hee took her first tip from Jang madam ,the latter told her that the young man Yang Ha was interested in her and wanted to meet her outside and have a drink with him but Jung hee resented the idea and even with Jang madam’s pressure on her she refused his offer outside ..and he just walked away without any further thing to say . WA am proud of her really ^^ she looks weak but in reality she is really tough and of course not dirty as others 🙂


I must say that Im Siwan’s acting is SO REAL and I like ow he is convincing us that he is arrogant and spoiled somehow and there is a little evilness in him we saw when he was playing with Young dal he made a rude comment on Young Dal’s pronunciation to “rase” into “race” and made fun of him while others were watching . ahh if he is the younger brother >.< and 100% he is ..then OMG we need him to become softer and kinder with time >.<

Young dal later that night learned from his detective friend Kook that Ki Chan died in prison he was super happy and excited since he is the only one “as he thought” who knows about the money ..although jang soo was being afraid because the money actually belongs to the Filipinos not Ki chan but as long as the Filipinos are on the wanted lists and they can’t come to Korea so young dal was not overthinking it  . So they both dug up the area and took ALL the money out and celebrated their greatest price at that night XD


I can say that till this moment the story is still in the beginning ..we should be more and more patient , because they are showing us all the characters gradually and making us well informed about everything bfore the REAL story begins 😉 so don’t get bored ..there is MORE waiting for you to know 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this review ..tell me what you think ?? well I know am late writing about this drama but I just started watching it now writing about it now in 2015 🙂

leave comments plz 🙂 thanx for reading .


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