Triangle Drama Review

Triangle Drama review


I started watching this drama few days ago ,I wanted to watch it because of jae joong oppa 🙂 and am telling you for a fact ..that this drama is EPIC .After watching only 6 episodes so far am feeling like I need to watch it all in one day just to know what will happen .. I recommend it for all of you guys who wants to start a new epic thrilling kdrama 😉 ok here am gonna discuss each episode so it contain spoilers all over ,if you’re still new to this drama you better watch ep1 before you come back here and discuss 🙂

Episode one :


Well it starts weirdly when those 3 guys singing and listening to a specific old type of song !! well you might have read a little plot of the drama before you even started watching ..that it is a bout 3 brothers who have been separated for some reason that we will know while we are watching !! in the beginning that guy looks in his 30s singing this song and in a totall different place there is another guy “our cute jae joong oppa” singing the same song while the third looks like a rich wealthy guy sitting in a bar listening to it ..well its kindda obvious ,the connection that they showed us XD so yea those are the three brothers !!

also they tell us in the beginning about “Sabuk” which will be the place where the whole story started !! Sabuk in Gangwon-do that was famous for its coal mining community and everyone was rich there but something happened and all minings are shutdown and the place turned into ruins ,instead Casinos and resorts were built and it was turned into a place somehow like Vagas ..or you can think about it this way ..

then out of the blue ,the narrator who is “Heo Young Dal” tells us that he is now Young dal of Sabuk !! so now am really curious how and why and when did young dal turned into this famous guy then !!


well from the start they showed us how much “Young dal” is a useless gangster who is really well known for his bad reputation ..well almost a thug and all of the ppl there either fear him or just stay away from dealing with him in anything ..also he is like an addict on gambling and you know casinos (for me I had a hard time trying to imagine Hero Jae joong’s oppa face to be a thug like they say ) anyways in the start he was in a restaurant making a fuss and trying to even un wear his own clothes ..and being stopped by that married woman “Mrs. Kim” that entered suddenly and saved the scene ..well obviously she is a playful woman who is cheating on her husband with Young dal 😉 he is even using her and threatening her like this to have money from her ..she finally gave up and gave him money after he threatened her with a photo of her IN his bed ..Eww ..anyways now you might had a good idea on who is young dal !! also this woman is quite interested in him and as we saw ,she couldn’t refuse what he asked for although it was with a threat ,cuz she came by herself ,dragged him out and dealt with him ..and he was indifferent to the point that when she said that he will also die if the photo he is using to threaten her gets out ..he never cared ,he took the money and used it in a casino AGAIN !!


oh lets mention his friend who is a real idiot and follows him everywhere ! its kindda funny how he is following him and he knows that he is dumb enough to be bullied by Young dal all the time :v

in a police station ,where that man in his 30s work as a detective there was an investigation with a guy that was clearly a gangster or some kind of a mafia member !! the detective “Jang Dong soo” is a tough guy and we can see that he was a VERY short tempered guy while investigating that guy ..he was asking him”who was clearly one of Ko Bok Tae’s guys”  if a recent incident have been made under the command of “Ko Bok Tae ” a very rich business man and he is the president of “Jung Jin” construction and even have 7 subsidiary companies but in fact he is a real strong gangster that no one is able to find any evidence on him to catch him for his wrong doings ..and detective “Jang Dong Soo” is after him in every step trying to catch him .

While he was asking him and that guy was just stalling and laughing ..we can see how angry Dong Soo got and pressed a button under the table that turned off the cameras and started HITTING  that man ..I was like OMG he has really short temper and he gets angry like SO FAST ..I think they wanna show us that he has this attitude for a reason and we will know that soon ..


afterwards he gets news about the location of Ko Bok Tae and with his men prepared for an emergency arrest “no need for a warrent” and even Dong Soo told them that he will take full responsibility !! O.o how persistent , eventually we learned that Dong soo actually worked hard to become a detective in Seoul just to catch Ko bok Tae .. considering that he had 2 battles to catch that gangster ..he lost in both of them and Ko bok tae even caused the death of two of Dong-soo’s colleagues and thats why he is more angry and wants to catch him by all means ..

Dong soo made it and arrested him in his own club for the murder of a man called “Yoo jung man” of Dang Hae company and while he was taking him out , Bok Tae’s men attacked them and made a huge fuss and in that point Dong soo lost it again and draw out his gun and ordered Bok Tae to back off his men ..but Bok tae had one condition ..releasing him -_- ahhhh in that scene I was dying cuz Dong soo can’t shoot and that thug will flee again :/

well later on in the episode we will see that Dong Soo’s boss didn’t know about the whole arrest and he was so angry with him cuz he never told him and went on his own trying to make an emergency arrest which was pointless >.< and that internal affairs are investigating Dong Soo now 😦 really so sad for him .


Anyway a different place where Young dal and his friend were heading to a casino ..his friend suddenly recognized a girl who was standing and wearing a uniform actually I didn’t know exactly what was her job ..but she was leading the way for the cars to head to one of the casinos !! so it was like a traffic officer or something like that XD really didn’t know and if you know tell me what we call it 😉

so this girl “Oh Jung Hee” was his friend’s Hoobae and she studied engineering before ,and she was so popular back in school despite the fact that she was last in school .well Young dal was interested in her clearly 🙂 he kept asking his friend about her


Inside the Casino ..Young dal was prohibited from entering that one for 3 months because he made a scene last time “like usual ” and even with that he started to shout again and wanted to fight ..thanks to his friend who saved the situation and dragged him out -_- and headed for one of the illegal casinos which a woman called “Chang madam” own .She was so annoyed knowing Young dal wants to get inside her casino but since he had money You know 😉 let him in .Young dal is just a hated person and no one wanted to play with him ..and the ppl that were gambling on one of the tables left as soon as he started to win cuz he was playing dirty ..anyway in the end he lost all the money he brought with him and got out empty handed >.<


at that point when Young dal was drinking and feeling all frustrated and lost ..he decided to do something , he told his friend that they should steal Gi Chan’s money “Gi Chan was a man young dal knew when he was in prison and that man told him about the place where he buried his money that he gained from an online gambling game ” so as long as that man still in prison young dal decided to steal from that money as in borrowing them then return them back .

So at night they both started looking for the exact place where Gi chan told him he buried the money ,despite the fact that his friend was totally against it but he couldn’t stop him neither stay away from the whole plan ..he just followed young dal , so they found the money and took some of it and both of them will keep their mouth shut till they get the money back .


Meanwhile a luxurious restaurant , Yoon Yang ha whos that wealthy guy we still know very little about , is meeting with his psychologist and she was telling him that he should take his medicines that he was neglecting because he feels awful after having them XD also she told him what she thinks about his case now ,that he is actually scared and she will never know why or from what unless he knows himself .

Well that was not surprising as we saw all 3 of those guys have a different type of problem and of course its understandable ..because we know (at least me lets say) that they might be the lost 3 brothers ..I mean its SO obvious , so looking to their background I think all of them have issues and we will see how it will be resolved with time .


in that moment that psychologist got a phone call and left at once ..and she was hired to be the profiler for the criminal investigation team in the metropolitan police and she was summoned their by the internal affairs for consultation about Dong Soo’s case ,whom has a mental issue sometimes and lost control over his anger and had countless times when he lost temper in the crime scene and caused problems .

Whats really funny is that those investigators where well aware about Dong Soo’s sense of fashion and that although he is like this and never cared about anything but catching Ko Bok Tae but he wears designers clothes all over XD I really want to know why ?? anyways it appeared later that Hwang Shin hye ,the psychologist knows Dong soo so well ..he actually lived with her and her father back then when he was young , I don’t know why her father brought him but her father was an officer and Am guessing that maybe Dong soo was released under supervision or something from prison but also people who enters prison there will have limited job options I think so no way he was in prison don’t you think ?

there was a good relation between the two and they also fell in love with each others but Dong soo never opened up ..he never told her who he was or anything about his past !!


And now shin hye met with him again and she diagnosed him with Intermittent Explosive Disorder and recommends therapy.

As for young dal comes my favorite scene from this episode ..when young dal came into the police station bringing Red ginger to one of the detectives there “Kook Bong Dal” ..and here its so obvious that young dal in released under supervision because that detective was telling him to stay away from trouble and in that moment Oh Jung hee enters the police station , and dragged her brother who was arrested for something , most properly small and got out with him and while she was quarreling with him her bro pushed her on the ground and THERE young dal intervened XD it was so funny as he started to hit her brother but in stead Jung Hee slapped him and left 😀 waw I liked this first impression on him ..he thought she was an easy girl OR even if he didn’t and his intentions were just to help ..she really left him speechless :v


finally Dong-soo discovers that Go Bok Tae is most likely getting funds illegally from his dealings in the casino business. so they are heading to his hometown “Sabuk” after he left it once and never got back there ..before that Dong Soo met with Kook Bong Dal who is the detective Young dal met earlier and they asked him if he knows a informant that knows people and businessmen there in the nearby casinos that lend money for Ko Bok Tae ..and he recommended Young dal XD

in that time Young dal was meeting with that married woman “Mrs. Kim” having an affair with her behind her husband’s back ..and once he was discovered he escaped wearing only HIS UNDERWEAR was so funny and in his way while escaping detective Dong Soo and even Oh Jung hee saw him in that way ..and in here the episode ends .


well I hope you enjoyed reading this ..gonna write previews about the next episodes 🙂 this is my first time writing reviews so what do you think 🙂 I hope you share your opinions about the drama which I found really so interesting and I loved it really 🙂

leave comments please 🙂


4 thoughts on “Triangle Drama review”

  1. It’s this kind of post that makes me want to just jump on a drama! Awesome review/recap, can’t wait to check this out. I’ve heard great things about Triangle!


    1. thank you 🙂 and yes I will always recommend this drama for any fan 🙂 it will really keep u on the edge .. you are welcome to discuss with me anything if u need about it in future 🙂

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